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Denta Quora Part 2


Denta Quora 2

Question and answers:
Q1) What is a root canal treatment (RCT)?
A). A treatment for treating a tooth’s decaying and infected nerve.
Q2. What is the definition of scaling?
A). Teeth cleaning in the dentist’s office.
Q3). What is the definition of restoration?
A). Treatment to restore lost tooth structure’s function, integrity, and morphology.
Q4). How many times should you clean your teeth?
A). At least twice a day (morning and night).
Q5) What is the average number of teeth in a child?
A). There are 20 teeth.
Q6). How frequently should I go to the dentist?
A). Twice a year or on a case-by-case basis.
Q7). Is it safe to have dental x-rays?
A). They do have a lot less radiation.
Q8) What is laser filling and how does it work?
A tooth-colored filling that is cemented in place using laser light.
Q9) What is the definition of tooth whitening?
A). Also known as bleaching, this procedure lightens the teeth by one to two
Q10). Is it vital to see a dentist at least once a year?
A). Because prevention is always preferable to treatment, it’s a good idea to have
your teeth are checked once or twice a year.
Q11) What is the nature of the cavity?
A). a permanently damaged area on the surface of the tooth that develops into
holes or apertures.
Q12). How can you get rid of a cavity?
A). By removing the damaged area and replacing it with a restoration.
Q13). Is it true that dentists get cavities?
A). Yes, if they neglect their oral care, they will develop cavities.
Q14) What happens if a cavity is not treated?
A). As the cavity becomes deeper, it will begin to cause sensitivity and pain,
eventually leading to permanent tooth damage.
Q15. What is the best way to avoid cavities?
A). Maintaining adequate oral hygiene, which includes cleaning and flossing teeth
on a regular basis.
Q16. How can I get rid of cavities without having to go to the dentist?
A). Although a cavity cannot be reversed after it has formed, the symptoms of pain
and sensitivity can be managed or avoided with the use of medicines, sensitivity
pastes, and various dental gels.
Q17). What are the best pastes to use?
A). The Indian Dental Association recommends fluoride-containing toothpastes
and pastes.
Q18. Is Colgate or Pepsodent the best paste?
A). Both stand at the same time, but it is dependent on the composition and
suitability of each individual.
Q19). What are the different varieties of sensitivity pastes on the market?
A. Sensodyne, Sensodent, Hi-ora, Vantage, Sensodent k, and other similar brands.
Q20) Do you think Sensodyne is the best paste for me?
A) It depends on your teeth; consult your dentist for more information.
Q21). What are the signs and symptoms of a cavity?
A). Food agglomeration, sensitivity to cold or hot, or both, tooth pain, and
discoloration is all common symptoms.
Q22. What can be done to prevent a cavity from spreading?
A). Cavity does not spread, but caries does, thus brushing properly and having
cavities restored or filled will help prevent the spread of caries.
Q23. What is the definition of caries?
A). Caries is the medical term for tooth decay.
Q24). What exactly does caries entail?
A). Caries is caused by the infection of teeth with specific bacteria that consume
carbohydrates in foods to produce acids, causing cavities.
Q25). What are the different forms of sugars found in food?
A). Sugars of many sorts are present, such as fructose in grapes, glucose in
chappatis, starch in potatoes, and so on.
Q26. What is the best way to reverse dental decay?
A). It is irreversible.
Is clove oil effective in preventing tooth decay?
A). Clove oil can only relieve toothache symptoms for a limited period of time.
Q28. What is the definition of enamel?
A). The tooth structure’s outer hard part.
Q29). Is tooth decay a contagious or non-contagious disease?
A). It is a non-contagious illness.
Q30. What causes tooth decay?
A). It begins as a little white spot on the teeth, which most people ignore, but
which eventually develops into a large cavity.
Q31) What happens to enamel when a person has tooth decay or caries?
A). Enamel is broken down by the acid produced by bacteria reacting with dietary
Q32) What causes caries?
A). Food that has been deposited on the teeth produces sugars that attract germs
and promote tooth demineralization.
Q33). What colour is the cavity?
A). Colors ranging from white to brown to black and even yellow.
Q34). What do you call the glassy or chalky spots on your teeth?
A).Symptoms of demineralization
Q35. Is it painful to get a cavity filled?
A). It depends on how far the virus has progressed and might range from
asymptomatic to pain sensitivity.
Q36). What is the most common age for tooth decay?
A). It can affect anyone at any age, but younger people are more likely to be
Q37. Do children’s teeth need to be filled?
A). Yes.
Q38). Why should we treat our children’s teeth if they will eventually be replaced?
A). Because certain teeth cause pain and early extraction may cause delayed
eruption, they must be left in place until permanent teeth grow to maintain space.
Q39). Do fillings come in different colours?
A). Yes, silver fillings are grey, some cements, such as zinc sulphate, are pale
yellow to white, and GIC and laser filings, such as composites, are light yellow to
Q40). In caries, what happens to ph?
A). It falls below the neutral level of 7.
Q41). What exactly is dentin?
A). Underneath the enamel is the calcified tissue of the body.
Q42). When the dentin is revealed, what happens?
A). Dentin has hundreds of microscopic channels that go to the pulp of the tooth,
and when exposed to the elements, these channels allow heat, cold, acidic, or even
sticky substances to reach the nerves inside the tooth, producing discomfort.
Q43). Is it possible to repair dentin?
A). Tooth enamel is incapable of self-repair, whereas dentin has a limited capacity
for regeneration.
Q44). Is it possible to view the dentin?
A). Dentin It can’t be made pretty, because it’s yellow and can’t be seen with the
naked eye.
Q45). Is dentin a soft substance?
A). The dentin, which is softer than enamel, is the layer of the tooth just beneath
the enamel.
Q46). Is it possible to whiten visible dentin?
A). Whitening the dentin is not possible.
Q47). What’s the deal with my yellow dentin?
A). Dentin darkens with age, but yellow teeth usually indicate that your enamel has
been discoloured by the foods and beverages you consume. Coffee and tea cause
plaque to build up on the surface, making it unclean and yellow.
Q48). Is it possible to regrow dentin?
A). Stem Cells are being used to regenerate the pulp and dentin of the teeth.
Q49). Is it okay if your teeth are yellow?
A). The dentin layer has a little yellowish tint that appears through the enamel, but
this is more noticeable in people who have enamel that is naturally thinner or more
translucent. As a result, your yellow teeth could be totally normal as a result of
your heredity.
Q50). Why are my teeth decaying despite brushing?
A). Sugary, sticky foods and beverages that build on teeth and produce additional
acid when not properly brushed or flossed are major causes of dental decay.
Q51). Is it possible to repair exposed dentin?
A). Yes.
Q52). Is dentin sensitive?
A). Dentures are a layer of sensitive tissue that connects with the nerves of the
tooth. Therefore, contraction of the gums and exposure of dentin can be very
Q53). Is it possible to whiten dentin?
A). Teeth cannot be whitened.
Q5 ). How do I know if my email is gone?
A). If your teeth are yellow or especially shiny, increased sensitivity to you or your
warm, cold, or sweet foods can be an early sign of enamel loss.
Q55). Is dentin a living tissue?
A). Teeth: There is dentin just below the enamel. It is made up of living tissue and
cellular material.
Q56). How strong is tooth enamel?
A). Tooth enamel is made up mostly of hydroxyapatite, which is a mineral form of
calcium phosphate and harder than steel.
Q57). Is it possible to restore tooth enamel?
A). Once the enamel is damaged, it cannot be restored.
Q58). What should I do if I don’t get my nails done?
A). Fluoride-containing products, such as fluoride toothpastes and calcium-rich
foods, are ideal for promoting remineralization.
Q59). Are your teeth stronger than diamonds?
A). Teeth are harder than diamonds.
Q60) Does ProNamel really work?
A). Scientists say a newly developed fluoride toothpaste will make tooth enamel
more resistant to erosion-softened acids
Q61). Is it possible to whiten teeth that have lost enamel?
A). Loss of enamel makes teeth more sensitive and darker in color. Hence, it is
better to choose home teeth whitening treatment or professional teeth whitening at
the dentist.
Q62). Why are my teeth transparent?
A). This is because the enamel layer at the edge of the tooth where the dentin does
not expand wears away.
Q63). How strong is a human bite?
A). 162 pounds per square inch.
Q6 ). Are your yellow teeth healthy?
A). Yes, yellow teeth do not necessarily mean that your teeth are unhealthy.
Q65). How do dentists whiten their teeth?
A). This procedure is called chairside whitening and usually only goes to the
office, but the dentist can also provide a custom tray for whitening teeth at home.
Q66). Is milk good for your teeth?
A). Yes, it is believed that drinking milk strengthens the teeth and protects the
enamel by providing the calcium and phosphorus needed to remineralize the tooth
Q67). How to get rid of tooth decay at home?
A). Aloe vera gel helps fight tooth decay caused by bacteria, avoid physical acids,
vitamin D, avoid sweet foods and drinks, consume licorice root and sugar-free
Q68). Is Sensodyne better than Colgate?
A). Used twice a day, Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief toothpaste is much more
effective in reducing dentine hypersensitivity than Sensodyne Rapid Relief
toothpaste or Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste.
Q69). Does Sensodyne regenerate enamel?
A). Sensodyne Pro-Enamel is specially formulated to provide more fluoride and
improve enamel remineralization
Q70). How to get rid of bad bacteria in your mouth?
A). Mouthwash and toothpaste.
Q71). Why do my teeth turn yellow when I brush my teeth every day?
A). Poor oral hygiene causes plaque to build up when bacteria in food and drink
are not properly removed from the teeth. It hardens to form tartar and can only be
removed by the dentist.
Q72). What can a dentist do about enamel loss?
A). Adhesives are used to protect teeth and improve aesthetics, but if enamel loss
is more severe, dentists may recommend crowns or veneers to protect teeth from
new cavities. I have.
Q73). Are clear teeth normal?
A). Opacity occurs naturally and is considered attractive and desirable in dentistry.
Q7 ). Is there a way to restore faded teeth?
A) Paste and Connect might do what you need.
Q75). Why are the tips of my teeth clear?
A). The outer layer of the tooth, or enamel, is a translucent material that gives the
tooth a portion of the white color.
Q76). Can a human bite kill you?
A). Untreated human bites can cause more serious problems like swelling and
Q77). Can humans bite their fingers?
A). Finger bites are relatively common in assault cases, but they rarely result in
tissue loss.
Q78). Is hot water good for your teeth?
A). If you have sensitive teeth and gums, the optimal water temperature for
brushing is actually hot. Water that is too hot can burn your mouth.
Q79). Is water good for your teeth?
A). Drinking water that contains fluoride, a “natural cavity killer”, is one of the
simplest and most beneficial things you can do to prevent cavities.
Q80). Does baking soda whiten teeth?
A). Baking soda is a natural teeth whitener and is a common ingredient in
commercially available toothpastes. The mild abrasive helps to scrape dirt off the
tooth surface.
Q81). How long does it take to whiten teeth with baking soda?
A). Baking soda can be mixed into a paste by adding water. Once you have created
the necessary mixture, the most effective way to whiten your teeth is to apply the
mixture for 2 minutes.
Q82). Does salt whiten teeth?
A). Warm salt water is both natural teeth whitener and gum care (as it is a natural
antibacterial agent).
Q83). Is it safe to brush my teeth with baking soda and coconut oil?
A). Mix with baking soda or menthol to form a paste that whitens teeth and
prevents tooth decay.
Q84 ). What can I use instead of toothpaste?
A). Eight natural alternatives to toothpaste
baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, sea salt, dry brushes, herbal toothpaste and
coconut oil.
Q85). Can salt damage my teeth?
A). Salt itself does not damage tooth enamel, but sodium can often weaken teeth.
Q86). Why are children’s teeth yellow?
A). Chemicals and Supplements: Iron supplements and other metal salts are a
common cause of stains on children’s teeth.
Q87). Is it possible to brush my teeth without toothpaste?
A). You don’t really need toothpaste to remove plaque. The mechanical action of
the brush and bristles works, but the paste provides a flourishing effect.
Q88). Is it okay to leave toothpaste on your teeth?
A) Ingestion of toothpaste can damage the stomach and cause inflammation. It is
best to wash off all bacteria that are removed when brushing.
Q89). How to brush your teeth without brushing your teeth?
A). Eat crispy vegetables, eat cheese, make saliva, make mouthwash, chew
sugarless gum, and avoid sugar.
Q90). Does baking soda damage tooth enamel?
A). This can damage the enamel: correct ratio
Q91 if not used). Is salt water better than mouthwash?
A). Yes, the mouthwash contains alcohol. This may stimulate swelling of the
mucous membranes in the mouth, but gargling with salt water has been shown to
relieve canker sores, bleeding gums, and sore throats.
Q92). Can baking soda make my teeth yellow?
A). No
Q93) Does salt water harden the gums?
A) Yes.
Q9 ). Can salt cure tooth decay?
A). Yes, to a certain extent. Salt is known to have preservative and antibacterial
properties that help heal cavities.
Q95). How can I keep my child’s teeth white?
A). Brush your teeth at least twice a day (morning and evening) with a small
amount of fluoride toothpaste
Q96). Do i need to wet my toothbrush before brushing my teeth?
A). Soften the bristles of the toothbrush and moisten it before rinsing away the
debris. If you wet it afterwards, the toothpaste will dissolve in the toothbrush and
prevent the toothbrush from rolling.
Q97). Is hydrogen peroxide good for teeth?
A). Gargling with hydrogen peroxide helps whiten teeth and reduce the number of
bacteria in the mouth, but less than 3%.
Q98). How do celebrities have such white teeth?
A). White-toothed celebrities eat crunchy vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and
carrots for brushing their teeth. Others are given plating designs, bleaching, and
Q99). How do bananas whiten teeth?
A). Banana peels contain high levels of potassium. Magnesium and Manganese
help remove grime from rubbing teeth in about 2 minutes to 3 weeks.
Q100). Who has the whitest teeth in the world?
A). Sweden is one of the cleanest, whitest and most upright citizens in the world.
Q101). What is the pulp?
A). The pulp is the central part of the tooth made up of living connective tissue and
cells called odontoblasts.
Q102). Can the dental pulp heal on its own?
A). Unfortunately, the infected pulp does not heal on its own and requires proper
root canal treatment.
Q103). What color is the pulp?
A) The pulp is pink / red due to its many blood vessels, but it is barely visible to
external enamel or dentin unless these layers are thinned by tooth wear.
Q10 ). What does dental pulp look like?
A). The pulp is the central nervous vascular bundle of each permanent tooth or
primary tooth, including the central pulp chamber, pulp angle, and canal,
simulating the shape of the crown of the tooth.
Q105). How do I know if the pulp is damaged?
A). The chair is usually diagnosed by a dentist by a sensitivity test, if the teeth
experience pain or discomfort when exposed to hot, cold, or sweet stimuli, or by xray.
Q106). How can I tell if the pulp is infected?
A). Severe toothache during dieting, or sensitivity to high or low temperatures that
persists after removal of a hot or cold stimulus, or a small wrinkle-like crease in
the gums near the affected tooth. pain.
Q107. Can I leave dead teeth in my mouth?
A). Healthy white teeth. If a dead or dying tooth stays in your mouth for a long
time, other teeth can rot and damage your bones.
Q108). Rotten teeth can kill you?
A). Yes, it can happen if you go untreated and your toothache is accompanied by
systemic diseases such as heart and bone.
Q109).Do dead teeth smell?
A). That’s right, neglected dental problems can lead to unpleasant odors, which can
lead to abscesses draining into the mouth. Periodontal disease is also the main
cause of bad breath and bad breath.
Q110). How long can a dead tooth stay in the mouth?
A). Teeth can die within days, or slowly, months or years, due to poor oral
Q111). Does peroxide kill tooth nerves?
A). Hydrogen peroxide mouthwash also helps relieve pain and inflammation, kill
bacteria, reduce plaque, heal bleeding gums, and slow nerve conduction.
Q112). How long does it take for the pulp to die?
A). Hour, month or year, depending on the severity of the collapse.
Q113). How do I know if I need root canal treatment?
A). There are four symptoms of pain when eating or pressing on the area:
hypersensitivity to heat and cold that persists after tooth extraction, small stinging
bumps on the gums, and darkening of the teeth.
Q114). Why do dentists extract teeth?
A). This can help locate the tooth that is causing the toothache.
Q115). Can x-rays show a dental infection?
A). X-rays can tell the dentist if a tooth is infected, even before the patient feels
Q116). How long does the tooth pulp last?
A). The root canal is more than 95% successful and can last a lifetime, but only
after placing a crown or permanent restoration on the tooth and maintaining good
oral hygiene.
Q117). Can dental infections spread to the brain?
A). An untreated oral infection can easily reach the brain. Symptoms of a brain
abscess or infection include fever and chills.
Q118). Why does root canal treatment require two visits?
A). This usually relieves toothache. At the second visit, the canal was cleaned,
disinfected, shaped, measured and filled to prevent reinfection.
Q119). What happens if I don’t treat a tooth infection?
A). If left untreated, the infection can spread to other parts of the chin, head, and
neck, including the brain. In some rare cases, it can even lead to sepsis.
Q120). When should teeth be extracted?
A). The answer, however, is that pulling out a wobbly tooth can be tempting, but
it’s best to wait until he’s ready to go out without being forced.
Q121). What if my tooth breaks along the gum line?
A). If the crack extends to the pulp, it can be treated with RCTs and crowns. If the
fissure extends below the gum line, it cannot be preserved and must be removed.
Q122). Can a dentist extract a broken tooth from the gum line?
A). If the tooth is broken below the gumline, surgical extraction is recommended,
and if the tooth is broken above the gumline, certain surgeries may be required to
remove the tooth.
Q123). Will the rotten teeth eventually fall out of the baby?
A). Rotten teeth fall out naturally, but dentists recommend RCTs to prevent
premature tooth loss.
Q124 ). How to diagnose a jaw infection?
A). Pain in the mouth, red swelling, drainage abscess.
Q125). What does a tooth infection look like?
A). The raised bump looks like acne near the affected tooth and tastes unpleasant.
Q126). Why do my teeth smell bad?
A). Plaque and bacteria build up on and between your teeth, and you can get bad
breath if you don’t brush or floss your teeth properly and regularly.
Q127). Why do you smell a tooth after flossing?
A). The most common reason dental floss stinks is gum disease or periodontal
Q128). Why are all my teeth broken?
A). Cavities, bulky fillings, teeth grinding and snacking between meals all lead to
enamel erosion.
Q129). Why is one of my teeth gray?
A). Oral trauma, tightness, or awkward bites can cause blood to be amputated.
Q130). Do dead teeth hurt?
A). Death can cause varying degrees of pain, from almost nonexistent to very
Q131). Where does the acupuncture point of the tooth hurt?
A). Near the eyes, outside the nose, called the mouth opening, and the small
Q132). Can whiskey kill dental nerves?
A). Whiskey, when shaken around the painful area, helps kill bacteria and numb
the pain. The vanilla cotton balls do the same.
