Terms of Use

What is this document?

These Term of use (“Terms” or “TOU”) is an agreement between you and Virtual Dentist, Inc.
(“Virtual Dentist”). It describes the rules you agree to follow when using our mobile applications and website(s) (the “apps”), including when you ask questions and when you view or input content on or into the apps.
These terms of use apply to your use of Virtual Dentist as a patient or member. Medical Experts participating on Virtual Dentist are subject to different guidelines and terms found I Medical expert Terms of Use. If you are viewing these Terms of use for members and patients in error and you are a Medical expert, please review and accept the terms of use for medical Experts.


To make this document shorter and clearer, we’ve included some definitions:

• “Virtual Dentist” or the “Apps” means https://www.virtualdentist.in/ and related web sites and virtual dentist’s mobile applications (including Virtual Dentist, Virtual Dentist for Doctors, and any other Apps we offer). In Virtual Dentist is Located India.
• “content “ means text, graphic, images, and any other material entered, processed , contained on or accessed through the apps, including Content created, modified or submitted by medical experts.
• “Services” means services provided through the Apps.
• “Premium Services” means paid services provided through the Apps.
• “Virtual Consult” means a consultation between a medical expert and a patient on the Apps.


Virtual Dentist Services.

Virtual Dentist connects you with doctors and trusted health information to help you feel good and to live a happier, healthier life. Virtual Dentist offers free appointments and premium (paid) services, available through the same Apps. Virtual Dentist Standard services encompass Virtual Dentist premium services may be used for Virtual Dentist via Virtual Doctor consults. Additional terms apply to the use of certain Virtual Dentist Premium Services.


• Always Use Virtual Dentist Premium Services whenever you have a personal question about a medical condition or symptom.
• Never disregard professional medical advice or treatment, because of something you read or learnt on Virtual Dentist.

These Terms of Use are an Agreement.

Generally, this agreement governs your use of the apps. Other terms may apply to your use of a specific feature. If there is a conflict between this TOU and terms posted for a specific feature, the latter terms apply to your use of that feature or part.


We may Update this Agreement.

These terms of Use may change on a going-forward basis at any time upon 7 days notice. Please check these terms periodically for changes. If changes to these terms materially modify your rights or obligations, we may require that you accept the modified terms in order to continue to use the services. Material modification are effective upon your acceptance of thee modified Terms. Immaterial modifications are effective upon publication. If you do not agree to all of these terms of use please do not use Virtual Dentist.

What we do and what we don’t do (Virtual Dentist)
We support your health decisions through information.

Virtual dentist is designed to support the health decision and choices that you make. Always use common sense when making health decision, and consult with your doctor whenever appropriate.
Virtual Dentist cannot make decision for you, but can help you find health information. On virtual Dentist you can ask informational questions and find educational answers and health by Medical experts. This information is not medical care and no doctor- patient relationship is created by this use of the services. Content and services on Virtual Dentist are not substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or care from your physical examination, or prescription and should not be used to treat a medical condition. Do not ignore or delay obtaining professional medical advice because of information accessed through the Apps.
Please use Virtual Dentist Premium services or see your doctor in person if you looking for personal medical evaluation, diagnosis, prescription or treatment.

We provide access to doctor for care (Virtual Dentist premium Services)

On Virtual Dentist Premium Services you can get care (in the event that you are situated in a state where such help is accessible). Premium Services might be utilized where a progressing specialist persistent relationship exists, or where a brief specialist tolerant relationship is made by the utilization of Virtual Dentist Premium Services.
We don't charge patient for taking doctor’s appointment patient will login for free and take doctor’s appointment But if patient takes online consultation he will be charged. We charge doctors yearly as subscription to login and provide treatment if patient will take premium paid services for online consultation from Virtual Dentist.
At whatever point we utilize the words "your doctor" or comparative words on Virtual Dentist, remembering for these Terms of Use, we mean your own doctor with whom you have of a genuine, commonly recognized, specialist/social insurance supplier tolerant relationship. In the event that you take an interest in a Virtual Consult on Virtual Dentist Premium Services, you comprehend and concur that the Medical Experts on Virtual Dentist Premium Services are not your essential consideration doctor, and you make a deal to avoid utilizing Virtual Dentist Premium Services as a substitute for associations with your essential consideration doctor or medical coverage. (Where accessible, you may likewise utilize Virtual Dentist Premium Services for Virtual Consults with your current doctor(s).

