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It often triggers our mind with certain curiosities regarding the appearance of our smile and oral hygiene. It is very essential to always be aware of our personal hygiene and appearance. Looking into the mirror makes us wonder whether our smile is good enough! Here are some common questions which we all might have got at some point or which we should ask our dentist.
• Is my teeth arrangement ideal? How can I get my smile improved?
Our dentition has certain parameters to fit in for us to call it ideal. Can be determined on the basis of certain facts and also a particular person’s face shape and color or their age. Which is very person-specific and can be answered by the specialist correctly. As aforementioned, the dentition would be person-specific and those the defects too. For accurate guidance and improvement, a dentist will lead you to every day happy face smiling in your mirror.

• How do I keep my teeth shining white? How to avoid bad breath? In short, what should be my oral hygiene regimen?
Yes, there are different brushing techniques for different age groups, different dental alignment, for patients with different intraoral conditions, etc. One should definitely know which oral hygiene regimen they should follow as per their intraoral conditions. A regular dental checkup would definitely guide to self-health awareness.

• What should be a frequency for a regular dental checkup? How often should get my teeth cleaned by the dentist?
A normal and ideal dentition should go under the check once every six months. Specific intraoral conditions require special attention and frequent exposure as per the severity of the disease. Certain stains and debris would be so stubborn that one could get rid by normal brushing. This where comes the dentist’s role. A periodic check can assist to make us aware of the presence and severity of these stains and debris and getting rid of them in real-time.

• How do I get white and brighter teeth?
It is the most common and genuine question on everyone’s mind, as our smile would be the most beautiful thing on our face. Say involuntarily; when we meet people, our teeth would be the first thing on our face to grab their attention. Everyone wishes to have shiny white teeth to make a good first impression. Teeth discoloration can be due to different causes such as stains or abrasion. Depending on the cause one should proceed to enhance their smile appearance. General tips to keep teeth brighter are to follow proper brushing techniques to avoid stains and avoiding foodstuff which leads to staining, for eg. Tea.

• How will I know if I have any dental condition?
It is said that “to know the world is knowledge; whereas, to know yourself is wisdom”.
As aforementioned, to achieve a healthy oral state one should be aware of the there existing intraoral status. This will be your first step towards improving your smile. Stay vigilant for any unusual symptoms.

• Do I need any dental treatment?
Having a good smile alone cannot conclude to complete intraoral health. We often stay unaware of what is beyond the things that are readily visual. After all, everything requires maintenance. Unseen intraoral problems need to be scanned and undergone surveillance in order to resolve those problems.

• If I go for my dental treatment how much will it cost me? Are there any financial policies?
Your dental health is as important as your whole body well being, as it is all related. Normal checkup would charge you as usual as any practitioner charges. Various financial policies are also available in certain organizations. One should proceed with it as per availability and needs after a thorough discussion with their provider.

• Can I get treatment with the latest techniques? Is my dentist aware of the latest treatment options?
When you are getting your health treatments done it is your right to get the latest treatment options with better results. Healthcare segments keep evolving over the period of time with researches for the benefit of mankind. Every now and then we hear about modern healthcare options which can be more effective, advanced, and life-enhancing. For eg. Why go for long-gone metal crowns when you can get natural-looking zirconia with similar strength. Often ask your provider for modern treatment options or if they are updated as per current techniques and procedures.

• Do I have a bite issue? Do I grind my teeth?
A habit of grinding teeth involuntarily at night or at any time of the day is termed as bruxism. Some people have a habit of grinding teeth at night when asleep. It is the major cause for attrition of teeth which further leads to sensitivities, devitalization of teeth and at times can also lead to bite and jaw problems. A thorough intraoral examination can be a way to find out if you have any such habit and whether you are having any related condition.

• Do I need to change my dietary habits? Is there something in my daily diet that is deleterious for my bite?
As mentioned before, yes. Some dietary habits are supposed to be changed as they can be harmful to dental health. Follow dietary recommendations as per your dentist in order to escape the avoidable causes to maintain good dental health.

Regular surveillance for self-health is very essential. Expert advice is always preferable for better guidance.

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