Q133). How do you know if your teeth are dead?
A). Discoloration and painless gums and teeth.
Q134 ). How do dentists kill nerves?
A). Root canals are made using biocompatible oxidants, chelators and antibacterial
Q135). Can dead teeth come back to life?
A). The procedure has a high success rate, but it still leaves the dead teeth in the
Q136). What happens when the cavities reach the pulp?
A). Infection of the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth causes irreversible
damage to the pulp.
Q137). Where’s the pulp?
A).The pulp or pulp cavity is the soft area inside the center of the tooth.
Q138). Is root canal treatment or tooth extraction better?
A). Root canal treatment is often desired to save the tooth.
Q139). What does it mean to brush your teeth with pain?
A). If you hit your tooth and it hurts, it’s usually a sign of a local infection.
Q140). Do I need veneers after deep cavity treatment?
A). Correct.
Q141). Is it okay for a tooth to die after root canal treatment?
A). Only then will the patient feel no more pain.
Q142). Is leprosy shaping painful?
A). Fatigue and pain may or may not occur if performed after RCT, not and for
large teeth.
Q143). What part are your teeth made of?
A) The tooth is divided into two parts, the crown and the root, the different parts
being the enamel, dentin, cement, pulp and gums.
Q144 ). How many types of teeth do you have in your mouth?
A). Types: 8 incisors, canines, 8 premolars, molars.
Q145). What kind of teeth are used for chewing?
A). Premolars are also known as premolars.
Q146) Which tooth is used for the cut?
A). Teeth in the door.
Q147). What is the normal positioning of the teeth?
A). Incisors, canines, molars, molars.
Q148). How many teeth should I bite?
A). 20 children and 32 adults.
Q149). What is the second tooth?
A). The first thing to understand is that dentists use a two-digit numbering system.
Next, the upper right tooth starts with the number “1” (11) and the upper left tooth
starts with n. “2” (21), the lower left tooth is n. “3” (31) and n in the bottom right. ”
” ( 1).
Q150). What does 0 mean in dentistry?
A). 0 means that the gums are optimal for holding firmly, 1 means that the gums
are bleeding but there is no plaque.
Q151). What does 3 mean in dentistry?
A). 3 = First sign of periodontal disease.
Q152). What is your tooth function?
A). Their function is to collect and tear up food.
Q153). What is the last tooth called?
A). Wisdom tooth.
Q154 ). Why are my teeth so sharp?
A). Humans, like lions, have sharp incisors called canines.
Q155). Which tooth has a root?
A). All premolars except incisors, canines and maxillary teeth.
156). Which tooth has three roots?
A). Lower teeth.
Q157). What are the above features?
A). The part of the face that includes the upper lip is called the jawbone.
158). What is the mission?
A). Part of the lower jaw, including the jawbone, is called the mandible.
Q159). At what age do teeth stop growing?
A). By the age of 12 or 13, most children have lost all of their baby teeth and have
fully grown permanent teeth. Wisdom teeth emerge after 1617.
Q160). Can you survive without teeth?
A). Yes, we can live without them, but there are serious problems.
Q161). Can I eat without my teeth back?
A) A pulverizer grinds, pulverizes and grinds food, making it easier for you to
swallow. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to swallow.
Q162). What is this condition called if the tooth is missing?
A). The absence of 6 or more permanent teeth is called periodontitis.
Q163). What is called a complete lack of teeth?
A). There are absolutely no adult teeth.
Q164 ). Is the seventeenth tooth the wisdom tooth?
A). Correct.
Q165). What are premolars?
A). Premolars, or molars, are transitional teeth located between the canines and
Q166). What does Grade 2 mean in dentistry?
A). Patients requiring non-urgent dental treatment or oral reassessment were less
likely to have a dental emergency within 12 months.
Q167). What does MOD mean in dentistry?
A). MOD, Mesial occlusal distal face.
Q168). Can the gums grow?
A). No, if your gums are damaged by some periodontal disease, your gums will not
be able to regenerate.
Q169). What is a dental map?
A). Tooth mapping is the process by which a dentist identifies and describes the
health of your teeth and gums.
Q170). What is the normal depth of the gum pocket?
A). In a healthy mouth, the pocket depth is usually 1-3mm.
Q171). What does dentist mean when he refers to the amount of periodontal
A). The number is the depth (mm) of the pocket around the tooth.
Q172). What are human k9 teeth called?
A). Roof
Q173). Why do humans have small fangs?
A). Human fangs are not made to tear flesh. Instead, our ancestors used them to
fight male rivals for the right to mate, so canines are less likely to appear once we
stop using them as weapons.
Q174). What are the three functions of teeth?
A). Cut, tear, grind.
Q175). Why are your teeth important?
A). Laugh, talk and eat.
Q176). What is the function of the teeth?
A). Mechanical breakdown of food ingredients by cutting and crushing them to
ingest or digest them.
Q177). How many teeth do you have at 13?
A). Approximately 28
Q178). Why do I have only 28 teeth?
A). Many adults have wisdom teeth that cannot be extracted or removed.
Q179). Are my teeth white?
A). Discoloration begins to appear, mainly due to stains on beverages such as tea
and coffee.
Q180). How long does it take to restore teeth?
A). There is only one set of temporary and permanent teeth.
Q181). At what age can wisdom teeth erupt?
A) In general, wisdom teeth frequently erupt between the ages of 17 and 21.
Q182). Why do I have deeply growing teeth in my mouth?
A). Wisdom teeth are often bent, misaligned or misaligned, pushing other teeth
out, causing crowding and misalignment.
Q183). Does everyone have wisdom teeth?
A). No, not everyone has wisdom teeth.
Q18 ). Could your teeth be stronger?
A). Yes, you can avoid acidic foods, add minerals like calcium to your diet,
maintain good hygiene, and brush your teeth regularly.
Q185). what do you mean by big teeth?
A). It’s called a giant tooth.
Q186). What are vampire teeth called?
A). However, canines can look flat, look like incisors, and are called incisors.
Q187). Can you sharpen your teeth?
A). It can be done manually using a dental machine.
Q188). Which tooth do you need to sharpen the most?
A). Not only the incisors, but also the incisors.
Q189). How many roots does an incisor have?
A). One.
Q190). Which tooth has the longest root?
A). Canidae.
Q191). Why do my teeth have three roots?
A). The upper molars usually have three roots. If an additional root is found on one
of these teeth, that root is described as a supernumerary root.
Q192). Will your teeth grow in 20 years?
A). Wisdom teeth are the last molars to appear on either side of the jaw. They may
flare up or not break or appear after 20 years.
Q193). When does the first deciduous tooth arrive?
A). When I was 6 months old ..
Q19 ). Will your baby’s teeth come off?
A). correct.
Q195). At what age does a baby grow from his teeth?
A). Until the child is 3 years old.
Q196). At what age do you start losing your teeth?
A). At the age of 5 or 6, these teeth begin to fall out, creating space for adult teeth.
Q197). How many 9 year old teeth do you have?
A). 20 or less, but there is a mixed set of teeth.
Q198). What is mixed dentistry?
A). When the baby has both baby teeth and permanent teeth in his mouth.
Q199). Can new teeth grow?
A). Humans cannot grow new teeth after making primary and permanent teeth.
Q200). What happens if i lose my teeth?
A). Missing teeth can cause a host of problems, including misaligned teeth, uneven
teeth, bone loss in the jaw, and changes in appearance.
Q201). What is the at-home teeth cleaning method?
A). Good quality toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, dental floss, etc.
Q202). What is the dental hospital cleaning method?
A). Manual scaling, ultrasonic scaling, gum scraping, etc.
Q203). What time should I change my toothbrush?
A). 3 months later.
Q20 ). How much toothpaste should I use to brush my teeth?
A). Bean size.
Q205). At what age should I start brushing my teeth?
A). Immediately after the teeth come out?
Q206). What is the best way to brush an adult’s teeth?
A. Vertical technique with a 5 degree angle, ie rotation technique.
Q207). What is the best way to brush your child’s teeth?
A). Circular motion, or Fones technique.
Q208). What is the wrong way to brush teeth?
A). Horizontal method.
Q209). How much do I need to brush?
A. 2 minutes.
Q210). How often do you brush your teeth to maintain good oral hygiene?
A). Usually twice a day in the morning and in the evening.
Q211). When is the best time to wash?
A). After meals in the morning and before going to bed at night.
Q212). What kind of toothbrush should I use?
A). Light pressure soft bristle toothbrush.
Q213). What are the functions of toothbrush and toothpaste?
A). It removes food and plaque from the surface of the teeth and maintains oral
Q214 ). What is Dental Floss?
A). Removes food and plaque between the tooth surface and under the gums.
Q215). What options are available to remove food and plaque between the tooth
surface or the interdental area?
A). Dental floss, interdental brush, mouthwash, etc.
Q216). What are the indications for dental floss and interdental brushes?
A). If there are no gaps or small spaces between the teeth, use dental floss and if
there are large spaces, brush between the teeth.
Q217). Are mouthwashes and mouthwashes helpful?
A). Mouthwash to protect against cavities, reduce sensitivity and freshen breath
can be helpful when used in conjunction with regular brushing and flossing, but it
is no substitute for daily cleaning. .
Q218). Which mouthwash is commonly used in daily life?
A). Listerine and chlorhexidine gluconate.
Q219). What are the most common drawbacks of mouthwash?
A). Dirty teeth.
Q220). Are mouthwashes safe for babies?
A). Isn’t it generally recommended for children under 6 years of age as it can be
Q221). How often do you need to gargle in your daily life?
A). 1-2 times a day.
Q222). What is a dental hygienist?
A). It is a habit to keep your mouth, teeth and gums clean and healthy to prevent
Q223). What are the ways to maintain good oral hygiene?
A. Brush your teeth after meals, use an antibacterial mouthwash, and floss at least
once a day.
Q224). Why is oral hygiene important?
A). In fact, it helps prevent bad breath, tooth decay and periodontal disease.
Q225). Do Dental Hygienists Affect Your Health?
A). That’s right, an unhealthy mouth can increase the risk of serious health
problems like heart attack, stroke, poor diabetes management, and premature birth.
Q226) Are gold teeth acceptable?
A) No, we all prefer whiter teeth.
Q227). Does drinking lots of water discolor your teeth?
A). Water containing high levels of fluoride can cause teeth to become discolored.
Q228). At what stage does fluoride cause discoloration?
A). It is more common in children than in adults.
Q229). What is the concentration of chlorhexidine mouthwash used as a home care
A). 0.2%.
Q230). Can mouthwash kill periodontal disease?
A). Mouthwash is not only very effective at killing bacteria above the gum line,
but it also reduces adhesions and early periodontal disease.
Q231). How do you get rid of bacteria in your mouth naturally?
A). Oils like eucalyptus, menthol, and tea tree help kill bacteria in the mouth.
Q232). What part of a toothbrush is used to remove dental plaque?
A). Brush head.
Q233). How many rows of bristles does a toothbrush have?
A). 2 lines.
Q234 ). The most used dental floss in daily needs?
A). Thin wire without wax
Q235). What are the most common ingredients in toothpaste to control tartar?
A). pyrophosphate.
Q236). Another name for bad breath?
A). halitosis.
Q237). A reference way to check for bad breath?
A). Sensory assessment by an examiner.
Q238). What is the best mouthwash for bad breath?
A). Listerine.
Q239). What is a toothbrush?
A). A toothbrush is an oral hygiene device used to clean teeth, gums and tongue.
Q240). What are hairbrushes made of?
A). Nylon.
Q241). Why is nylon used to make toothbrush bristles?
A). Nylon has the property of being threadlike.
Q242). Why do toothbrushes have colored bristles?
A). Colored bristles are an indicator of toothbrushes. Indicates when to replace the
Q243). Do dentists recommend electric toothbrushes?
A). correct.
Q244 ). Are carbon toothbrushes safe?
A). Correct.
Q245). Why is apple called natural toothbrush?
A). Helps clean teeth and massage gums.
Q246). Why should i wet my toothbrush before brushing my teeth?
A). Stick the toothpaste on the toothbrush to soften the hair.
Q247). How to keep the bristles soft?
A). Putting a toothbrush under hot water is one of the most effective ways to soften
Q248). What is the most popular toothbrush color?
A). Blue.
Q249). Why do some people wear out their toothbrush so quickly?
A). Excessive pressure on the teeth.
Q250). Are electric toothbrushes bad for tooth enamel?
A). No
Q251). What toothpaste did people use in the past?
A). Sticks and branches.
Q252). Who found them brushing their teeth?
A). Egyptian.
Q253). Which country did you first use your toothbrush in?
A). China.
Q254 ). What are the recommended textures for manual toothbrushes?
A). Round and soft.
Q255). What if I eat toothpaste every day?
A). Abdominal pain and intestinal obstruction.
Q256). Is yogurt good for your teeth?
A). Correct.
Q257). What is scaling?
A). This is a professional method of cleaning teeth by a dentist.
Q258). Is descaling painful?
A). No, this is a little annoying.
Q259). Is beard tartar harmful?
A). No, this is a safe and routine procedure and will not damage the tooth surface.
Q260). How is the resizing done?
A). It is performed by removing all plaque and tartar (hard plaque) above and
below the gum line.
Q261). How long does it take to shave your teeth?
A). 30 5 minutes.
Q262). How often do you need to grow?
A). Once every 6 months.
Q263). Does scaling move teeth?
A). Scaling is a safe and routine procedure that does not damage the tooth surface.
Q264 ). What to eat after removing tartar?
A). Avoid sticky and hard foods (ice, nuts, popcorn, chips, etc.), crunchy, spicy,
spicy, or acidic. Maintain good nutrition and drink plenty of water.
Q265). Can my teeth become loose after a deep cleaning?
A). No, deep cleaning does not remove the adhesion of teeth to gums and bones.
Q266). How long does it take for the gums to heal after scaling?
A). Up to -6 weeks.
Q267). Can I get tartar at home?
A). The best way to get rid of tartar is to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste
twice a day and apply dental floss once a day.
Q268). Why is scaling important?
A). Regular scaling helps patients with periodontitis and excessive plaque buildup.
Q269). What do dentists use to clean their teeth?
A). Clean the tooth surface with a manual scaler or high speed ultrasonic device.
Q270). Is it possible to whiten teeth with scaling and polishing?
A). Sizing and polishing doesn’t whiten your teeth, but makes them look cleaner
and brighter.
Q271). Can i drink tea or coffee after tartar removal?
A). No, at least 30 minutes after cleaning.
Q272). Is it possible to restore the retracted gums?
A). Yes
Q273). At what age do the gums start to recede?
A). About 0 years old.
Q274 ). What are the foods that cause tartar?
A). Carbohydrates (sugar and starch) such as milk, sodas, raisins, cakes and candy.
Q275). Why do some patients have bad breath?
A). Halitosis is caused by bacteria that produce the odor that occurs in the mouth.
Q276). What is an ultrasonic scaler for?
A). Ultrasonic scalers are power controlled scalers used by dentists in a variety of
oral health care.
Q277). What is a dental implant?
A). An artificial tooth root placed in the jawbone to contain a replacement tooth or
Q278). What are dental implants made of?
A). Dental implants are made of titanium or titanium alloy.
Q279). Is it possible to replace all lost teeth with dental implants?
A). Yes, use a bridge that is fully supported by an implant or a full denture.
Q280). Do Dental Implants Look Like Real Teeth?
A). correct.
Q281). Can our body reject dental implants?
A). Elimination from the body doesn’t happen often, but it can.
Q282). Is 70 years of dental implants too much?
A). Dental implants are the standard care for replacing lost teeth. Therefore, you
are not too old to have teeth.
Q283). How long does the swelling go away after the implant surgery?
A). Moderate swelling is expected after implant surgery lasting from 8 hours to 57
Q284 ). Can i eat nuts with dental implants?
A). Dental implants allow patients to eat their favorite foods without pain,
discomfort or discomfort
Q285). Is dental implant painful?
A). With the application of local anesthesia, there is little or no discomfort.
Q286). Is bone grafting painful?
A). No, it doesn’t hurt at all.
Q287). How long does it take to get a dental implant after tooth extraction?
A). Immediately or after a 3 month waiting period.
Q288). Do dental implants firm the skin on the face?
A). Yes, replace the vertical height.
Q289). Which bridge or implant is right for you?
A). Implant.
Q290) What are the alternatives to dental implants?
A). Fixed bridge
Q291). Are Dental Implants Safe for the Elderly?
A). Yes, dental implants are safe for elderly patients.
Q292). How long does it take for the gums to heal after the porcelain crown?
A). It has been two weeks since I left the wharf.
Q293). Can your mouth refuse implants?
A). Yes, but the body very rarely refuses dental implants.
Q294 ). Do the gums grow around the implant?
A). There is
Q295). Are Dental Implants Infected?
A). Dental implants can be infected with a condition often called periodontitis.
Q296). Why does the gums recede around the implant?
A). Factors that can cause gingival recession include periodontal disease, genes,
excessive brushing, poor oral hygiene, and hormonal changes.
Q297). What is a Dental Implant Abutment?
A). The abutment connects the parts that connect the prosthesis to the implant.
Q298). Can gargling with salt water cure periodontal disease?
A). Salt water has antiseptic properties and can help the body heal.
299). Can dental implants cause cancer?
A). No
Q300). Are titanium implants dangerous?
A). No
Q301). Can I get dental implants a few years after tooth extraction?
A). Yes
Q302). Is bone grafting safe?
A). Correct. However, the bone graft may not heal.
Q303). Can everyone get dental implants?
A). Anyone who is healthy enough for a tooth extraction or routine oral surgery
can consider dental implants.
Q304 ). How often do dental implants fail?
A). About 5-10% of dental implants fail immediately after the procedure or months
or years later.
Q305). Can dental implants cause nerve damage?
A). About 1% of transplant procedures each year cause nerve damage.
Q306). Does titanium rust on your body?
A). n°
Q307). Can I use Waterpik with implants?
A). Waterpik Waterfloss is safe and effective for dental implants and is the only
oral irrigator that effectively reduces plaque buildup and gingivitis.
Q308). Can I use an MRI if my body contains titanium?
A). Yes, titanium is a paramagnetic material that is not affected by the magnetic
field of MRI.
Q309). Are Dental Implants Comfortable?
A). Yes, implant-supported bridges and prostheses are more comfortable and stable
than traditional prostheses.
Q310). Do i need antibiotics after a dental implant?
A). Antibiotic therapy is required for transplant surgery. Antibiotics are used to
prevent infections on or around dental implants or bone grafts.
Q311). What are the antibiotics for an infected implant?
A). The combination of amoxicillin and metronidazole is widely used in
Q312). What is a healthy mouth?
A). A healthy mouth needs pink gums that embrace all strong teeth.
Q313). Can Bad Teeth Affect Your Brain?
A). Poor oral health can affect the brain. Secretions from inflamed gums caused by
an infection can actually kill brain cells and cause memory loss.
Q314 ). What does periodontitis look like?