We provide information without Recommendation or endorsement.

We don't suggest or support a particular Content, Services, tests, specialists, items, methodology, suppositions, or other data that might be referenced on Virtual Dentist. Virtual Dentist is intended to be utilized with presence of mind, and regarding the exhortation of your primary care doctor or social insurance supplier. Dependence on Virtual Dentist Content or Services is exclusively at your own hazard. A few Services and Content (counting posts by Medical Experts) may not be evaluated or affirmed by Virtual Dentist. We can't ensure that the Content and Services will assist you with accomplishing a particular objectives or results. Content in regards to dietary enhancements or different medicines or regimens have not been assessed by the Food and Drug Administration and isn't planned to analyze, treat, fix, or forestall any disease.

Virtual Dentist Medical Experts
Independence of Virtual Dentist Medical Experts

The inclusion of Medical Experts, experts and authorities on Virtual Dentist or in any expert on Virtual Dentist doesn't suggest Virtual Dentist's proposal or underwriting of such expert nor is such data expected as an apparatus for checking the certifications, capabilities, or capacities of any expert. SUCH INFORMATION IS PROVIDED ON A "With no guarantees" BASIS AND VIRTUAL DENTIST DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, and INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. VIRTUAL DENTIST SHALL IN NO EVENT BE LIABLE TO YOU OR TO ANYONE FOR ANY DECISION MADE OR ACTION TAKEN BY ANY PARTY (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY USER) INFORMATION ABOUT MEDICAL EXPERT, PROFESSIONAL DOCTORS AND SPECIALISTS ON VIRTUAL DENTIST. The utilization of Virtual Dentist by any element or individual to check the qualifications of experts or specialists is prohibited.

Your use must be Legal and Appropriate.

Your utilization of Virtual Dentist and any Content and Services must consent to all appropriate government and state laws, guidelines, and statutes. You may not get to our systems, PCs, or the Content and Services in any way that could harm, debilitate, overburden, or weaken them, or meddle with some other individual's utilization and delight. You may not endeavor to increase unapproved access to any Content or Services, different records, PC frameworks, or systems associated with Virtual Dentist, the Content, or Services. You may not utilize any mechanized methods, (for example, a scrubber) to get to Virtual Dentist, the Content, or Services. Unapproved get to incorporates utilizing qualifications to get to Virtual Dentist. Any endeavor by any individual or substance to request login data of some other client or Virtual Dentist Medical Expert, or to get to any such record, is an express and direct infringement of these Terms and of material law, including applicable protection and security laws and laws precluding uncalled for or dishonest strategic policies. We keep up rules and a set of principles for both Premium Services clients and Medical Experts who use Virtual Dentist. By utilizing our administrations, including Virtual Dentist Premium Services, you consent to keep our Guidelines.

We’ll send you notices and information.

For more details about when and how we can communicate with you, please consult our Privacy Statement.

Content and Services
Virtual Dentist is for personal use.

Virtual Dentist is a help for people to use to help their own wellbeing choices. You may utilize Virtual Dentist for individual, however not for business purposes as per all material government, state and neighborhood laws. The Content is authorized distinctly for the individual, family unit, and instructive utilization of a solitary person. No business use or business redistribution of any Content is allowed. Authorized Doctors and other qualified clinical specialists may apply to take an interest on Virtual Dentist for instructive purposes as Medical Experts, or to give Virtual Consults by means of Virtual Dentist Premium Services. Organizations or different associations may not become enlisted individuals or utilize our Apps through individuals; however we do offer Premium Services for associations.

