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Tooth Avulsion


Tooth Avulsion 

Article by Dr. Rashmi Maniya

Tooth avulsion means tooth out from the socket by external injury it can be due to accidental fall of complete teeth from the socket. Mainly seen in children age group 5-16yrs.

Dental alveolar trauma includes external and internal trauma resulting in a contusion or total dislocation of the tooth

When does it occur?

People of the younger age group due to poor balance cycling, who are learning sports or full content sports person, road accidents and assaults are mainly seen where there will be contusion(a region of injured tissue) or complete dislocation of the tooth. On percentage basis traffic accidents (n=24%;36.4%)

How to manage?

If u see complete out of teeth from mouth don’t panic it can be saved if you reach the dentist at the earliest to say 1-2hr.

Immediately wash the surface of the tooth with normal tap water.

How to carry a tooth that is out from the socket?

It is very simple first u should see which tooth has come out and whether the tooth has cut into a piece or complete tooth out from the socket.

If complete teeth out of the socket and within the mouth then keep it in the cheek area go to the nearest dentist because the time to save the tooth is important. The earliest management gives good results.

Other ways to carry tooth which is out of tooth socket,

Milk, Saline, Hank’s  balanced salt solution, Viaspan, Eagle’s medium provides, Sterile saline

Wash the tooth if it’s fallen in mud put to container pour saline or milk or u stay in advance cities save tooth solution is available in pharmacy so u can carry to the dental clinic.


Well, now time to manage by the dentist

The dentist will replant the tooth back to the socket, splint the area, and make a way to save the tooth. The dentist can save your natural tooth if u nail him at right time.

Ways to save the tooth

Broken tooth required intraoral radiograph then proceed with further treatment.

If tooth out soft tissue management mainly gums and tooth surrounding tissues are thoroughly managed by periodontics and management of tooth.

The treatment of avulsed teeth is very complicated because the periodontal ligament, fibers, the neurovascular bundle at the root apex, the cement layer of the tooth, alveolar bone, and the gingiva are all damaged.

The importance of avulsed tooth is first parent, school teachers, physicians, the general dentist should be aware of what is avulsion and how can it be managed.

How time is vital in the management of avulsed tooth?

Time is essential in the management of tooth replantation and management soft tissues. If avulsed tooth carried before 24hrs then splinting of the tooth soft tissue management is done with repeated intraoral radiographs further treated with root canal therapy. Many times tooth get ankylosed. Treatment option left open. The success rate is dependent on the treatment plan and varies with time management and tissue management.


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Damodhar Kappadi February 14, 2021 at 2:11 pm

A well detailed explanation for the avulsed teeth management

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