A). The gums are red and swollen and easily bleed when the patient brushes their
Q315). How to get rid of bacteria in your teeth?
A). Oils like eucalyptus, menthol, and tea tree help kill bacteria in the mouth.
Q316). Is lemon juice bad for your teeth? ‘
A). Lemon is a great source of vitamin C, but lemon juice is very acidic and can
cause enamel to wear over time.
Q317). What vitamins and minerals help keep gums healthy?
A). Vitamin C, iron, vitamin D, calcium.
Q318). What if you haven’t brushed your teeth yet?
A). Caries (caries) and / or periodontal disease (gingival disease).
Q319). Can I drink water after rinsing my mouth?
A). Yes
Q320). Can I use mouthwash after complete brushing of my teeth?
A). Do not use mouthwash immediately after brushing to avoid removing
beneficial fluoride residues left on the toothpaste.
Q321). Can I swallow saliva after using mouthwash?
A). Mouthwash and mouthwash are intended to be sprayed rather than swallowed.
This is because even natural mouthwashes may contain toxic ingredients when
taken in large amounts
Q322). What is a dental restoration?
A). Dental restorations are intradental restorations used to repair tooth defects such
as tooth loss, tooth loss, and a lack of soft or hard structures in the jawbone and
Q323). Is the crown a dental restoration?
A). Yes, the crown is the smallest and simplest type of prosthesis.
Q324 ). Who makes dentures?
A). The dentist has additional training on removable dentures (“prostheses”) and
oral restorations.
Q325). Is it a dental implant or a prosthetic?
A). Dental implants are surgical elements that come into contact with the jawbone
or skull to support dentures such as crowns, bridges, dentures, or face implants.
Q326). Is it a denture or a restoration?
A). Dentures are probably the most well-known and most recognizable type of
denture. The prosthesis is complete or partial and is held in the patient’s mouth by
suction or surrounding muscles.
Q327). Does the crown need to go to the gum line?
A) The crown is directly connected to the metal and there should be no space
between the crown and the gum line.
Q328). What is the name of the denture dentist?
A). Prosthetics are usually made by a dentist who specializes in the fabrication and
assembly of prostheses.
Q329). What are dentures made of?
A).They are usually made of acrylic, nylon, or metal.
Q330). Is the quality of the prosthesis different?
A). High quality acrylic and porcelain to simulate or match natural teeth.
Consequently, the prostheses will continue for the next few years.
Q331). The best porcelain or acrylic denture?
A). Porcelain is a much harder substance than poly, so its long-term durability is
superior to that of poly.
Q332). Is tartar removal painful?
A). The procedure is relatively painless, but repeated changes can affect the overall
health of the teeth.
Q333). Why do crown teeth sometimes bleed?
A). This is caused by an inflammation of the gingival tissue called periodontitis.
With periodontitis, the gums become red and swollen and prone to bleeding.
Q334 ). Is Zirconia Better Than Porcelain?
A). Yes, zirconia is superior to porcelain because of its high strength.
Q335). What is periodontitis?
A). A type of periodontal disease that causes gingival inflammation.
Q336). What causes periodontal disease?
A). Poor oral hygiene.
Q337). What does periodontitis look like?
A). The gums are red and swollen and bleed easily when the patient brushes their
Q338). Can periodontitis be cured?
A). Well, check the plate.
Q339). Is periodontitis contagious?
A). No
Q340). How do dentists treat periodontitis?
A). By scaling and smoothing the route. Scaling removes tartar and bacteria on the
tooth surface and under the gums.
Q341). Is periodontitis normal?
A). Yes, gingival inflammation is a common and mild periodontal disease that
causes inflammation, redness and swelling of the gums.
Q342). Can periodontitis spread to others?
A). NS.
Q343). Can Antibiotics Kill Periodontitis?
A). Antibiotics such as doxycycline, tetracycline, and minocycline (arrestin) can be
used to treat periodontal disease.
Q344 ). What’s the fastest way to cure periodontitis?
A). Oral prevention.
Q345). How do I know if my inflamed gums are in remission?
A). Periodontitis is usually treated with good oral hygiene, which includes longer
and more frequent washing and flossing. There is no bleeding when brushing your
Q346). Does peroxide kill periodontitis?
A). Due to its antibacterial properties, hydrogen peroxide helps treat periodontal
disease by releasing oxygen radicals that kill bacteria.
Q347). How do I know if my gums are infected?
A). Bleeding during exploration.
Q348). Is periodontitis treatment painful?
A). There is little or no discomfort.
Q349). Do dentists recommend mouthwash for periodontal disease?
A). Correct.
Q350). Does salt kill bacteria in the mouth?
A). Salt water can kill some, but not all, of the bacteria in the mouth and throat.
Q351). How long does it take for gingivitis to turn into periodontitis?
A). In most cases, periodontitis resolves within 10-1 days. If periodontitis is more
severe, treatment may take longer.
Q352). Does gargling with salt water cure periodontal disease?
A). Brine has antiseptic properties and can help the body heal.
Q353). How does gum pain paralyze?
A). Benzocaine is a drug that can paralyze sore gums and is the main component of
common oral gels.
Q354 ). Do you need to wash your gums?
A). Good oral hygiene, such as toothpaste and dental floss, helps prevent gum
infections, tooth decay and tooth loss.
Q355). What foods should I avoid when my gums are swollen?
A). Avoid sweet drinks and sharp foods such as tobacco, chips, nuts and popcorn
that contain smoking or chewing. It can clog your teeth and cause pain.
Q356). How to remove tartar from teeth without going to the dentist?
A) Eat sesame seeds. Gently removes plaque and tartar without damaging the
Q357). How often do you need to shave your teeth?
A).Twice a year
Q358). How often should I gargle with salt water?
A. Once or twice a day.
Q359). When to consult a periodontist?
A). If you have a severe toothache, bad breath, or heavy bleeding gums.
Q360). Do x-rays indicate periodontitis?
A). No
Q361). Is gingival inflammation the same as periodontal disease?
A). Gingivitis often precedes periodontitis.
Q362). Why is oral health important?
A). Good oral hygiene helps prevent bad breath, tooth decay, periodontal disease,
and various systemic diseases.
Q363). How does oral health relate to overall health?
A). Oral diseases affect health and disease in general. Bacteria in the mouth can
cause infections in other parts of the body if the immune system is compromised
due to illness or treatment. Infectious endocarditis.
Q364 ). How is oral health maintained?
A). Drinking fluoridated water, brushing teeth with fluoridated toothpaste, good
oral hygiene, seeing a dentist at least once a year, not using tobacco products, etc.
Q365). What is good oral hygiene?
A). To have a beautiful healthy smile, you need to practice good oral hygiene
every day. Toothpaste after meals, using an antibacterial mouthwash, and flossing
at least once a day help prevent the bacteria that cause these diseases from
multiplying in the mouth and causing tooth decay.
Q366). Dental hygiene for what?
A). The goal of oral hygiene is to stop the buildup of plaque, a sticky film of
bacterium and food that forms on the teeth.
Q367). Will Oral Health have an effect on Weight?
A). Yes, unhealthy teeth and periodontitis will have an effect on weight.
Q368). However do bacterium within the mouth have an effect on the heart?
A). Oral bacterium will injury blood vessels or cause blood clots by emotional
toxins that seem like proteins found within the blood vessel walls, blood, or plaque
Q369). Am I able to scratch my teeth?
A). No, your dental practitioner can clean your teeth, while not plaque and tartar.
Q370). What will a dental practitioner realize your mouth?
A).Illness or unhealthiness, consumption disorders, pregnancy, stress / anxiety, etc.
Q371). However will dentifrice clean your teeth?
A). Abrasives: Most toothpastes contain abrasive ingredients that facilitate take
away dirt and plaque from your teeth.
Foam dentifrice sometimes contains foaming ingredients. this enables the paste to
get rid of plaque, junk and bacterium from the teeth.
Q372). Will poor oral hygiene cause cancer?
A). Poor oral hygiene will result in cavity and periodontitis, and is additionally
related to cardiovascular disease, cancer and polygenic disorder.
Q373). Will Thrush cause unhealthy breath?
A). Oral mycosis, dry mouth, and tumors within the mouth will cause unhealthy
breath. If they will be treated, it will get eliminate unhealthy breath.
Q374 ). Why area unit my teeth thin?
A). This condition is commonly caused by genetic or environmental factors.
Another reason behind “thin” or boring teeth is corrosive acids. Acidic foods and
drinks over a protracted amount of your time, in high doses, will deal with and
skinny solid body substance.
Q375). Will unhealthy teeth cause inflammation within the body?
A). Bacterium that accumulate on the teeth will simply cause gum infections. Over
time, the inflammation and therefore the chemicals it releases destroy the structure
of the gums and bones that hold the teeth in situ. The result’s a heavy gum disorder
called disease. Inflammation may cause issues with the remainder of the body.
Q376). Area unit your teeth poignant your heart?
A). Poor oral health will increase the danger of microorganism infections within
the blood and might have an effect on the guts valves.
Q377). Are you able to justify the white coating on the tongue?
A). White tongue is that the results of proliferation and swelling of finger-shaped
(papillary) nodules on the surface of the tongue. the looks of the white layer is
caused by junk, bacterium and dead cells cornered between the inflamed and
enlarged papillae.
Q378). A way to take away the white coating on the tongue?
A). you’ll be able to take away the white layer of the tongue by gently brushing it
with a soft toothbrush. or else, gently suspend your tongue over your tongue.
Drinking many water may facilitate get eliminate bacterium and junk from your
Q379). However will poor oral hygiene contribute to the deterioration of aged
A). Poor oral health affects the flexibility of older individuals to chew and eat a
spread of foods. This results in deficiency disease and weight loss. Discomfort
thanks to poor oral health interferes with sleep and relaxation
Q380). Why is dental treatment vital in nursing?
A). Oral hygiene is underestimated in terms of its impact on patient health and
nutrition. Effective oral hygiene reduces infections and promotes health.
Q381). What’s the responsibility of a nurse for dental care?
A). Nurses will integrate oral health risk assessment, screening, halide coating, and
oral health education into child, child, adolescent, and college health assessments.
Q382). However typically does one offer oral care to unconscious people?
A). Oral hygiene is usually recommended each twelve hours, particularly for those
that cannot take something orally.
Q383). What’s special dental hygiene?
A). several dental patients have special preventive desires associated with decay
and periodontitis, and most patients with intellectual or physical disabilities have
special desires.
Q384 ). Can a 1 year old child use toothpaste?
A). Yes, there is very little toothpaste that contains fluoride.
Q385). What is ppm toothpaste?
A). The amount of fluoride in the toothpaste is marked on the side of the tube and
is measured in parts per million (ppm). Toothpastes containing 1350 to 1500 ppm
of fluoride are the most effective.
Q386). How often should you brush your teeth at 3 years old?
A). Amount of peas twice a day in the morning and evening before going to bed.
Q387). What is harmful in toothpaste?
A. Toothpaste usually contains fluoride. Ingestion can cause stomach upset.
Although fluoride can cause serious toxicity in very large quantities.
Q388). Does your child need toothpaste?
A). Apply fluoride toothpaste (or rice grain size) to babies up to 2 years old. The
family needs to increase the amount of this toothpaste to one size. Peas for a 36
year old child.
Q389). What if I don’t brush my child’s teeth?
A). If a child starts brushing teeth too late, plaque and tartar will begin to form on
the teeth, which can lead to tooth decay.
Q390). How does diet affect oral health?
A). Malnutrition can lead to periodontal disease and tooth decay. Foods rich in
sugar and starch can cause plaque and bacteria, which can attack tooth enamel and
lead to tooth decay if not brushed or flossed.
Q391). What are the good vitamins and minerals for your gums?
A). Vitamin C, iron, vitamin D, calcium, etc.
Q392). Which vitamin deficiency causes Bruxism?
A). Vitamins A and D
Q393). Can Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Teeth?
A). Vitamin D is important for your oral health because it allows us to absorb
calcium. Without it, the entire oral cavity would be starved of calcium, leading to
underdeveloped teeth, periodontal disease, and dental caries.
Q394 ). How Does Vitamin D Help Teeth?
A). Vitamin D may regulate the body’s balance of calcium and phosphorus and
promote absorption.
Q395). Is aloe vera good for gums?
A). With antibacterial and antibacterial action, it kills bacteria in the mouth and
quickly heals the gums.
Q396). Is it safe to eat aloe vera?
A). Aloe vera can be used in the mouth to treat cuts, abrasions and other pain. It
can be taken as a juice or applied topically, and has advantages such as prolonging
the healing time.
Q397). Is vitamin C suitable for bleeding gums?
A). Eating foods rich in vitamin C boosts your immune system and helps fight gum
infections that cause bleeding gums.
Q398). Can vitamin deficiency cause gum bleeding?
A). Deficiencies in vitamin C and vitamin K can also make the gums more prone
to bleeding.
Q399). How to increase blood flow to the gums?
A). Massage the gums with the rubber tips to increase blood and oxygen flow to
the gums.
Q 400). Is it okay to take vitamin C every day?
A). For adults, the recommended daily dose of vitamin C is 65 to 90 milligrams
(mg) per day, with an upper limit of 2,000 mg per day.
Q 401). Are yellow teeth attractive?
A) Yellow or discolored teeth are unattractive and people feel embarrassed because
their teeth seem to age and get dirty prematurely.
Q 402). what’s a dental disease?
A). Oral health refers to the health and condition of our teeth, gums, and also the
entire oral system that enables one to laugh, talk, and chew.
Q 403) will polygenic disorder have an effect on my teeth and gums?
A). they will doubtless infect the gums and bone that hold the teeth along and
might even cause xerostomia
Q 404 ). What area unit the causes of dental problems?
A). Sweet, sticky foods and drinks area unit the most reason for cavity. … poor oral
hygiene: not brushing teeth frequently
Q 405). will polygenic disorder cause dental problems?
A). Yes, poorly controlled or elevated blood glucose will result in plant life
infections like xerostomia, periodontitis, tooth loss, and fungus infections.
Q 406). What area unit the various stages of tooth decay?
A). 6-step white spot, enamel collapse, dentinal decay, pulp, symptom formation,
tooth loss.
Q 407). Why area unit my teeth receding at the amount of the gums?
A). Gum decay, conjointly referred to as gum decay, is related to receding gums,
periodontitis, dry mouth, and smoking.
Q 408). What area unit the five dental diseases?
A). Most oral health issues area unit cavity, periodontitis, carcinoma, oral HIV
symptoms, mouth trauma, congenital disorder and roof of the mouth, and Noma
Q 409. will a medical man tell if you’ve got diabetes?
A). periodontitis, or chronic inflammation and infection of the gums, is AN early
complication of polygenic disorder.
Q 410). what’s the simplest dentifrice for diabetics?
A). waterlessness D dentifrice for diabetics reduces plaque and prevents
xerostomia and cavity due to xylitol.
Q 411). Is polygenic disorder curable?
A). there’s no cure for polygenic disorder, however it may be place into remission.
individuals will management it with medication and style changes.
Q 412). Why do individuals with polygenic disorder lose their teeth?
A.) individuals with polygenic disorder area unit a lot of liable to periodontitis. like
infection, inflammation, tissue and bone loss.
Q 413). will Stress Cause Diabetes?
A). Stress causes changes in blood glucose levels, which might result in polygenic
Q 414 ). What area unit the common symptoms of unknown diabetes?
A). Thirst, hunger, accumulated comfort once sitting, blurred vision, weight loss,
swollen gums, itchy skin, slow wound healing.
Q 415). does one have polygenic disorder and an odd style in your mouth?
A). Yes, it causes a sweet style within the mouth in conjunction with different
Q 416). will a medical man tell if you smoke?
A). Yes, if your teeth area unit dirty, smell your garments or check your finger for
phytotoxin stains
Q 417). What area unit the medicine that cause tooth decay?
A). pep pill (meth), heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and even medicine like marijuana will
cause tooth and gum issues.
Q 418). once can the primary adult tooth come?
A). At the age of 6
Q 419). Is it potential to fill the front teeth?
A). Yes, with tooth-colored material.
Q 420). What happens if i do not cure tooth decay?
A). Untreated cavity will result in a dental infection known as a tooth symptom.
Q 421). What area unit the most causes of tooth loss?
A). periodontitis.
Q 422). however do dangerous teeth have an effect on your health?
A). Poor oral health puts you in danger for cardiovascular disease and abdomen
Q 423). what’s the most reason for diabetes?
A). once feeding carbohydrates, the carbohydrates area unit diminished into sugars
that cause the exocrine gland to provide hypoglycemic agent, that is keep within
the liver and muscles.
Q424 ). a way to forestall diabetes?
A). Eliminate sugar and refined carbohydrates from your diet, exercise frequently,
drink lots of water, thin if you’re overweight or weighty, quit smoking, eat a lowcarb diet, lose height, sit down Avoid common behaviors.
Q 425). will sleep deprivation cause diabetes?
A). Yes, it will increase blood glucose and polygenic disorder risk.
Q 426). area unit Bananas sensible for Diabetics?
A). Bananas area unit a secure and alimental fruit and area unit moderately
consumed by diabetics as a part of a in person diet.
Q 427). Do skinny individuals have diabetes?
A). Oh no. in spite of however skinny you’re, you’ll be able to get kind a pair of
polygenic disorder.
Q 428). What area unit the signs of kind a pair of diabetes?
A). Frequent excretion, thirst, perpetually hungry, very tired, blurred vision, slow
healing of cuts and wounds, tingling within the limbs, symptom and pain, black
spots on the skin.
Q 429). Is it potential to induce eliminate polygenic disorder if it’s caught early?
A). affirmative if management measures are taken.
Q 430). What foods cause obesity?
A). Eat high-fat processed foods and quick foods, etc. Limit your intake of fruits,
vegetables, unrefined carbohydrates like brown bread and rice, drinking an
excessive amount of alcohol, etc.
Q 431). What time of day is that the blood glucose level higher?
A). Early within the morning, sometimes from 3:00 to 8:00.
Q 432). Why area unit diabetics unable to sleep?
A). Patients with kind a pair of polygenic disorder could expertise sleep disorder
(difficulty falling asleep), restless sleep, and daytime temporary state thanks to
slow, syncopated limb movements throughout sleep.
Q 433). What medications will individuals with polygenic disorder go for facilitate
them sleep better?
A) internal secretion and antihistamines area unit the foremost common suggests
that of treating sleep disorder
Q 434 ). Do diabetics sleep well?
A). Fatigue may be a common symptom of polygenic disorder
Q 435). what percentage meals ought to diabetics eat?
A). a perfect diet includes 3 meals each day, in addition as one,200 and 1,600
calories of snacks per day.
Q 436). what’s the simplest bread for diabetics?
A). Whole grain bread.
Q 437). What foods area unit appropriate for individuals with diabetes?
A). Apples, in conjunction with blueberries and grapes, area unit notably useful in
reducing the danger of kind a pair of polygenic disorder.
Q 438). Is peanut butter good for diabetics?