Virtual Dentist may communicate with you via email, SMS, text and mobile push notification.

At the point when you introduce our application on your cell phone, you may consent to get pop-up messages, which are messages an application sends you on your cell phone when the application isn't on. You can kill warnings by visiting your cell phone's "settings" page.

We may send you messages concerning our items and administrations, just as those of outsiders. You may quit special messages by adhering to the withdraw guidelines in the limited time email itself.

Virtual Dentist and those following up for our sake may send you message (SMS) messages to the telephone number you give us. These messages may incorporate operational messages about your utilization of the Services, just as advertising messages. On the off chance that you quit, you may keep on getting instant messages for a brief period while Virtual Dentist forms your solicitation, and you may likewise get instant messages affirming the receipt of your quit demand. Quitting accepting operational instant messages may affect the usefulness that the Service gives to you. Instant messages might be sent utilizing a programmed phone dialing framework. Your consent to get instant messages isn't a state of any buy or utilization of the Service. Standard informing, information and different expenses might be charged by your bearer.

Your bearer may deny or limit certain versatile highlights, and certain portable highlights might be contrary with your transporter or cell phone. As material, directions in regards to how to quit portable highlights will be uncovered regarding such highlights (guidelines ordinarily expect you to content a catchphrase, for example, "STOP," "Drop," "Withdraw," to the appropriate short code for the versatile component, or to change your profile settings inside the Apps).

You consent to tell Virtual Dentist of any progressions to your portable number and update your account(s) on the Virtual Dentist Platforms. You likewise comprehend and concur that by accepting interchanges you will be charged by your remote or internet service and that such messages, SMS, or cell phone notice might be produced via mechanized frameworks.

Mandatory Removal of Content and services.

If you violate any of these Terms of use, your permission to use the content and Services automatically terminates and must immediately destroy any copies you have made of any portion of the content (for more information see Termination.)

We cannot control external communications (including emails, SMS, and notifications).

Email, short message administrations (SMS), instant message correspondences and versatile pop-up messages from the Apps are not scrambled. You can quit accepting email, SMS/instant messages, and portable pop-up messages.

Albeit improbable, it is workable for these correspondences to be captured or gotten to without your approval. By utilizing the Apps, you discharge Virtual Dentist from any obligation emerging from or identified with any such block attempt or unapproved get to.

Property Rights
Virtual Dentist own or has rights to the Content and Services.

At the point when you utilize the Apps, you do as such under a permit from us. Subject to your total and continuous consistence with these Terms, Virtual Dentist awards you, exclusively for your own, non-business use, a restricted, non-selective, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable permit to: (an) introduce and utilize one article code duplicate of our versatile App acquired from an authentic commercial center on a cell phone that you own or control; and (b) access and utilize the Content and Services. This implies you may not utilize the Apps for any business reason, that we can remove your entitlement to utilize the Apps, and that you can't part with this permit to another person. OK, title, and enthusiasm for and to the Apps, Services, and the Content, along with all related licensed innovation rights are the property of Virtual Dentist or our associates, barring your privileges under appropriate law to any data or Content identified with Virtual Consults on Virtual Dentist Premium Services. Rights held by different gatherings in the Content are their separate rights. Virtual Dentist saves all rights to the Content not conceded explicitly in these Terms.

Consultation fees

You understand that Virtual Dentist provides various services with respect to the System. While some of these services are provided for free, there are premium services for which costs will be incurred by you, if you decide to avail such services ("paid services").


Online consultation payment is non-refundable if online service provided. Refundable only in case patients not receive consultation then refund is processed by Virtual Dentist.

User Guidelines

By using Virtual Dentist Premium services you agree to abide by the following guidelines. Any violation may result in limitation, suspension, or termination of your access to our Apps.

General Guidelines.