A). That’s right, natural peanut butter and peanuts are low glycemic index (GI)
Q 439). What is the best drink for diabetics?
A). Water, green tea, vegetable juice, skim milk and sometimes a cup of coffee.
Q 440). What water should diabetics drink?
A). Soda, sweet fruit juices, alcohol, energy drinks.
Q 441). Is coffee good for diabetes?
A). Moderate intake reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
Q 442). Is Zero Cola suitable for diabetics?
A). Coca-Cola Zero has no sugar. However, the sugar substitutes included are not
always a healthy choice as they can increase sugar levels.
Q 443). Is orange juice bad for diabetics?
A). The glycemic index of orange juice is above 65, which increases blood sugar.
Q 444). Can diabetics eat chocolate?
A) Yes, people with diabetes can eat dark chocolate.
Q 445). Is Pineapple Juice Good for Diabetics?
A). Yes, however, as it contains vitamins, minerals and fiber, it is available in
moderate amounts.
Q 446). Is cottage cheese good for diabetics?
A). Cheese is usually high in fat and salt, but it’s still safe if you eat it in
Q 447). Is cranberry juice good for diabetics?
A). That’s right, drinking low-calorie cranberry juice is helpful in managing type 2
diabetes and heart disease.
Q 448). Can diabetics eat potatoes?
A). Potatoes are a starchy vegetable and it is believed that there is no problem with
reducing consumption.
Q 449). How much water should diabetics drink?
A). At least 1.2 liters, almost 6 glasses.
Q 450). Are eggs good for diabetics?
A). Eggs are a great choice for diabetics because they contain a lot less
Q 451). How many baby teeth do you have?
A). 20 baby teeth.
Q 452). What is the difference between permanent teeth and baby teeth?
A). The root of the primary tooth is shorter and smaller than that of the permanent
tooth and has a more curved serrated shape.
Q 453). Do Molars Lose Leaves?
A). The primary premolars are replaced by permanent premolars (also called
premolars), which appear behind the primary teeth.
Q 454 ). Do you need or fill in an RCT?
A). If the cavities are close to the tooth surface and not the root, filling is required
and if the cavities are deeper than the root canal, it is necessary.
Q 455). Which tooth is used for sharpening?
A). Oral and Maxillofacial
Q 456). At what age do wisdom teeth leave?
A). 6-12 years old.
Q 457). Can humans have 3 sets of teeth?
A). There may be additional or “extra” teeth. This phenomenon is known as a
protruding tooth and is often mistakenly referred to as the “third tooth”.
Q 458). What are the 20 baby teeth?
A). second molars, first molars, canines (also called canines or incisors), lateral
incisors, central incisors
Q 459). Does deciduous tree have roots?
A). Yes.
Q 460). Do molars have baby teeth?
A). Milk teeth include the central incisors, lateral incisors, canines, first molars,
and second molars.
Q 461). Why are deciduous teeth called deciduous teeth?
A). They begin to develop in early childhood and begin to emerge from the gums
about 6 months after birth.
Q462). Can molars come off?
A). The first tooth lost is usually the middle incisor. Then the first eruption of
permanent molars occurred. The last baby tooth is usually lost around the age of 12
and is a canine or second molar.
Q 463). At what age do adults lose their teeth?
A). Among adults aged 35 to , 69% have lost at least one permanent tooth. By the
age of fifty, Americans have lost an average of 12 teeth (including wisdom teeth).
In addition, in adults aged 65-7 years, 26% had lost all their teeth.
Q 464 ). What are deciduous teeth?
A). The first tooth to come in is usually the lower incisor (the lower central
Q 465). How many 12 year old teeth do you have?
A). By the age of 12 or 13, most children had lost all their deciduous teeth and had
fully developed permanent teeth.
Q 466). How many teeth should a 6 year old lose?
A). Children typically lose four upper teeth and four lower teeth between the ages
of 6 and 8
Q 467). What are the causes of double teeth?
A). Supernumerary teeth are diseases that cause teeth to grow too many in the
Q 468). Can new adult teeth come in?
A). Humans Cannot Grow New Teeth,
Q 469). Can teeth grow on the palate?
A). Mesiodens: extra teeth on the palate.
Q 470). How long does it take for a full tooth to erupt?
A). It may take up to 6 months.
Q 471). At what age do the first permanent molars erupt?
A). The first permanent molars usually appear between the ages of 6 and 7. For this
reason, it is often referred to as the “six-year molars”.
Q 472). Are premolars permanent?
A). The 20 primary teeth are replaced by 32 permanent teeth. The primary
premolars are replaced by permanent premolars (also called premolars), which
grow behind the deciduous teeth.
Q 473). Where is the most durable primary molar restoration with many jaws?
A). Dental amalgam.
Q. 474 ). Why do children need crowns?
A). For children, crowns can be used on primary (milk) teeth to save teeth that
have been damaged by decay to the point where fillings cannot be maintained.
Q 475). Why are tooth decay so common in babies?
A). Risk factors for dental caries in young children include high levels of
infections that cause tooth decay.
Q 476). What does tooth decay in children look like?
A). Childhood caries is the most common caries in children’s maxillary anterior
Q 477). Do baby teeth have nerves?
A). Decayed teeth have very large nerves and nerve channels called pulp
chambers, which are related to the size of the tooth.
Q 478). Can diabetics donate blood?
A). Yes, as long as there are no complications such as eye, blood vessel or kidney
problems and the BGL is under control.
Q 479). When did you extract your primary tooth?
A). However, if by the age of 8 the tooth has not fallen out, or if three quarters of
the permanent roots have formed, the primary tooth should be extracted.
Q 480). How does a dentist remove a child’s tooth?
A). A simple tooth extraction will involve the baby’s teeth, which are already
visible in the mouth.
Q 481) Does metformin affect sleep?
A). Yes, some sleep problems like insomnia can occur, but it can also prevent sleep
Q 482). Why did the doctor stop prescribing metformin?
A). Because it interferes with sleep.
Q483).What should not be taken with metformin?
A). Diuretics such as acetazolamide, corticosteroids such as prednisone,
antihypertensive drugs such as amlodipine (Norvasc), anticonvulsants such as the
oral contraceptive topiramate (Topamax) and antipsychotics such as
Q 484 ). Do I need to take metformin before bedtime?
A). Diabetes can be improved by controlling hyperglycemia in the morning and
controlling diabetes.
Q 485). Does Metformin Help Reduce Tummy Fat?
A). You can only lose weight with diet and exercise
Q 486) How would you feel if your blood sugar was too high?
A). The main symptoms of high blood sugar are increased thirst, hunger, and
increased urination. It also causes headaches and discomfort.
Q 487). Why does metformin cause fatigue?
A). If cells don’t get enough glucose, fatigue and weakness can occur. Metformin
helps many of these sugars move around the cells and prevents them from
accumulating to harmful levels in the blood.
Q 488). Why is metformin bad for you?
A). Metformin does not cause kidney damage, but if the kidneys are not working
properly, metformin can cause lactic acidosis.
Q 489). What if I take metformin and don’t need it?
A). Hypoglycemia can occur.
Q 490). Can Metformin Cause Cancer?
A) No.
Q 491) Can Vitamin D be taken with metformin?
A). Yes. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor.
Q 492). Is beer good for diabetics?
A). Moderate amounts can raise blood sugar levels. Too much can actually lower
your blood sugar and can drop to dangerous levels in type 1 diabetes.
Q 493). Which tea lowers blood sugar?
A). Green tea.
Q 494 ). Which soda is suitable for diabetics?
A). There is no such thing as a good soda, but diet soda may be preferred.
Q 495). Which juice is good for diabetes?
A). Carrera juice (bitter) has the effect of regulating blood sugar levels in the body.
Q 496). How long can you live with diabetes?
A). People with type 1 diabetes have a shorter life expectancy of around 20 years,
and people with type 2 diabetes have a shorter life expectancy of around 10 years.
Q 497). Is eating onions good for diabetics?
A). Lower blood sugar levels.
Q 498). Why does my blood sugar rise overnight?
A). The liver produces more glucose than the pancreas can handle. So we don’t
make enough insulin on our own at night.
Q 499). Can Diabetics Use Sprite Zero?
A). Yes, it does contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame and acesulfame
potassium, so it doesn’t raise or lower your blood sugar significantly.
Q1501). What drugs can cause dental problems?
A). Beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, diuretics, antiarrhythmics,
angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors.
Q1502). What diseases are dental problems related to?
A). Leukemia, diabetes, oral cancer, thyroid, iron deficiency anemia, TMJ
disorder, etc.
Q1503). Do blood thinners affect teeth?
A). Yes
Q1504 ). What should dental patients watch out for when using blood thinners?
A). If invasive procedures or mild surgery are required, those patients should stop
taking anticoagulants for 3 days so that blood clots form after tooth extraction.
Q1505). What if the patient didn’t tell the dentist about the use of anticoagulants?
A). If patients perform surgery without being aware of the use of anticoagulants,
blood loss may continue for a long time, blood clots may not form, and
emergencies may occur.
Q1506). Can I get treatment if I take blood thinners?
A). I have
Q1507). Can a person stop taking blood thinners?
A). If a person is taking a blood thinner, continued use of the drug reduces the risk
of heart problems, but if the first blood clot is treated, the attending physician may
stop taking the drug for a period of time.
Q1508). Which anticoagulant is most commonly used?
A). Warfarin
Q1509). How Much Should I Take Anticoagulants If I Have Heart Problems?
A). You can extend the time within 3 months if the risk of forming another blood
clot is low, otherwise according to your doctor’s recommendations.
Q1510). Do you recommend antibiotics that you can use while taking
A). Cephalexin and clindamycin can be used due to their low interaction.
Q1511). Can I use antibiotics while taking anticoagulants?
A). You can use what you think is safe, such as cephalexin or clindamycin, as
some, but not all, have significant drug interactions.
Q1512). Can dental treatment cause blood clots?
A). Yes, if the bacteria in the plaque can get into the bloodstream and form a blood
clot, it’s entirely possible.
Q1513). What to do while taking blood thinners
A). Do not take any additional medicines such as vitamins or supplements as they
can increase the risk of bleeding.
Q1514 ). Can I have a heart attack while taking anticoagulants?
A). Yes, anticoagulants prevent blood clots from forming, but they can block blood
flow to the heart and cause a stroke.
Q1515). What foods should I avoid while taking anticoagulants?
A). Broccoli, asparagus, leeks, cauliflower, spinach, parsley.
Q1516). What are the symptoms that explain the anticoagulant?
A). Nosebleeds, menorrhagia, and subcutaneous bruises that lead to purpura are no
longer present.
Q1517). Can Antibiotics Cure Sexually Transmitted Diseases?
A). There is
Q1518). Why do you feel tired while taking blood thinners?
A). Anticoagulants can reduce cell counts, causing nausea, dizziness, weakness,
and shortness of breath.
1519). Does Amoxicillin cause blood clotting?
A). No, it is more effective and increases the risk of bleeding when taken with
blood thinners.

1520). Is amoxicillin a blood thinner?
A). When used together, warfarin is more effective, but it can cause too many
blood thinners.
1521). Do blood thinners make you fat?
A). NS.
1522). Is it possible to extract in warfarin?
A). Only after stopping warfarin 2 -72 hours before extraction.
Q1523). Are there natural anticoagulants?
A). Some herbs and spices contain salicylates such as pepper, cinnamon, curry
powder, marjoram, paprika, mint and ginger.
Q1524 ). How much anticoagulant should I take?
A). Twice a day for 12 hours.
Q1525). Can aspirin be used to thin blood?
A). Yes, aspirin can be used to thin blood, but it can cause side effects such as
stomach and brain bleeding.
Q1526). Which vitamins should I avoid when taking anticoagulants?
A). Vitamin K
Q1527). How can I get a blood clot in my gums?
A). Plaques that cause periodontitis destroy the fibers that connect the gums to the
teeth, which contain bacteria that bind to platelets and form blood clots that can
cause a heart attack.
Q1528). In the case of pulmonary embolism, how long does it take for the blood
clot to dissolve?
A). As blood clots reduce, weeks or months may pass, and symptoms may begin to
Q1529). What are the signs of a blood clot in the leg?
A). Swelling, pain, pain, burning sensation, leg cramps, reddish discoloration.
Q1530). Can lemon juice be used as a blood thinner?
A). No, it just reduces swelling, lowers blood pressure, improves vascular function,
increases urinary capacity and reduces fluid retention.
Q1531). How long does it take for the blood clot to dissolve?
A). It can take weeks or months for the clot to dissolve.
Q1532). Can green tea be used as an anticoagulant?
A). Green tea contains vitamin K, so when taken with aspirin may not form blood
clots and increase anti-clotting ability.
Q1533). Can a blood test detect a blood clot?
A). Yes, the Ddimer test is used.
Q1534 ). What is the best anticoagulant for atrial fibrillation?
A). New anticoagulants such as warfarin or rival oxaban and dabigatran.
Q1535). Is caffeine an anticoagulant?
A). No, it has an anticoagulant effect.
Q1536). How can a heating pad affect blood clots?
A). In patients with DVT (deep vein thrombosis), use leg elevation, compression
stockings, and heat pads to reduce pain and swelling
Q1537). Do blood thinners cool us down?
A). n°
Q1538). Does caffeine affect blood thinners?
A). Caffeine has anticoagulant properties because it can inhibit the metabolism of
Q1539). What foods are bad for blood clot formation?
A). Eating foods rich in vitamin K, eating green leafy vegetables, and taking
warfarin can interfere with blood clots.
Q1540). Are Anticoagulants Good for the Heart?
A). Anticoagulants smooth blood flow through veins and arteries and prevent the
formation and swelling of blood clots. Therefore, it is used to treat certain types of
heart disease and heart defects.
Q1541). Can drinking too much water cause blood thinning?
A). No, drinking too much water only dilutes the electrolytes in the blood, leading
to hyponatremia. Thus, the depletion of sodium causes fluid to enter the cell and
cause it to swell.
Q1542). Can I take bananas while on warfarin?
A). Yellow bananas can be taken, but green bananas cannot be boiled or fried
because they are high in vitamin K, which can increase the blood-thinning ability
of warfarin. ..
Q1543). What is the safest anticoagulant?
A). Low doses of rival oxaban and apixaban.
Q1544 ). What is the best antibiotic for sexually transmitted diseases?
A). Two main antibiotics are used: ceftriaxone and azithromycin or doxycycline.
Q1545). Can liquid blood cause a stroke?
A). Yes, anticoagulants increase the risk of cerebral hemorrhage and can cause
hemorrhagic stroke.
Q1546). Do Anticoagulants Affect Oxygen Levels?
A). Yes, anticoagulants provide healthy blood flow to supply oxygen and nutrients.
Q1547). What problems can occur if a person has liquid blood?
A). Thin blood has problems with coagulation, scarring, and bruising.
Q1548). What problems can occur if a person’s blood is thick?
A). It can increase the risk of blood clots and blood clots which can be lifethreatening.
Q15 9). Which STD cannot be cured?
A). HIV, HPV (human papillomavirus), carmidia and trichomoniasis
Q1550). Do Anticoagulants Affect Dental Treatment?
A). Dental treatment is not affected by the use of anticoagulants, but if invasive
procedures are involved, tooth extraction can lead to uncontrolled bleeding and
should be notified to the dentist.
Q1551). Does beet thin the blood?
A). No, beetroot juice improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and
improves stamina.
Q1552). Can beer thin the blood?
A). Beer acts as an anticoagulant by preventing blood cells from sticking together
to form blood clots.
Q1553). What anticoagulants can be used in salads?
A). Eliquis prevents blood cells from agglutinating to form blood clots.
Q1554 ). Which vitamins are natural anticoagulants?
A). Vitamin E
Q1555). What drugs cause ventricular fibrillation?
A). Verapamil and digoxin
Q1556). Is Aspirin an Excellent Anticoagulant for AFI?
A). Aspirin is vulnerable to thinning blood and weakening stroke.
Q1557). What injectable drugs are used to treat atrial fibrillation?
A). Heparin
Q1558). How to detect if a blood clot is moving?
A). If a blood clot is in the arm or leg, it can cause pain and swelling, and when it
moves to the lungs, it can cause chest pain, shortness of breath, fever, or
Q1559). Can the gingival tissue be restored?
A). n.m.
Q1560). Can oral surgery cause blood clots?
A). Yes, sometimes deep vein thrombosis can occur and cause pulmonary
thrombosis after maxillofacial surgery.
Q1561). Why do blood clots form in the mouth?
A). Blood blister in the mouth caused by accidental damage to the tissues of the
Q1562). How do you know if the pain is due to a foot cramp or a blood clot?
A). Simple cramps and muscle tension are just leg pain, but thrombotic pain is
more severe with swelling and discoloration.
Q1563). Can someone die of a blood clot?
A). Yes, in deep vein thrombosis, blood clots can move to the lungs.
Q1564 ). Is the feeling of cold related to blood disorders?
A). Yes, a little brain ischemia and hypothyroidism can make you feel cold.
Q1565). Which fruit is used to thin the blood?
A). These fruits include blueberries, cherries, cranberries, grapes, oranges, plums,
raisins, strawberries and tangerines.
Q1566). Is Xarelto or Eliquis better?
A). Eliquis is better than Xarelto.
Q1567). What are the main causes of blood clots?
A). Immobility and genetic diseases can cause blood clots.
Q1568). Do you exercise thin blood?
A). Exercise has increased the benefits for patients taking anticoagulants.
Q1569). Is it possible to stop the balance?
A). Do not stop without consulting your doctor as it may increase the risk of
Q1570). Is heat or ice better for blood clots?
A). Using hot compresses as warm compresses reduces pain and swelling.
Q1571). Who needs anticoagulants?
A). This treatment is recommended for patients with atrial fibrillation and other
stroke risk factors such as aging (> 75 years old), hypertension, a history of stroke,
left ventricular dysfunction and diabetes.
Q1572). What is LVH (left ventricular hypertrophy)?
A). In iron deficiency anemia, red blood cells do not form and this can lead to
oxygen deprivation. As a result, overworked vessel walls lead to muscle thickening
and left ventricular hypertrophy.
Q1573). Can I live longer with anticoagulants?
A). Yes, it is possible if you are using anticoagulants on a regular basis.
Q1574 ). Is massage good for blood clots?
A). When treating deep vein thrombosis, it is best not to massage the area as this
can destroy the clot, but elevating the leg will help return blood from the leg vein.
Q1575). What if the platelet cell count is low?
A). A low platelet count can cause thrombocytopenia, leading to heavy bleeding
and bruising.
Q1576). Can I fly while on blood thinners?
A). Traveling for more than hours can increase the risk of blood clots forming.
Therefore, it is important to promptly use blood thinners such as warfarin and
Q1577). What is fibrinolysis?
A). Thrombolysis is the breakdown of blood clots during the healing process of
blood vessels.
Q1578). What is Christmas sickness?
A). Also known as hemophilia B or factor IX disorder, this is a disorder in which a
factor IX deficiency prevents blood clots from forming.
Q1579). Is anemia a bleeding disease?
A). There are
Q1580). Why is Christmas sickness called that?
A). Because this disease was first diagnosed in 1952 by a man named Stephen
Q1581). What is hemostasis?
A). The process of blood clotting is called hemostasis.
Q1582). Is hemorrhagic disease serious?
A) Yes, in women this disorder is more serious because it can lead to excessive
bleeding during childbirth, menorrhagia, spontaneous abortions and a risk of
Q1583). What is factor IX in the blood?
A). Proteins that are produced naturally in the body help in the formation of blood
Q1584 ). What is a bleeding disorder?
A). Bleeding disorders are a group of disorders that share a common ability to form
blood clots.
Q1585). How do i know if i have diabetes?
A). Type 2 diabetes is a common condition that causes high blood sugar. Early
signs and symptoms include frequent urination, increased thirst, fatigue and
hunger, vision problems, delayed healing,
Q1586). What is the stage of hemostasis?
A). The three stages are vasoconstriction, platelet knot formation, and coagulation,
where coagulation factors promote fibrin clot formation.
Q1587). Can hemophilia be inherited from my parents?
A). Yes, it’s a hereditary disease.
Q1588). How to investigate bleeding disorders?
A). Check bleeding time, check complete blood count (complete blood count),
check platelet aggregation.
Q1589). What part of the blood is responsible for clotting?
A) Platelets are used to clot the blood.
Q1590). Which hemophilia is the most serious?
A). Hemophilia A
Q1591). Which vitamins are suitable for blood clotting?
A). Vitamin K
Q1592). What does spontaneous bleeding mean?
A). This means that patients with hemophilia can bleed spontaneously without
external factors.
Q1593). What can happen if the blood is too loose?
A). Nosebleeds, increased menstruation, and bruising under the skin cause purpura.
Q1594 ). What are the three types of hemophilia?
A). Hemophilia A, B and c.
Q1595). Do you have children with haemophilia?
A). Yes. However, if the mother is a carrier of haemophilia, the baby could be born
with haemophilia.
Q1596). Does hemophilia get better spontaneously?
A). No, people with this condition bleed for longer than usual and can sometimes
be fatal.
Q1597). Which hormone causes the blood to clot?
A). Thrombin converts fibrinogen to fibrin.
Q1598). Why did the royal family marry a cousin?
A). “Cousin marriage” is the marriage of two people who are related to each other
in the previous generation. Therefore, in order to maintain stability, the royal
family believes it will strengthen its relationship with the next generation.
Q1599). Why is hemophilia more common in men?
A). Hemophilia always progresses with factor x and males inherit only one x
chromosome from their parents. Therefore, men are more susceptible to
Q1600). Can hemophilia be passed from father to daughter?
A). Yes
Q1601). What is Oral Cancer?
A). Cancer that begins in the tissues of the oral cavity (mouth) or pharynx (the part
of the pharynx behind the mouth) is called oral cancer.
Q1602). What Causes Oral Cancer?
A). Smoking, smokeless tobacco, Bethelquid, excessive alcohol consumption,
excessive sun exposure of the lips, radiation, iron deficiency, vitamin A deficiency,
Candida infection, carcinogenic virus, immunodeficiency, etc.
Q1603). Who is most affected by oral cancer?
A). Lip cancer is the most common form of oral cancer that mainly affects men.
Q1604 ). Why do patients ignore oral cancer early?
A). In the beginning, oral cancer rarely causes pain. The abnormal cell
proliferation usually presents as a flat plaque. The pain from an ulcer resembles an
ulcer and usually has depression in the center.
Q1605). What is a non-smoking area?
A). Non-smoking area is a non-smoking area.
Q1606). What is the most common oral cancer in India?
A). Squamous cell carcinoma.
Q1607). Will oral cancer spread immediately?
A). Correct.
Q1608). Can oral cancer be completely cured?
A). If detected and treated early, the disease can be cured.
Q1609). What are the symptoms of oral cancer?
A). Numbness, pain / pain, persistent pain in the face, neck or mouth, difficulty
chewing or swallowing, speaking or moving the jaw or tongue, hoarseness or
change of voice, pain in the ears, weight loss, etc.
Q1610). What color is oral cancer?
A). Grayish-white spots from red or white spots.
Q1611). What is the location of nasopharyngeal cancer in the mouth?
A). Tongue, floor of the mouth, bilateral mucosa, lips, palate, labial mucosa, gums,
Q1612). Is Oral Cancer a Ferocious Person?
A). Yes, if it is not treated.
Q1613). What foods are suitable for people with oral cancer?
A). This includes plenty of fruits and vegetables (at least 5 servings a day), whole
grains and breads, lean meats (chicken, turkey, fish), and low-fat dairy products.
Q1614 ). What is the stage of oral cancer?
A). four.
Q1615). What is stage I oral cancer?
A). If the tumor is less than 2 cm. There was no metastasis or lymph node
Q1616). What is stage II oral cancer?
A). When the size of the tumor is 2- cm. It is in diameter and has no lymph node
metastases or metastases.
Q1617). What is stage III oral cancer?
A). If the tumor is larger than cm. If there is a diameter and there are no lymph
node metastases and metastases, or if the tumor is 2- cm. Diameter with but
without lymph node metastases.
Q1618). What is stage IV oral cancer?
A). If the tumor is larger than cm. The diameter is related to adjacent structures and
lymph nodes and metastases.
Q1619). What is the most common staging method to identify oral cancer?
A). TNM stage.
Q1620). What is the meaning of TNM staging?
A). Tumor
N Local lymph node metastasis
M Metastasis
Q1621). What is metastasis?
A). This is the spread of cancer cells from where they originally formed to other
parts of the body.
Q1622). Is stage 1 oral cancer curable?
A). Yes.
Q1623). Will stage oral cancer heal?
A) No, due to the poor prognosis.
Q1624 ). How is oral cancer treated?
A). By surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.
Q1625). Can kissing spread oral cancer?
A). No
Q1626). Is oral cancer painful?
A). It didn’t hurt at first, but then it hurt.
Q1627). Is oral cancer contagious?
A). No
Q1628). Can cancer go away on its own?
A). I’m not.
Q1629). What are the first signs of oral cancer?
A). Difficulty chewing or swallowing, lumps or pain in the mouth, throat or lips,
white or red spots on the mouth.
Q1630). What is the typical age of oral cancer?
A). 50-70
Q1631). Is oral cancer life threatening?
A). Yes, oral cancer can be life-threatening if not diagnosed and treated early.
Q1632). What is the best way to detect oral cancer?
A). biopsy.
Q1633). What is the last stage of oral cancer?
A). Stage IV.
Q1634 ). What is the survival rate for untreated oral cancer?
A). 5 years.
Q1635). How to detect oral cancer?
A). By physical examination and biopsy.
Q1636). What is a biopsy?
A). It is a tissue sample taken from the body for closer examination.
Q1637). Does a biopsy mean cancer?
A). No
Q1638). How is a biopsy done?
A). Biopsy is done in different ways. Some biopsies remove a small amount of
tissue with a needle, while others surgically remove a suspicious mass or the entire
Q1639). Can a biopsy indicate the stage of the cancer?
A). Yes, on microscopic examination.
Q1640). How long does the biopsy procedure take?
A). 10:15.
Q1641). How does a biopsy identify cancer?
A). During a biopsy, doctors take a small amount of tissue and examine it under a
microscope to help find cancer.
Q1642). Can the person go to work after the biopsy?
A). You can walk on the day of the biopsy, but it should be kept to a minimum.
Q1643). How many days does it take to get a biopsy result?
A). The 23.
Q1644 ). What is a biopsy for?
A). A biopsy examines the area of abnormal tissue, lesion, tumor, or mass.
Q1645). Are biopsies dangerous?
A). Although unusual, medical procedures that involve skin lesions carry a risk of
infection and bleeding.
Q1646). Will a biopsy leave a scar?
A). Yes, all biopsies cause scarring.
Q1647). What is the type of biopsy?
A). Special biopsy, incision biopsy, puncture biopsy, frozen section biopsy, needle
biopsy, frozen section biopsy, brush biopsy, FNAC, carcass cell biopsy.
Q1648). What is an endoscopic biopsy?
A). The entire lesion or mass is removed and examined.
Q1649). What is an incision biopsy?
A). In this sample, suspicious tissue is cut (shredded) from the mass and removed
for diagnostic purposes.
Q1650). Can a biopsy metastasize the cancer?
A). No
Q1651). What are the health risks of smoking?
A). Tobacco can cause oral cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease, and more.
Q1652) How does smoking affect oral health?
A). The chemicals in tobacco affect the flow of saliva in the mouth, making it
easier for bacteria from the mouth to attach to the teeth and gums.
Q1653). Is tobacco good for the teeth?
A). No
Q1654 ). How does smoking affect the lungs?
A). Smoking can cause lung disease by damaging the airways and the small air
sacs (alveoli) in the lungs. COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer.
Q1655). Why is smoking harmful?
A). Tobacco contains many chemicals, including nicotine, which is carcinogenic
and affects mainly the inner walls of the mouth, heart, liver and lungs.
Q1656). ). What does it mean to sting?
A). Throbbing toothache that indicates possible tooth damage can also occur if
there is an infection in or around the gums.
Q1657). ). Why do you have a toothache?
A). Toothache caused by pulpitis includes nerve endings that are very susceptible
to tooth decay, trauma, and pain that can be caused by an infection.
Q1658). Can i relieve toothache by brushing my teeth?
A). First, brush your teeth gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush, the right
toothpaste will remove bacteria and plaque, reducing toothache.
Q1659). Which acupressure relieves toothache?
A). It is located between your thumb and index finger. You can find it by placing
your thumb next to the joint of the second index.
Q1660). ). Is fever good for our toothache?
A). If you have an infection, a fever can trigger the infection and cause more
Q1661). Does acute toothache mean infection?
A). Toothache ranges from mild to severe and can be a sign of a tooth abscess, a
pus-filled lesion at the base of the tooth, and an infection.
Q1662). Which is better, hot or cold toothache?
A). Cold
Q1663). Need to break a tooth abscess?
A). Pus can usually be drained and can save teeth if it is not badly broken. If left
untreated, an abscess can rupture in the skin and mouth.
Q1664 ). Do upper teeth hurt lower teeth?
A). Yes, pain in the upper teeth is very similar to pain in the lower teeth.
Q1665). Is ice cream good for toothaches?
A). Ice packs or ice packs can help relieve toothache, especially if it is caused by
an injury or swelling of the gums.
Q1666). How to clean your lungs from cigarettes?
A). Sauna therapy, controlled cough, exercise, drinking green tea, etc.
Q1667). Is chewing tobacco bad for the lungs?
A). correct.
Q1668). Does chewing tobacco affect sperm count?
A). Yes, to some extent.
Q1669). How long does chewing tobacco last in your body?
A). Usually, nicotine takes 1 to 3 days after stopping a tobacco product, and
cotinine takes 1 to 10 days.
Q1670). Is smoking harmful to my gums and teeth?
A). Yes, it causes tartar and plaque buildup, causing gingival and periodontitis.
1671). What is alveolar lavage?
A). This is a technique used to remove surfactants that have accumulated in the
lungs. Also known as alveolar lavage.
Q1672). Can chewing tobacco cause breathing problems?
A). Yes
Q1673). Do all tobacco users have cancer?
A). No, but it is more common among smokers than non-users.
Q1674 ). Does chewing tobacco damage the brain?
A). Yes, nicotine works in the brain by stimulating the adrenal glands to secrete the
hormone epinephrine (adrenaline) and by increasing the levels of dopamine, a
chemical messenger.
Q1675). Is chewing tobacco bad for asthma?
A). Correct.
Q1676). How long will the symptoms of chewing tobacco withdrawal last?
A). Withdrawal symptoms don’t last long. Symptoms are strongest during the first
week and the worst ends after 2 weeks. After a month, the person feels better than
Q1677). Does Quitting Smoking Help Your Teeth?
A). Yes, there is a significant improvement in gum health after you quit smoking.
Q1678). Why is smoking bad for your mouth?
A). Since tobacco contains nicotine, it reduces the flow of saliva, affects the gums
and oral tissues, and can sometimes lead to oral cancer.
Q1679). How many cigarettes do you smoke per day?
A). People who smoke more than 25 cigarettes or less than 25 cigarettes per day.
Q1680. Are one or two cigarettes a day bad for you?
A). Yes, even one cigarette a day has serious health consequences like heart attack
and stroke.
Q1681). What are the benefits of stopping chewing tobacco?
A). It has no tobacco stains, white or gray spots in its mouth, and lowers the risk of
cancer, heart disease, and other serious health problems.
Q1682). How to stop chewing tobacco?
A). Switch to a brand with less nicotine, reduce the number of sauces per day,
stock up on other things to eat, and get rid of all snuffs and chews from your home
or car.
Q1683). What are the effects of chewing tobacco during pregnancy?
A). Reproductive and developmental risks. Using smokeless tobacco during
pregnancy can increase the risk of preterm labor or stillbirth.
Q1684 ). What foods remove nicotine from your body?
A). Fruits and vegetables, ginseng tea, milk and dairy products, sugar-free gum and
mint, etc.
Q1685). Does drinking water help with nicotine withdrawal?
A). Water helps to remove residual nicotine from the body and keeps the body well
Q1686). Does chewing tobacco lower testosterone?
A). correct.
Q1687). Why is it difficult to stop chewing tobacco?
A). Too much nicotine in the blood makes people addicted to tobacco, making it
difficult to quit chewing tobacco.
Q1688). How many cigarettes are heavy a day?
A). More than 25 cigarettes a day.
Q1689). Does smoking really relieve stress?
A). No
Q1690). Does smoking accelerate the spread of cancer?
A). Yes, nicotine plays an important role in the spread of cancer.
Q1691). What is the lethal dose of nicotine?
A). 50-60 milligrams.
Q1692). Is nicotine a natural part of tobacco?
A). Nicotine is a natural tobacco product found on the leaves of the Nicotiana
rusticam plant in quantities ranging from 0.5 to 7.5, depending on the variety.
Q1693). What is the most aggressive cancer?
A). lung cancer.
Q1694 ). When is World No Tobacco Day celebrated?
A). May 31
Q1695. Why is World No Tobacco Day celebrated?
A). WHO established World No Tobacco Day in order to draw the worldwide
attention to the tobacco epidemic and the preventable deaths and illnesses it causes.
Q1696). What is the theme of Quit Smoking Day 2020?
A). The theme of World No Tobacco Day 2020 is “Protecting young people from
industrial manipulation and blocking the use of tobacco and nicotine”.
Q1697). Which day is celebrated as a tobacco-free day?
A). Quit Smoking Day is held on the second Wednesday of March each year to
help smokers who want to quit.
Q1698). What is the symbol of smoking cessation?
A). Smoking cessation signs usually include the smoking cessation symbol in a red
no-smoking circle cut out of black cigarettes.
Q1699). Why are smoking cessation signs important?
A). Smoking cessation signals play an important role in preventing smokers from
smoking in the workplace or workplace. Helps improve air quality and ease of
Q1700). What percentage of blood is platelets?
A). Less than 1%.
Q1701) What factors are involved in coagulopathy?
A). Hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, liver failure, platelet dysfunction,
disseminated intravascular coagulation.
Q1702). Is pain from blood clots constant?
A). You will feel pain when you stand or walk. As a result, they may have a
persistent, throbbing sensation that resembles a leg cramp.
Q1703). What is the maximum number of cells in the blood?
A). RBC (red blood cells) or red blood cells.
Q1704 ). Why do dentists wear aligners?
A). Masks and gloves protect the dental team from contact with blood, saliva,
mucus, and other bodily fluids that contain viruses and bacteria that can transmit
Q1705) What foods break up blood clots?
A). Various foods such as turmeric, ginger, garlic and grape seed extract.
Q1706). Which genetic disease causes blood clotting problems?
A). Factor V Leiden thrombosis is a hereditary blood coagulation disorder.
Q1707). Why do people with liver disease tend to bleed?
A). The liver is the main producer of coagulation factors that regulate blood
coagulation, making patients with liver disease more susceptible to bleeding.
Q1708). How many coagulation factors are there?
A). 12
Q1709). What is Hemophilia B?
A). Haemorrhagic disease caused by a deficiency in coagulation factor IX. This is
an inherited disease in which blood clotting does not form properly.
Q1710). Why do women have low hemophilia?
A). Women must inherit two copies of the defective gene (one from each of their
parents) to develop hemophilia A, B or C.
Q1711). How is hemophilia caused?
A). Hemophilia is caused by mutations in one of the genes that provide instructions
for making the clotting factor proteins needed to form blood clots.
Q1712). Can hepatitis B be completely cured?
A). Correct. However, only chronic hepatitis should be treated in the acute phase.
Q1713). How is hemophilia detected?
A). Since hemophilia is an inherited disease, blood tests to look for a family
history and the presence of blood factors can detect the presence of hemophilia.
Q1714 ). What is factor VII used for?
A). It is a class of serine protease enzymes that induce coagulation in the
coagulation cascade.
Q1715). Can hemophiliacs donate blood?
A). No, hemophiliacs need to protect their veins.
Q1716) What is factor 7?
A). An unstable factor, coagulation factor VIIa, is an activated coagulation factor
VII, formerly known as procombatin.
Q1717). Factor VII hemophilia?
A). The factor VII deficiency gene (factor VII deficiency) is found on autosomal
chromosomes (chromosomes that are not sex chromosomes). So it’s not
Q1718). What are the conditions for excluding blood donation?
A). People with an active cancer epidemic due to serious diseases such as HIV,
diabetes, kidney and heart disease can be excluded from organ donation.
Q1719). Can a person with a blood disorder become an organ donor?
A). Yes, after death, this person can donate any organ.
Q1720). How can a hot bath help relieve menstrual cramps?
A). Warm baths stimulate blood circulation and relieve menstrual cramps and
muscle tension,
Q1721). What diets should I exclude during menstruation?
A). Foods high in salt, sugar, alcohol, nicotine, carbohydrates and fats.
Q1722). Which diet should I supplement during my period?
A). Plenty of water, ginger, leafy vegetables, fruit, turmeric, dark chocolate, fish
and chicken.
Q1723). What is the best treatment for hemophilia?
A). In replacement therapy, clotting factor VIII or factor IX concentrates may be
given slowly or intravenously to replace deficiencies or small amounts of these
Q1724 ). How can you prevent hemophilia?
A). Protect your baby from injury by developing healthy habits such as good oral
hygiene, regular physical activity, the use of blood thinners and pain relievers, and
immunity by eating a healthy diet.
Q1725). Do women with haemophilia have periods?
A). Yes, carrier women bleed profusely, but less severely, patients with mild
hemophilia also lead normal lives.
Q1726). Does hemophilia get worse with age?
A). Yes, because immunity decreases with age.
Q1727). What organs are affected by hemophilia?
A). Bleeding in the head, affecting the joints and brain causes joint pain and can
lead to seizure paralysis and death.