• Respect You consent to connect with Medical Experts in a deferential way and to avoid wrong language and conduct.
• Appropriate Use You consent to just utilize Virtual Dentist and Virtual Dentist Premium services administrations in a way that isn't: unlawful, undermining, bothering, oppressive, abusive, derogatory, slanderous, foul, unwarrantedly savage, profane, obscene, revolting, vulgar, intrusive of another's security, or racially, ethnically or in any case hostile, contemptuous, or injurious.

Guidelines specific to premium Services and Virtual Consults.

• Treatment You make a deal to avoid setting expectations for treatment from a Medical Expert on Virtual Dentist.
• Care Clinical consideration (counting Virtual Consults with Medical Experts, solutions, analysis, or treatment suggestions) is just accessible on Virtual Dentist through our Premium Services, and you concur that such consideration is restricted to therapeutically fundamental and proper consideration, as controlled by the rewarding Medical Expert.
• Duration of Treatment You concur that the term of any treatment endorsed or suggested might be restricted. It is up to the counseling Medical Expert to decide the suitable span of any treatment, assuming any, caused accessible through a Virtual to counsel. Where medicines are given, they might be a short-course to hold you over until you can talk with your normal specialist.
• Dress Code You consent to be fittingly dressed and to show when it is of clinical significance to do as such.

Premium Services


Medical Agreement

• You are going into a concurrence with Virtual Dentist Medical Group, P.C., expert clinical administrations to you through the Virtual Dentist Apps.
• You are going into a doctor - quiet relationship with the Medical Expert related with Virtual Dentist Medical Group, P.C. that by and by plays out the Virtual Consult for you.
• You consent to utilize your legitimate name and genuine clinical data in Virtual Consults on Virtual Dentist Premium Services.
• You consent to utilize only one Virtual Dentist represent keeping up your clinical records and for doing Virtual Dentist Premium Services Virtual Consults.
• You speak to and warrant to Virtual Dentist Medical Group, P.C. that you have an essential consideration doctor.
• You comprehend and concur that the doctors related with Virtual Dentist Medical Group, P.C. are just giving minor non-crisis essential consideration clinical administrations as for Virtual Consults.
• You get that if your ailment warrants crisis help, the Medical Experts related with Virtual Dentist Medical Group, P.C. will guide you to the closest nearby clinic crisis office or crisis room.
• You comprehend that the administrations offered by Virtual Dentist Medical Group, P.C. furthermore, Virtual Dentist are not medical coverage.
• Other than for commonly settled upon face to face care with a Medical Expert on Virtual Dentist, you consent to avoid reaching or looking to contact the Virtual Dentist Premium Services Medical Expert for telemedicine care outside of the stage, (for example, by telephone, email, or other informing framework). This secures the two patients and Medical Experts and guarantees clinical consideration is conveyed in a dependable, nonstop, and controlled stage. Virtual Dentist isn't answerable for any communications with Medical Experts not led on the Virtual Dentist stage.
• Virtual Dentist not responsible for any dissatisfied dental treatment or any untoward incidences caused during the dental treatments.

Consult Quality.

• You concur that Medical Experts performing Virtual Consults on Virtual Dentist Premium Services may endorse permitted drugs in such Virtual Consults when in the Medical Expert's sole judgment it is restoratively proper to do as such. You concur that you are not ensured any solution in a Virtual Dentist Premium Services Virtual Consult. The assurance that a clinical concern warrants a solution is constantly made at the prudence of the counseling Medical Expert in a Virtual Dentist Premium Services Virtual Consult and not preceding such a counsel. You consent to keep up state-of-the-art prescription data in your Health Profile.
• You comprehend and concur that Virtual Dentist and Medical Experts on Virtual Dentist are not answerable for disengagements or association quality issues you may understanding during or outside of Virtual Dentist Premium Services Virtual Consults because of your cell phones or PC's web network.
• You consent to abstain from harsh language or participating in unseemly conduct with Medical Experts during a Virtual Consult and concur that a Medical Expert may end a Virtual Consult whenever should improper conduct or language be utilized, or if in the Medical Expert's sole judgment, the Virtual Consult is not, at this point fitting or beneficial.