Q1728). What is factor 13 disability?
A). Factor 13 helps stabilize blood clots. Therefore, its deficiency can lead to
bleeding disorders.
Q1729). What can I donate other than blood?
A). Organs, tissues, blood stem cells, platelets, cord blood, bone marrow, blood.
Q1730). What type of cells is the factor 13 made of?
A). A human factor XIII subunit produced primarily by platelets and other cells
derived from the bone marrow.
Q1731). Where is factor 12 generated?
A). Liver
Q1732). What organs can I donate?
A). Heart, liver, kidney, lung, pancreas, small intestine. Tissues such as corneas,
veins, heart valves, and bones can also be donated.
Q1733). Do I have to donate blood or platelets?
A). Donor platelets alone can produce more numbers than donated whole blood.
Q1734 ). Which organs are transplanted most often?
A). Kidney
Q1735). Why can’t I get my brain transplant?
A). As for the immune response, because it is the way to protect our body against
pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.
Q1736). Is blood type important for donating platelets?
A). NS.
Q1737). What is the yellow blood group?
A). The blood group is completely deficient in Rh factor.
Q1738). What is the rarest blood type?
A). AB
Q1739). What is the healthiest blood type?
A). Or blood type because of low risk of heart disease.
Q1740). What is the most common blood type?
A). Or
Q1741). Which blood group is the universal recipient?
A). AB
Q1742). Which blood group is the universal donor?
A). Cell
Q1743). Who can donate blood to a person with blood type A?
A). This type of person may receive blood from type A or type O red blood cells.
Q1744 ). Which blood type do you need for platelets?
A). Donor AB platelets can be used for all patients who need them.
Q1745). Which blood group is most susceptible to cancer?
A). People with blood type B have a 72% higher risk of cancer.
Q1746). Does the child still have the father’s blood type?
A). No, this is not always necessary.
Q1747). Does your baby still have his father’s blood type?
A). No, a child can have the same blood type as their parents, but siblings can have
different blood types.

Q1748). Can your blood type change?
A). An individual’s blood type remains the same throughout life, but changes in the
case of bone marrow transplants and the supplementation or removal of antigens in
infections, malignant tumors, and auto disorders. immune.
Q1749). How to test your blood type?
A). With the help of saliva with a blood group kit or fluid test.
Q1750). What does it mean if your blood type is AB?
A). Red blood cells have both A and B antigens, but plasma does not contain antiA / anti-B antibodies. People with blood type AB can receive any blood type ABO.
Q1751). Which blood type is dangerous for pregnancy?
A). IgG antibodies can cross the placenta and destroy the baby’s red blood cells.
This causes Rh disease, which is dangerous for the toenails.
Q1752). What if I have the wrong blood type?
A). Serious reactions can occur and the body can form antibodies that attack new
blood cells.
Q1753) Which blood group is a universal donor?
A). Cell
Q1754 ). Do the pads need to be joined?
A). Platelets or plasma should not be transfused unless the platelets appear to
contain red blood cells.
Q1755). When is the Rh blood group negative?
A). Women with Rh-negative blood groups prevent their body from making
antibodies against Rh-positive blood groups.
Q1756). Can a husband and wife have the same blood type?
A). Yes, blood type compatibility for marriage only limits the possibility of Rh
factor incompatibility during pregnancy.
Q1757). Which parent determines the child’s blood type?
A). Blood type inherited from both parents.
Q1758). Which blood group is the common recipient?
A). AB
Q1759). Who can donate platelets?
A). Healthy people over 16 years old weighing over 55 kg..
Q1760). Is positive B blood good?
A). B-positive is an important blood group for treating people with sickle cell
anemia and thalassemia who need frequent blood transfusions.
Q1761). Which blood group is most susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease?
A). AB
Q1762). Which blood group is rarely present?
A). O blood group is rarely found, but AB blood group is the rarest.
Q1763). What does blood group A mean?
A). This means that the blood contains type A antigens in the presence of a protein
called rhesus factor (Rh).
Q1764 ). What is the oldest blood type?
A). A
Q1765). What is the healthiest blood group?
A). People with this blood type have the lowest risk of heart disease, hence the
ABO blood group.
Q1766). Can I get hepatitis B from my dentist?
A). No, HBV infection is primarily caused by sexual activity or intravenous drug
Q1767). How can a father decide?
A). By blood analysis and DNA testing ..
Q1768). Is Rh blood group good or bad?
A). The absence of Rh does not represent a disease or illness, but we are fortunate
that only pregnancy is affected.
Q1769). Why can’t women donate platelets?
A). Pregnant women are more likely to have antibodies to human leukocyte
antigen (HLA), which can cause side effects in patients receiving blood.
Q1770). What is the procedure for donating platelets?
A). Whole blood is drawn from one arm into the sterilizer inside the cell separator.
Blood separator to collect platelets and plasma only.
Q1771). Are Platelet Donations Harmful?
A). All you need to start donating is a small needle. When the platelet donor
recovered the oxygen-carrying red blood cells, the donor reported less fatigue than
after donating blood.
Q1772). How do I check my blood type at home?
A). At home, a blood type test is used to puncture the finger with a blade and draw
a drop of blood on special paper. The area where the blood collects or spills
coincides with the area where the instructions are attached.
Q1773). What Foods Should I Eat Before Giving Platelets?
A). Avoid fatty foods like ice cream and burgers for iron-rich foods like spinach,
fish, poultry, raisins, and iron-rich grains.
Q1774 ). Which blood group is the mildest?
A). Type O
Q1775). What are the side effects of platelet donation?
A). Nausea, irritability, malaise due to changes in blood pressure, anticoagulant
effect on calcium levels and problems with venous access.
Q1776). Which blood group shouldn’t get married?
A). If one of your partners needs a blood transfusion, a compatible blood type can
be helpful. People who do not have compatible blood types cannot donate blood to
each other.
Q1777). Are calories burned after platelet donation?
A). Yes, some calories are lost after platelet donation, but no weight loss is seen.
Q1778). What should I do after donating platelets?
A). Leave the bandage on for at least hours and do not engage in strenuous
activities for 2 hours. Also, avoid drinking alcohol.
Q1779). How long should I drink water after donating platelets?
A). To prevent hypotension and replenish plasma and platelets, it is convenient to
drink extra fluids for 8 hours, and red blood cells are replaced for 56 days.
Q1780). Is there any effect on the mouth when donating platelets?
A). The donation of platelets for each blood sample causes a tingling sensation in
the lips and nose, as a small amount of anticoagulant is mixed in the tube and
returned to the donor.
Q1781). After how lots time platelet donation can be repeated?
A). After 7 days.
Q1782). How lots iron is lost when blood is donated?
A). 220250 mg of iron, but in case of electricity purple donation double the
amount of iron is lost about 70 mg of iron that is replaced in nearly 67 months.
Q1783). am i able to supply more of blood in less period of time?
A). sure, with a strength red donation, you can provide almost two times the
quantity of crimson cells and assist more patients
Q1784 ). What are health benefits of donating blood?
A).fitness benefits encompass precise health and decreased threat of most
cancers and hemochromatosis. It helps in reducing the threat of damage to liver,
pancreas and coronary heart thereby reducing obesity.
Q1785). What are the side results of donating plasma?
A). Dehydration, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, contamination, arterial puncture and
Q1786). Which blood organization is more common in world?
A). O kind blood organization is most not unusual in world and B
is extra common in India.
Q1787). Which assessments are carried out before donating blood?
A). Hepatitis B (HBsAg), Hepatitis C, Syphilis, anti HTLVI II, anti HIV 1and2,
Q1788). when does blood modifications coloration?
A). After a blow, blood leaks into the tissues main hemoglobin to loose oxygen
and as a result is decomposed to a inexperienced pigment known as billiverdin and
then to yellow pigment (bilirubin).
Q1789). Can ingesting alcohol save you someone from donating blood?
A). yes, consuming a night before donating blood could make the plasma
milky therefore blood checks save you the character from donating blood.
Q1790). Can thyroid sufferers get pregnant?
A). yes, if degree is managed and right remedy is followed,
a healthy pregnancy can exist.
Q1791). Can a person on medications donate blood?
A). sure, except certain medicinal drugs like immunosuprresants
and patient receiving radioactive iodine therapy and thyroid affected
person with uncontrolled degree of thyroid and so forth.
Q1792).Can diabetics donate blood?
A). sure, if diabetes ids managed and character is healthy, blood may be donated.
Q1793). Can a smoker donate blood?
A). sure, most effective if someone abandons to smoke a day earlier than and
3 hours after donating the blood.
Q1794 ). Can hypothyroidism be cured?
A). it is able to be treated however not completely cured
as sometimes in conditions like hashimoto ‘s thyroiditis, white blood cells make
antibodies which can attack thyroid gland.
Q1795).How can orange juice compensate for blood loss?
A). It enables in manufacturing of vitamin c which helps in absorption of
iron wealthy ingredients which we devour. additionally this may helpto build iron
in crimson blood cells.
Q1796). How is blood stored after donation?
A). After donation blood is classified and saved. purple cells in fridges at
6b degrees and for two days, platelets at room temp in agitators for 5 days and
plasma and cryo are frozen in freezers for a yr.
Q1797). Why ought to diabetes not soak their toes?
A). excessive sugar degrees may additionally cause terrible blood stream and
nerve damage leading to foot problems.
Q1798). What causes excessive BP?
A). Smoking, overweight, strain, hereditary factors, too much alcohol or
salt consumption and so forth.
Q1799). What are the symptoms of diabetic foot?
A). Swelling, color change, numbness of feet tingling sensation or loss of sensation
in ft, cracks among toes and slow healing of sores.
Q1800). How long does nicotine stay in the blood?
A).It relies upon on genetics, nicotine will go away blood inside 1 to three days
after stoppage of the use of tobacco, and cotinine could be long gone after 1 to
ten days.
Q1801). what’s the iron rich drink?
A). Orange juice( without sugar), diet c supplements, beetroot and carrot juice.
Q1802). Can anemia cause mouth and dental problems?
A). sure
Q1803). What form of mouth dental and oral sicknesses can arise with anemia?
A). soreness, reduced number and length of flavor buds, infections, ulcers,
discoloration, burning tongue and mouth
Q1804 ). How does iron deficiency have an effect on the enamel?
A). it can reason iron deficiency anemia, and vitamin B defieciency anemia,
early prone to teeth decay, gum sicknesses, ulcers and sicknesses related to tongue.
Q1805). What elements can purpose iron to be absorbed in lesser portions?
A). Tea, espresso, crimson wine, calcium wealthy foods and calcium dietary
supplements and a few soyabean –primarily based meals.
Q1806). How can iron levels be checked at domestic?
A). via getting the finger pricked and accumulating few drops of blood or
blood accumulated from the vein can be used to check the
hemoglobin ranges which shows iron degrees.
Q1807). How does anemia affects our enamel?
A). risk of periodontitis and gum sicknesses, infection of tongue known
as glossitis etc.
Q1808). tooth damage due to loss of which vitamin?
A). vitamin D as its deficiency ends in dental caries, subsequently tooth can
also damage, chip or crack without problems.
Q1809). What are the aspect outcomes of iron deficiency?
A). Dizziness, aching pain, fast heartbeat, fainting, extended temperature,
sweating, headache, nausea and vomiting, tingling of hand and toes. metal taste,
rashes and swelling of mouth.
Q1810). whilst can teeth end up brittle?
A). ingesting something hard, stressful chew, diet d
deficiency, vintage, huge amalgam
fillings, wherein the last shape of herbal enamel turns into brittle through the years.
Q1811). Which culmination are richest sources of iron?
A). Prune juice, olives and mulberries.
Q1812). If broken tooth is left untreated, what takes place?
A). micro organism may also get amassed within
the damaged tooth leading to contamination or abscess.
Q1813).What happens if iron deficiency takes place?
A). Anemia is prompted because of deficiency in hemoglobin main to tissues
and muscle tissues no longer getting enough oxygen to paintings correctly.
Q1814 ). Is banana wealthy in iron?
A). sure, except iron, bananas are rich in folic acid and nutrition B12.
Q1815). What does metallic taste in mouth method?
A). it’s far an bizarre or impaired feel of flavor, or an ugly alteration
of taste sensation referred to as dysguesia.
Q1816). what’s the type of iron deficiency anemia?
A). slight (tiers of 1210g/dl), mild (seventy nine.nine g/dl)
and intense (degrees much less than 7g/dl).
Q1817). what is the cause of bad taste in mouth?
A). terrible dental hygiene, not brushing and flossing thereby inflicting gingivitis,
infections, abscesses and understanding tooth coming may result
in unpleasant flavor sensation.
Q1818). Does iron deficiency result in weight gain?
A). sure, due to under interest of thyroid gland, iron deficiency may result
in weight benefit.
Q1819). What are the tiers of anemia because of iron deficiency?
A). Pre- latent, latent and iron deficiency anemia.
Q1820). Can mouth respiratory reason steel flavor?
A). yes, mouth respiratory may additionally lead to dehydration which may
also motive steel taste.
Q1821). Why do enamel get greater brittle with age?
A). With the increasing age, mouth begins getting dry which might
also purpose brittleness as saliva enables to easy tooth and protects the mouth from
Q1822). Which nut is richest in iron content?
A). Pistachio nuts.
Q1823). Which vitamins are suitable for teeth?
A). Vit A, calcium, phosphorus and Vit D are proper for
the ordinary development of enamel.
Q1824). How does vit D deficiency influences dental health?
A). Vit D enables in absorption of calcium, thereby stopping underdevelopment
of tooth, teeth decay and gum illnesses.
Q1825). How can iron degrees be raised quick?
A). by using consuming well to boom iron absorption this demand may be fulfilled
like consuming green leafy veggies, taking vit c rich meals, meat, cooking in iron
skillet, rescheduling tea/coffee consumption timings and so on.
Q1826). Which ingredients act as iron blockers?
A). Calcium rich ingredients like milk, yogurt, cheese, sardines, canned salmon,
tofu, broccoli, almonds results in inhibition in iron absorption.
Q1827). Which meals should be averted at some stage in iron deficiency anemia?
A). Tea, coffee ,a few dairy merchandise like milk, complete grain
cereals, food rich in gluten, grapes, corn and many others.
Q1828). Is oatmeal proper source of iron?
A). yes it’s miles wealthy source of iron, fiber, magnesium and zinc.
Q1829). What are the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia?
A). Shortness of breath, chest soreness, palpations, or feeling faintness.
Q1830). Does anemia affects hunger?
A). sure, starvation for ordinary materials together with paper, ice,
or dust (a circumstance known as percent) may additionally arise.
Q1831). How does iron deficiency affect mental fitness?
A). Iron deficiency or anemia sufferers can enjoy psychological signs, such
as tension, irritability, melancholy, and a lower in cognitive skills like loss
of concentration.
Q1832). How does anemia inhibits in loosing weight?
A). Deficiency of iron may additionally cause lack of oxygen for this
reason cannot burn fats with out sufficient oxygen circulating via our blood move.
Q1833). How lengthy after taking iron you’ll sense higher?
A). Few days to few months.
Q1834).Does iron deficiency impacts metabolism?
A). sure, low iron tiers inhibit oxygen go with the flow to muscle tissues and
tissues thereby lowering metabolism.
Q1835). How low can hemoglobin move before dying occurs?
A). Hemoglobin levels can get as little as eight g/dl before dying occurs.
Q1836). Can anemia become leukemia?
A). No, the form of blood cells which are concerned determines the kind
of leukemia. a few forms of leukemia are acute and development fast even
as anemia is prompted due to loss of hemoglobin.
Q1837). How lengthy after taking iron will I experience better?
A). Iron deficiency anemia is induced because of lack of iron and anemia
is brought on because of lack of hemoglobin and iron.
Q1838).Can low iron tiers purpose tension?
A). yes, due to lack of oxygen.
Q1839). Is metallic taste a sign of most cancers?
A). yes, cancer may cause a metallic flavor however other diseases like liver and
kidney troubles, out of control diabetes can also reason the identical.
Q1840). which kind of most cancers produces steel taste in mouth?
A). Can chemotherapy medications can also purpose metal flavor. Dysguesia or
altered taste like metallic may be brought on due to a disease of the nerves
that manage flavor sensations.
Q1841). How does a cancer medicinal drug produce altered taste in mouth?
A). Chemotherapy and radiation treatment may irritate the taste buds
in some human beings main to altered taste.
Q1842). Can liver problems produce a bitter flavor in mouth?
A). sure, liver issues like Hepatitis B might also produce bitter taste in mouth.
Q1843). Is terrible flavor in mouth a signal of diabetes?
A). yes, extra ketones in mouth can motive candy, fruity smell and taste in
mouth main to a situation known as diabetic ketoacidosis.
Q1844). How can the metallic flavor in mouth be conquer?
A). by using chewing sugar free chewing gum, brushing enamel, staying
hydrated, warding off cigarettes and using non metal utensils and cookware.
Q1845). What causes surprising exchange in taste?
A). critical problems like mind tumor may additionally result in unexpected lack
of taste sensation.
Q1846). what is position of Vit D in treating gum sicknesses?
A). nutrition D ranges can lower infection and affect oral microbes related
to gum sickness consequently improving periodontitis.
Q1847). How can anemia affect teeth?
A). Anemia might also motive sores, decreased number and length of tastebuds,
burning tongue and mouth, discoloration, and oral infections.
Q1848). Which nutrition enables in enhancing gum health?
A). Vit c facilitates in collagen synthesis and act as an anticoagulant
thereby preserving the gums healthy.
Q1849). Which ingredients can inhibit iron absorption?
A). Calcium-rich ingredients, calcium supplements and a few soybean-based foods
Q1850). Is carrot wealthy in iron?
A). sure, if eaten in big portions.
Q1851). How severe is being anemic?
A). Tiredness, weakness, shortness of breath, headache and lethargy
and hunger may occasionally lead to most important organ damage.
Q1852). What inhibits iron absorption?
A). An intestinal sickness, which include celiac disease,
which affects intestine’s capacity to soak up vitamins from digested meals, can lead
to iron deficiency anemia.
Q1853). Can iron deficiency anemia have an effect on hormones?
A). yes iron is needed for the manufacturing of thyroid stimulating hormone,
and hence its deficiency can affect TSH levels.
Q1854).Which foods should be prevented at the same time as on iron supplements?
A). Milk or antacids.
Q1855). Is reminiscence associated with low iron?
A). Iron deficiency can also lead
to terrible reminiscence or terrible cognitive competencies (intellectual feature) and
might bring about terrible performance at faculty or paintings and also motive low
Q1856). Is spinach wealthy in iron?
A). sure, spinach is rich in iron along side vit B12, folic
acid, electricity boosting vitamins.
Q1857). How immune device may be boosted fast?
A). end smoking and
alcohol, eating fruits and greens, workout regularly, adequate sleep,
washing arms regularly and so forth.
Q1858). Why do I don’t regain electricity even after taking iron drugs?
A ). Concentrations of iron performed by means of food isn’t much
like those in general tablets, for this reason can damage cells in blood
vessels where there aren’t enough pink blood cells which makes us sense wornout and breathless.
Q1859). Does rubbing a gold ring show iron deficiency?
A). yes, it is believed that low iron changes frame’s ph if it is acidic and leaves a
mark at the pores and skin.
Q1860). Can a person be iron poor and no longer anemic?
A). yes, low iron means blood is deficit in ferritin but pronged period of iron
deficiency can also result in lower in
hemoglobin content which may reason anemia.
Q1861). what’s the lowest hemoglobin degree someone can stay with?
A). zero.6 mg/dl is the lowest fee of hemoglobin ever suggested in an
anesthetized affected person.
Q1862). Does low iron cause joint ache?
A). yes, Rheumatoid arthritis can be induced because of various forms of anemia
like anemia because of chronic infection and iron deficiency anemia.
Q1863). what’s the primary sign of leukemia?
A). Enlarged lymph nodes in neck, armpit and groin may additionally occur which
are painless.
Q1864). Is hemoglobin stage under 5 risky?
A). sure, such low levels of hemoglobin may additionally result in intense anemia
or sickle cellular didease.
Q1865). what is the essential hemoglobin stage?
A). Hemoglobin degrees of seven-8 g/dl are usually taken into
consideration the safe degree, under which extreme crises might also stand up.
Q1866). What are the signs and symptoms of leukemia?
A). Enlarged painless lymph nodes in neck and armpits, fever, chills, night sweats
and weight loss.
Q1867). Is a steel taste a signal of heart assault?
A). coronary heart assault has many symptoms to warn off like burning
sensation within the chest, foul breath and sour, acidic
or metallic taste, multiplied gas, coughing on lying down.
Q1868). What are early caution signs and symptoms of pancreatic most cancers?
A). Jaundice, fever, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, returned ache, diabetes and
blood clots.
Q1869). Does low iron imply most cancers?
A). Low iron may increase the danger of pancreatic, kidney, liver, and bladder
Q1870). Does most cancers has an unsightly odor?
A). it’s far hard to smell cancer but symptoms associated with cancer do have
an unsightly odor like ulcerating tumor.
Q1871). Does acidic reflux have an ugly taste?
A). yes, metallic taste is related to gastro oesopgagul reflux.
Q1872). Why are dental injections so painful?
A). Dental methods may motive minor aches and pains for a pair days
after they’re finished, and sometimes injection sites may be sore as well because
of needle penetration.
Q1873). Does it hurt while anesthesia is given?
A). An anesthetic gel, spray, or rinse can numb the place earlier than getting a
shot, generally the velocity of injections, not the needle, could make a shot harm.
Q1874). What Anesthetic is used for fillings?
A). Lidocaine is maximum usually used.
Q1875). What may be used as a transient teeth filling?
A). Zinc Oxide Powder, Calcium Sulfate, Petroleum Jelly, Potassium Alum,
Paraffin, Aluminum Sulfate, Aluminum Phosphate, Menthol Crystals, Eugenol,
Yellow Iron Oxide.
Q1876). Can chewing be used as transient filling cloth?
A). sure, source of ache may be stopped by setting a sugar free gum over
the exposed floor
Q1877). Are fillings more potent than teeth?
A). those fillings are more potent, less difficult to location and much less highpriced than white fillings.
Q1878). what is the numbing gel dentists use?
A). Novocaine is the logo call for a local anesthetic called procaine.
Q1879). How am i able to make nearby anesthesia injection hurt much less?
A). Topical anesthetic utility, inclusive of lidocaine 2.5%, prilocaine 2.5%
cream applied 60 to a hundred and twenty mins prior to intralesional anesthetic
injection, ice or ethyl alcohol spray may be used to reduce injection pain.
Q1880). What can be eaten after a white filling?
A). avoid chewing tough meals because it causes sensitivity to hot and cold meals,
air temperature, and the strain of biting.
Q1881). How does a dentist deep clean the enamel?
A). Deep dental cleaning is achieved through periodontal scaling and
root planning in which attention takes place at the outer floor of the roots
and underneath gum line.
Q1882). What are the aspect effects of sedation?
A). Drowsiness, headache, low bp, loss of memory and sluggishness.
Q1883). Why does a enamel harm extra after the fillings?
A). because the teeth becomes touchy after fillings, subsequently sensitivity
to warm meals and bloodless foods, air temperature, and the pressure of biting
can arise.
Q1884). What we will’t do after you have a cavity crammed?
A). make sure to keep away from chewing on
the numb side because one should grow to be biting your tongue, cheeks, or lips.
Q1885). Do small needles hurt less?
A). No, larger, thicker needles harm less than smaller thinner ones.
Q1886). that’s the maximum painful website to get an injection?
A). Injections into the palm of the hand and sole of the foot are mainly painful.
Q1887). How a good deal ache can a human take?
A). A human can endure up to 45 Del (gadgets) of pain. A lady who
is giving delivery can experience as much as 57 Del (units) of ache.
Q1888).Why do dentist numb a patient before fillings?
A). A neighborhood anesthetic briefly deactivates the nerves in a particular part
of the mouth, hence no ache is felt while dentist carries out any technique.
Q1889). Can someone go back to paintings after filling?
A). sure, It does no longer inhibit talking or cause drowsiness.
Q1890). Do dental injections harm?
A). One can also experience a short, slight strain at the point of insertion, not too
much pain.
Q1891). What happens during the tooth filling?
A). Dentists easy away the decay inside the cavity, normally with a drill, then
filling is positioned to update the destroyed a part of tooth.
Q1892). How painful is cavity filling?
A).The dentist prepares the tooth surface with a drill and manual gadgets and
restores a decayed enamel and gets rid of the pain arising from the cavity. .
Q1893). that is the maximum painful injection?
A). Cervical cancer Vaccine, which prevents cervical most cancers in women has
the maximum painful photographs.
Q1894). Why does someone gets hollow space without difficulty?
A). tooth that have naturally deep grooves are greater vulnerable to cavities due to
the fact they’re likely to seize meals debris, sugars, and adverse bacteria easily.
Q1895). Can a person get fillings finished without an injection?
A). yes, pain-unfastened filling that allows cavities to be repaired without drilling
or injections which might be minimally invasive like composite fillings.
Q1896). Do all fillings need injection?
A). No, it relies upon on how big and the way deep the hollow space(decay) is
and in which is sits with regards to the nerve.
Q1897). Can straw be used after fillings?
A). sure, you could use straw after fillings but now not after extraction.
Q1898). Do fillings weaken the enamel?
A). sometimes when tooth decay is simply too deep that tooth and
dentin both are involved or maximum of the tooth structure is decayed,
drilling may get rid of an awful lot of tooth rendering it week.
Q1899). Do fillings harm with out numbing?
A). they’ll hurt if the drilling is too much invasive or the decay is just too deep.
Q1900). Can dentist positioned a person to sleep for dental fillings?
A). yes, they’ll in case of aware sedation treatment which involves a single drug
given intravenously which has multiple effects.
Q1901). How contamination in a filling can be noticed?
A). extreme, chronic, throbbing toothache that may radiate to the jawbone, neck or
ear, sensitivity to warm or cold temperatures and stress on biting or chewing.
Q1902). What are five oral fitness sicknesses?
A). Dental caries (tooth decay), periodontal sicknesses, oral cancers, oral
manifestations of HIV, oro-dental trauma, cleft lip and palate, and noma.
Q1903). How long will a mouth be numb after a filling?
A). The anesthesia will wear off in about 1 to a few hours after the method.
Q1904). Why do some needles harm more?
A). Acidic formula can growth the aching close to the injection website
online..A big volume of drugs, thick injection of the substance or cool temperature
can boom the pain.
Q1905). in which is the least painful insulin injection?
A). stomach is the maximum commonplace website because of protection by
using fat, more floor place, and less muscle..
Q1906). How long does a hollow space filling take?
A). A easy filling might also take as low as 20 mins. a larger filling
or multiple fillings or kind of fabric used can take longer or may also require
a 2d go to.
Q1907). How speedy does dental anesthesia paintings?
A). within 10 mins, anesthesia begins to paintings and lasts for 60 -120 minutes.
Q1908). Does a sticky enamel imply a cavity?
A). sure, it depicts softening of teeth precipitated due to micro organism that
may lead to cavity formation in future but enamel doesn’t incorporate nerve
endings, so no ache is felt.
Q1909). how to regain flavor buds in mouth?
A). by staying hydrated and the use of keeping off medicinal drugs.
Q1910). when can one experience lower in taste sensation?
A). Having cold, sinus infection, strep throat,
or higher respiratory contamination can purpose hypogeusia.
Q1911). What can have an effect on the flavor buds?
A). medicines like antibiotics, antihistamines and diverse brain or nerve issues like
tumors or mind damage can have an effect on the flavor sensations.
Q1912). How much time flavor buds take to regenerate?
A). The flavor buds regenerate about every 1 to two weeks.
Q1913). Is metal taste a sign of threat?
A). No, it typically goes while off whilst the underlying sickness is dealt with.
Q1914). Is ageing associated with altered flavor?
A). sure
Q1915). Which meals can deal with acid reflux disease?
A). Carrot juice, aloe vera juice, cabbage, watermelon, beetroot, spinach, cucumber
and pear juice can often treat acid reflux disease.
Q1916). Which hobby is maximum possibly to transmit the AIDS virus?
A). The three essential routes of HIV contamination are anal sex, vaginal sex, and
shared needles.
Q1917). Why do one get salty taste in mouth?
A). Dehydration, blood in mouth, certain clinical situations like hypersensitive
reactions, sinus infections leading to put up nasal drip may additionally result
in salty taste.
Q1918). decrease in flavor sensation is due to which type of diseases?
A). Acute viral illness, annoying brain injury, liver disorder, and allergic
rhinitis, unfavourable drug reaction to phenytoin etc.
Q1919). what is an anti reflux food plan?
A). warding off certain meals which could loosen up the lower a part of the
esophagus or boom the quantity of acid inside the belly like sugary syrups, tea
and coffee, highly spiced meals and many others.
Q1920). how many forms of taste sesations exist?
A). five types, which might be sweet, sour, salty, savory, and sour.
Q1921). Does the medicines related to heart trouble have an effect
on the flavor sensation?
A). sure, ACE inhibitors like captopril and calcium channel
blockers reason flavor disturbance.
Q1922). Can a person scent a flavor?
A). yes
Q1923). Is flavor loss reversible?
A). yes, except age related taste loss.
Q1923). Which types of foods are wealthy in proteins?
A). meals like eggs, nuts, cereal, fowl, steak, meat and peanut butter and so forth.
are rich in proteins.
Q1924). What types of ingredients are rich in energy?
A). Cheese, yogurt, ice cream, peanut butter, milk, smoothies,
cookies, desserts and many others. are all complete of calories.
Q1925). What can be achieved to regain flavor sensations?
A). Treating the underlying purpose like bacterial sinusitis, salivary glands, and
throat infections with antibiotics, symptoms of cold, flu or rhinitis by way
of decongestants or anti allergic medications.
Q1926). Can VitB12 deficiency affect tooth?
A). sure, discomfort of the tongue, mouth ulcers, redness or gentle spots at
the corners of the mouth, the tongue becoming smoother or fungal infections such
as oral thrush are all caused because of deficiency of Vit B12.
Q1927). How is pernicious anemia prompted?
A). with the aid of vitamin B12 deficiency because of atrophic gastritis or loss
of parietal cells or lack of intrinsic component.
Q1928). Can pernicious anemia be inherited?
A). it is an autoimmune disorder and may be inherited from mother and father.
Q1929). What happens if pernicious anemia is left untreated?
A). If left untreated for a long time period, it may lead
to neurological complications.
Q1930). How is pernicious anemia caused?
A). Nerve cells and blood cells want diet B12 to feature properly, for this reason its
deficiency results in decrease in folic acid and for this reason anemia.
Q1931). What adjustments arise to tongue in pernicious anemia?
A). Sore, smooth and befy crimson color of tongue occurs because of this anemia.
Q1932). Does pernicious anemia has impact on life span?
A). Untreated anemia may
additionally cause permanent neurological complications which may
additionally show deadly.
Q1933). Which neurological symptoms are related to vitB12 deficiency?
A). Paresthesia in fingers and ft, muscle cramps, dizziness, cognitive disturbances,
ataxia, and erectile disorder, fatigue, psychiatric symptoms like melancholy, and
macrocytic anemia.
Q1934). In how plenty time vit B12 tabs begin to work?
A). forty eight-72 hrs.
Q1935).Is there any distinction among pernicious anemia and b12 deficiency?
A). Pernicious anemia refers to nutrition B12 deficiency due to a loss
of intrinsic element.
Q1936). Does b12 deficiency motive joint pain?
A). sure, it reasons osteoarthritis, therefore pain in knee, lower again, ribs, heels
and joints may additionally arise.
Q1937). Why does fatigue occurs in vitamin B12 deficiency?
A). due to the fact frame would not have enough nutrition B12 to make red blood
cells, which shipping oxygen all through body. hence transportation of oxygen
to frame’s cellular does not arise making oneself tired.
Q1938). what’s the excellent time to take vit B12?
A). vitamin B-12 allows the frame to provide electricity, consequently morning
dose could be very a good deal effevtive.
Q1939). what’s the impact of alcohol on pernicious anemia?
A). Alcohol prevents the frame from soaking up diet B12.
Q1940). Are vit B12 injections better than drugs?
A). pills if taken frequently as a day by day supplement has similar impact as
taking a month-to-month muscle injection.
Q1941). Can iron be taken at identical time along with vit B12?
A). No, iron need to not be fascinated about zinc, vitamin E, manganese, or
Q1942). Which medicinal drugs should be averted with Vit B12?
A). medicinal drugs which leads to decrease in absorption of
metformin, prolonged-release potassium merchandise, antibiotics like gentamicin,
neomycin, anti-seizure medicines like phenobarbital,
phenytoin, medicines to treat heartburn like H2 blockers and so on.
Q1943). Does vit B12 injections keeps for an entire life?
A). If diet B12 deficiency is not caused by a lack of nutrition B12 in weightreduction plan, then there is need to have an injection of
hydroxocobalamin every 3 months for the rest of lifestyles.
Q1944). Does b12 deficiency reason leg ache?
A). sure, peripheral nerve damage may also arise, inflicting numbness in ft and
limbs may additionally making it tough for a person to walk with out assist,
muscle weak spot and faded reflexes also occur.
Q1945). Does vit B12 deficiency reasons leg cramps?
A). yes, numbness, twitching, tingling, and painful spasms and cramps in hands,
legs, and feet can also arise.
Q1946). Does vit B12 dietary supplements will increase weight?
A). No
Q1947). what is the impact on heart related to vit B12 deficiency?
A). Untreated vit B12 deficiency may additionally purpose tiredness, or
lightheadedness, heart palpitations and shortness of breath.
Q1948). what is the dosage of vit B12 for an elderly?
A). encouraged each day dose for diet B12 for adults is 2.4 micrograms.
Q1949). Which shape of diet b12 is excellent?
A). Methylcobalamin is extra lively, higher absorbed and retained in our tissues
than the synthetic cyanocobalamin.
Q1950). Which organs higher absorb methylcobalamin?
A). Methylcobalamin is used a good deal extra efficiently by way of the
liver, mind and frightened system.
Q1951). How does someone smell?
A). scent comes from referred to as olfactory sensory neurons, which might
be discovered in a small patch of tissue excessive within the nostril which connects
to the mind at once.
Q1952). can we come to know if someone has AIDS just by using searching at
A). No, It isn’t viable to understand if a person has HIV/AIDS by
using looking at her or him as every now and then the symptoms are absent.
Q1953). Which remedy is pleasant for immune device?
A). vitamin C( biggest immune device boosters), nutrition B6(assisting biochemica
l reactions ), vitamin E( effective antioxidant).
Q1954). Does vit B12 hold a person wakeful at night?
A). No, vit B9 is real cause of insomnias. Vit B12 facilitates in inducing sleep
and sell regular sleep-unsleeping cycles.
Q1955). How does Vit B12 allows insomniacs?
A).It helps to adjust the frame’s stage of the amino acid tryptophan,
which enables the frame to produce sleep-inducing melatonin.
Q1956). Does diet b12 help erectile disorder?
A). sure, daily dose of niacin, additionally referred to as vitamin B3, improves
erectile function in men with excessive ldl cholesterol.
Q1957). Can you take nutrition b12 with antidepressants?
A). sure, each day recommended dose may be considering the
prescribed medications for depression and tension.
Q1958). Doe vit B12 lowers the B.P?
A). sure, nutrition B12 breaks down the amino acid inside the frame, and
will consequently decrease the chance of high blood pressure..
Q1959). Which vitamin is most favorable to take at the side of iron supplements?
A). Vit c, because it allows in better absorption of iron.
Q1960). Which ingredients should be prevented at the same time as taking
iron supplements?
A). Iron dietary supplements should no longer be desirous about milk, caffeine,
antacids, or calcium dietary supplements. these all can lower the amount of
iron this is absorbed.
Q1961). Which age institution is most probably to be laid low with pernicious
A). Older age organization because of a lack of stomach acid and intrinsic thing,
which prevents the small intestine from soaking up vitamin B12.
Q1962). What sort of food is utilized in treating pernicious anemia?
A). Meats which includes beef, liver, rooster, and fish, breakfast cereals
with delivered diet B12, eggs and dairy products (such as milk, yogurt, and
cheese) meals fortified with nutrition B12, like soy-primarily based liquids.
Q1963). Which blood take a look at shows signal of pernicious anemia?
A). A blood test to check for antibodies to intrinsic component whose
presence shows pernicious anemia and methylmalonic acid test..
Q1964). Can enamel contamination reason blood clots?
A). Dental plaque
Q1965). How does plaque in moth cause blood clots?>
A). Oral micro organism which get away into the bloodstream are able
to cause blood clots and cause life-threatening endocarditis, thereby activating the
platelets, inflicting them to clump interior blood vessels.
Q1966). for how a lot lengthy can an extracted enamel bleed?
A). For little while.
Q1967). Is it regular for an extraction website to bleed for lengthy?
A). it’s miles strange if bleeding continues without clot formation, or lasts past 8 to
twelve hours; this is called submit-extraction bleeding (PEB).
Q1968). Do blood thinners affect enamel?
A). sure, blood thinners ought to be stopped 3-
four days before getting teeth extracted.
Q1969). How can one recognize if the infection is spreading?
A). If one has fever and swelling over the face , it shows that
the contamination has spread deeper into the jaw and surrounding tissue or
maybe to different areas frame.
Q1970). Why do i get blood clots in my mouth?
A). Cheek biting, oral trauma, alcohol abuse, a low platelet matter, oral
herpes, stress, or an allergy to acidic or citric foods.
Q1971). Can guaze pull out blood clot?
A). yes, converting gauze again and again can dislodge a blood clot and begin the
bleeding up again..
Q1972). What do dentists use to stop bleeding?
A). Gelfoam containing gelatin.
Q1973). a way to get understanding tooth to stop bleeding?
A). preserving the top extended, strain p.c. with gauze piece, sleep and
take relaxation, follow ice packs to stand over the
surgical vicinity to reduce swelling.
Q1974). Can swallowing the blood hurt or damage us?
A). No, ingesting blood is processed by means of the frame similar to wate into
the stomach, to the small intestine, then into the bloodstream.
Q1975). What are the signs and symptoms of dry socket?
A). Swelling, redness, fever, white colour in socket, or stiffness of the jaw.
Q1976). How does dry socket occurs?
A). rather than a dark blood clot, there’ll just be whitish bone
with ache usually starting approximately 2 days after
the enamel become pulled and might radiate to
ear additionally causing terrible breath and an unsightly smell and flavor.
Q1977). What need to a blood clot in mouth seem like?
A). A normal clot will frequently seem white within the mouth as it matures.
Q1978). a way to cast off a blood clot inside the mouth?
A). Icing a blood blister in the mouth can help ease the infection or
even prevent the blister from forming.
Q1979). the way to know is blood clot is dislodged?
A). Partial or general loss of the blood clot appears as an empty-searching socket
with seen bone and ache radiating from socket to ear, eye, temple or neck at
the equal side of face because the extraction, awful breath or a nasty smell coming
from mouth.
Q1980). In how a lot time do blood blisters heal up?
A). maximum blood blisters inside the mouth are benign and will depart within 2
Q1981). How can blood blisters enhance?
A). they will enhance faster with home remedies, including ice, witch hazel, or
Q1982). Why do one spits blood in morning?
A). Blood inside the sputum is a not unusual occasion in lots
of slight breathing situations, along with top breathing infections, bronchitis,
and asthma.
Q1983). Is it adequate to swallow blood after teeth extraction?
A). sure
Q1984). Can a person sleep by maintaining the gauze in moth?
A). Gauze must be eliminated after bleeding stops and need to no
longer be saved in mouth at the same time as slumbering.
Q1985). Is bleeding arise after surgical procedure?
A). Bleeding will occur after surgical procedure, minor bleeding may keep for 23-
36 hrs which includes a touch blood and lot of saliva.
Q1986). Does gauze save you dry socket?
A). yes, by retaining the gauze over the extraction website 30
to 45 minutes after surgical treatment may additionally encourage a blood clot
to shape.
Q1987). Which chemical is used to prevent bleeding?
A). An antihemorrhagic agent can prevent bleeding.
Q1988). Does smoking cause dry socket?
A). sure, inhalation of smoke can dislodge the blood clot because chemical
substances in tobacco merchandise might also save
you healing and reason an infection.
Q1989). what’s it referred to as if blood clot reaches to lungs?
A). whilst a blood clot travels to the lungs and causes a blockage of an
artery, it’s referred to as a pulmonary embolism.
Q1990). What happens to blood after demise?
A). Blood may also settle in lower a part of the frame making the skin pink or
Q1991). How can a clot in coronary heart cause coronary heart assault?
A). Coronary thrombosis is a blockage of an artery inside the coronary
heart, which can lead to a heart assault.
Q1992). What form of diet should be taken after extraction?
A). After a mouth bleed, it
is best to consume cool, gentle ingredients for several days until themouth
heals. difficult or sticky food may additionally make the bleeding start again.
Q1993). Can swallowing own blood make a person unwell?
A). yes it may reason vomiting.
Q1994). How do you forestall a cut tongue from bleeding?
A). follow gauze or material with strain to the web site of the harm or vicinity ice
or a chilly p.c. wrapped in a skinny material to the outdoor of the lips or mouth
if there is any swelling..
Q1995). Do you bleed if you have dry socket?
A). No, instead of a darkish blood clot, there will simply be whitish bone.
Q1996). Can one drink water after extraction?
A). yes, drink lots of water after the surgical procedure.
Q1997). that is the satisfactory medicinal drug to forestall bleeding?
A). Tranexamic acid is given to stop or lessen heavy bleeding.
Q1998). what is oral bleeding?
A). Bleeding from mouth typically from gums round tooth or tongue, lips, or
the inside of cheek, regularly from accidentally biting it.
Q1999). Why can’t one suck liquids after extraction?
A). do not drink alcoholic, caffeinated, carbonated or warm liquids inside the first
24 hours nor take with a straw for at the least a week because the
sucking action can dislodge the blood clot from the socket.
Q2000). Can spitting out of blood be done after extraction?
A). avoid spitting of blood for first 24 hrs after extraction so that you can save
you the dislodgement of blood clot inside the socket.
Q2001). How do if your throat is bleeding?
A). Swelling within the neck,a trade in pores and skin colour over your neck or
throat, coughing up or throwing up blood with out a nosebleed or mouth bleed.
Q2002). Which humans desires blood transfusion?
A). most of the people who lose greater than 30% of their blood volume can
even want a blood transfusion.
Q2003). What sickness makes us crave blood?
A). Renfield’s syndrome, also known as scientific vampirism.
Q2004). Is having skinny blood terrible?
A). Low platelet counts could make it harder than common for blood to clot, so
one might also experience excessive or lengthy-lasting bleeding even on
minor injury.
Q2005). What are the symptoms of blood clot in legs?
A). Throbbing cramp-like feeling in the leg,
Q2006). What clearly occurs when you die?
A). forms of loss of life happens; mind and cardiac demise..
Q2007). Which check is used to test blood clots?
A). Ultrasound is used,.
Q2008).If ultrasound reports are clean, does it approach no clot is found?
A). from time to time invasive checks the usage of contrast dye
is completed to verify for blood clots like venography and MRI (magnetic
resonance imaging).
Q2009). Is human blood blue?
A). No
Q2010). Why does human blood appears blue in veins?
A). because the deoxygenenated blood returns to heart through veins
from numerous organs, giving blue look.
Q2011). Do blood blisters depart on their own?
A). sure, blood blisters usually heal by means of themselves inside 1–2 weeks with
the aid of keeping the place with the blister easy.
Q2012). what’s the fastest way to heal a blood blister?
A). elevate and ice the blister,
Q2013). What occurs in case you go away a dry socket untreated?
A). A dry socket can leave the nerves and bones on your gums uncovered, this
could lead to contamination and other headaches.
Q2014). Does terrible breadth suggest dry socket?
A). yes, it can be a sign of dry socket however different factors like plaque or
decayed tooth may additionally produce terrible breath.
Q2015). Does jaundice lead to death?
A). sure, jaundice can be extraordinarily fatal if left untreated for a long term.
Q2016). what is the precaution of jaundice?
A). heading off dietary supplements, herbs, or medicines that
could motive facet results.
Q2017). How can neonatal jaundice be averted?
A). new child jaundice may be averted by exposing
the infant to mild numerous times at some stage in the day
to decrease bilirubin stages. also sufficient milk intake to newborns mainly breast
feeding is critical.
Q2018).what number of forms of jaundice exits?
A). 3 sorts, pre-hepatic, hepatocellular, and put up-hepatic.
Q2019). Can jaundice cause yellow teeth?
A). yes, Yellowing can occur after struggling a excessive fever at
a young age because of an contamination.
Q2020). that are the signs and symptoms of jaundice?
A). signs and symptoms encompass a yellow tinge to the skin and whites of the
eyes, dark urine, and itchiness.
Q2021). Do jaundice toddlers sleep extra?
A). yes, severe jaundice makes the child torpid.
Q2022). What have to be completed first for jaundice recovery?
A). affected person is advised to take whole bed relaxation and also for the
primary few days you want to observe a liquid weight loss program.
Q2023). How does the frame’s bilirubin be decreased obviously?
A). increasing feedings will result in elevated bowel actions, on the way to excrete
the bilirubin. For a lactation professional make certain that the baby is latched onto
the breast nicely so that he/she can absorb sufficient milk..
Q2024). Is daylight precise for child in jaundice?
A). Exposing the baby undressed to daylight thru a window would
possibly help decrease the bilirubin level.
Q2025). in which is jaundice first observed in human body?
A). Jaundice is first noted inside the eyes.
Q2026). How long does it take for jaundice to head away?
A). Jaundice typically vanishes inside 2 weeks in formulation-fed toddlers and
might closing for more than 2 to a few weeks in breastfed babies.
Q2027). Why pores and skin is yellowish white in jaundice?
A). Jaundice is a condition in which the skin, whites of the eyes and mucous
membranes flip yellow due to a high stage of bilirubin, a yellow-orange bile
Q2028). what is the drugs for jaundice?
A). diverse medicinal drugs may be used to deal with the conditions leading to
jaundice, which includes steroids in the remedy of a few autoimmune problems.
Q2029). Is system better than breast milk for jaundice?
A). Breast milk (human milk) is the best meals for child. Jaundice
is greater common in infants who’re breastfed than toddlers who are formula-fed.
Q2030). Is starvation a signal of jaundice?
A). sufferers while suffering from jaundice have a
low appetite, experience fatigued, and itchy throughout their frame.
Q2031). Can kidney sickness have an effect on tooth?
A). teeth decay and gum sickness are resulting from plaque. these acids put
on away the hard teeth teeth, in the end leading to cavities and tooth decay.
Q2032). How does malaria kill you?
A). Malaria is a serious, existence-threatening,
and occasionally deadly, sickness spread via mosquitoes and caused by a
parasite which can travel to blood flow and damage pink blood cells.
Q2033). Is banana proper for liver?
A). yes, because it increases the quantity of calcium required for
the everyday functioning of the frame.
Q2034). what is the most not unusual oral manifestation of kidney sickness?
A). ground glass appearance on radiographs, and ordinary bone restoration after
extractions. Breath malodor and xerostomia are common complaints
Q2035). Can kidney issues reason dry mouth?
A). reduced kidney functions can result in deposit of waste in blood which
could result in a metal-like flavor in mouth and bad breath and once in a while dry
Q2036). Does kidney ailment reason mouth sores?
A). yes, fluids in mouth may acquire and purpose a swollen tongue and a swollen
roof of the mouth. Mouth ulcers may be covered via fake grey membranes.
Q2037). Can horrific teeth motive urinary infections?
A). Sepsis and septic surprise can result from an infection everywhere in
the body inclusive of dental contamination, inclusive of pneumonia, influenza, or
urinary tract infections.
Q2038). Can kidney problems motive steel taste in mouth?
A). someone with kidney issues may additionally word a peculiar metallic flavor in
mouth and may suddenly prevent liking to devour meat, or may lose weight due to
the fact they don’t feel like eating..
Q2039). Do dialysis sufferers want antibiotics earlier than dental paintings?
A). yes, single oral preoperative dose of two g amoxycillin or 600 mg clindamycin
(if allergic to penicillin) is wanted. however peritoneal
dialysis patients generally do now not get hold of a prophylactic dose of
Q2040). Can dialysis affect teeth?
A). sure, humans on dialysis were found to
have excessive gum disease additionally had low blood albumin
(protein) ranges and periodontitis leading to early falling of tooth.
Q2041). for a way lengthy can one stay on peritoneal dialysis?
A). sudden mortality prices are less not unusual but long time survival isn’t
always possible.
Q2042). Is dry mouth a sign of kidney disorder?
A). yes
Q2043). Can dry kidney be cured?
A). No, there
is no remedy for chronic kidney disorder (CKD), however treatment can assist relie
ve the signs and symptoms and prevent it getting worse.
Q2044). Can liver troubles motive oral disorder?
A). sure, gum ailment and severe periodontitis is associated with liver issues like
Q2045). Is night time sweats a signal of kidney failure?
A). sure, may additionally or may not be.
Q2046). Can terrible teeth cause kidney issues in puppies?
A). micro organism from dental disease can input a dog’s bloodstream that
can have an effect on the kidneys, heart and liver and can be a
contributing element for a canine’s kidney ailment.
Q2047). Is it appropriate on your kidneys to drink a whole lot of water?
A). sure, water facilitates save you kidney stones and UTIs.
Q2048). how can you tell the difference between again ache and kidney ache?
A). Kidney pain is deeper and better inside the lower back located under the
ribs whilst the muscle pain with common lower back damage tends to
be lower within the back.
Q2049). What are the signs that your kidneys aren’t operating nicely?
A). decreased urine quantity, swelling of legs, ankles and toes from retention of
fluids caused by the failure of tkidneys to get rid of water waste, shortness of
breath. excessive drowsiness or fatigue and so forth.
Q2050). Can kidney troubles make your breath odor horrific?
A). yes, continual kidney disorder (CKD) is one feasible motive of getting an
ammonia taste for your mouth, sometimes known as ammonia breath.
Q2051). What coloration is urine when your kidneys are failing?
A). mild brown or tea coloured.
Q2052). Can negative oral hygiene reason UTI?
A). No
Q2053). Can the duration of liver disease affect tooth?
A). The severity and duration of liver disorder had no impact on dental and
peridontal disease..
Q2054). What can dentist do approximately gum sickness?
A). Dentist or dental hygienist will be able to supply the enamel, a
radical easy and do away with any hardened
plaque, further dental treatment or surgical procedure if needed.
Q2055). Can dental issues motive digestive issues?
A). yes, bad oral fitness like
misalignment, contamination and missing enamel are a
few dental troubles that affect the capacity to chunk food,
with possible digestive issues.
Q2056). Can cirrhosis have an effect on your teeth?
A). No
Q2057). Can Liver problems have an effect on the mouth?
A). yes
Q2058) Which fruit is right for kidneys?
A). Grapes, apples, and cranberries
Q2059). Can anesthesia motive dental troubles?
A). yes, when preferred anesthesia is given, insertion of devices to
respire freely through mouth can reason harm to the teeth or smooth tissues of the
mouth or nostril.
Q2060). Why do anesthesiologists ask about tooth?
A). when being intubated, the enamel are very close and there may
be constantly a possibility of a tooth being chipped or broken, in particular if
a teeth is capped or free.
Q2061). Who has to take antibiotics earlier than dental paintings?
A). patients with a higher chance of infections like a affected person with
prosthetic heart valve repaired with prosthetic cloth or with records of endocarditis
or a coronary heart transplant with ordinary heart valve feature.
Q2062). Is a person useless underneath anesthesia?
A). it’s a reversible coma, however it is nevertheless a coma, G,A earlier than most
important surgical operation dips the brain activity down
to levels appearing to brain-stem dying.
Q2063). How lengthy does it take for trendy anesthesia to get out of your device?
A). body will soak up to per week to completely dispose of the drugs from
the gadget but most people will now not word tons effect after about 24 hours.
Q2064). What are the aspect consequences of an excessive amount of anesthesia?
A). Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, dementia, medical impairment, hypothermia,
hallucinations, intellectual and physical impairment, extended unconsciousness.
Q2065). What are the side effects of dental anesthesia?
A). Nausea, vomiting, sweating, shivering, headache, dry mouth. slurred speech,
hallucinations, ache at injection site, delirium and dizziness.
Q2066). Can brushing the teeth before anesthesia be accomplished?
A). yes, but swallowing of water have to be prevented.
Q2067). Why does test up of teeth is executed earlier
than giving popular anesthesia for surgery?
A). through giving any info of loose or capped teeth, the anesthesiologist could
make greater certain to prevent damage to tooth specially if
the tooth is unfastened, it’s far smart simply to take it out before your surgical
Q2068). Can dental anesthesia kill someone?
A). Mismanaged Anesthesia Can reason severe injuries or death all
through dental approaches.
Q2069). What does dental nerve harm experience like?
A). symptoms of tooth nerve damage might also encompass numbness or lack
of feeling inside the tongue, gums, cheeks, jaw or face. A tingling or pulling
sensation or pain or a burning feeling in those regions.
Q2070). What questions are requested to patient earlier
than administering standard anesthesia?
A). questions about clinical records and what drug treatments are taken. you
might want to forestall taking some drugs, like blood thinners or aspirin, per
week or extra earlier than your surgical treatment
Q2071). Can a dentist hit a nerve with needle?
A). The needle that the dentist makes use of to make the injection can purpose a
nerve injury via traumatizing the nerve.
Q2072). How safe is dental anesthesia?
A). Dental anesthesia is a commonplace and secure manner, however earlier
than its management, the dentist should recognise a affected
person’s complete scientific records to avoid any possible complications.
Q2073). How quick does dental anesthesia paintings?
A). maximum neighborhood anesthetics take effect quick, within 10 mins or 15-
20 minutes.
Q2074). Does sunlight help your immune device?
A). sure, it enables improve the immune device as it activates vit D.
Q2075). What does dental anesthesia experience like?
A). the feeling of getting mouth numb is frequently defined as asleep, complete, or
Q2076). Is dental anesthesia painful?
A). The affected person seldom, if ever, feels ache or slight stress at the website of
insertion from the prick of the needle used for the injection.
Q2077). Which areas are stricken by dental anesthesia?
A). relying on the remedy region, one might also experience numbness in tongue,
chin, cheeks, the roof of mouth, nose, and simply below the eye
Q2078). What occurs to your frame below widespread anesthesia?
A). fashionable anesthesia works by means of interrupting nerve indicators in
the brain and frame. It prevents the mind from processing pain and from
remembering what occurred throughout the surgical operation.
Q2079). What ought to be eaten after anesthesia?
A). Drink clear liquid, like water, apple
juice, avoid sweet and spicy meals, eat meals which the frame can tolerate.
Q2080). Why do I cry when I awaken from anesthesia?
A). Sevoflurane is a gas this is used commonly to maintain patients asleep,
so there’s multiplied prevalence of crying , additionally a few elements just like
the strain of surgical treatment, combined with medicinal drugs and
feeling barely disoriented.
Q2081). Is demise like anesthesia?
A). widespread anesthesia is absolutely very secure,
and some desperately sick sufferers are
in higher circumstance below wellknown anesthesia than while wide
awake and respiration by using themselves. So it’s miles some distance from
being almost lifeless.
Q2082). Does your coronary heart prevent all through wellknown anesthesia?
A). No, these features are suppressed, hence an
anesthesia expert should carefully keep a balance of drugs while watching the heart
, respiration, blood strain, and other essential capabilities.
Q2083). Does Anesthesia shorten your existence?
A). No
Q2084). What happens in case you prevent respiratory in the course of anesthesia?
A). general anesthesia, can be risky for human beings with obstructive sleep
apnea, that could make it greater tough to regain awareness and take a breath
after surgical treatment as it slows down respiration.
Q2085). Does one dream whilst below anesthesia?
A). Sleep is a natural form of the subconscious state. humans who
have been wakened from extraordinary stages of sleep can recall goals.
Q2086). How lengthy does it take for dentist injection to put on off?
A). With most nearby anesthetics, the teeth may be numb for twothree hours, whilst the lips and tongue can be numb for three-5 hours after the time
of injection.
Q2087). Is anesthesia sleep restful?
A). even though people nod off during surgical procedure, studies has proven that
going underneath anesthesia is not anything like
sleep. general anesthesia appears extra like a reversible coma.
Q2088). How long after dental anesthesia can i devour?
A). with a view to keep away from biting your cheek, tongue, or lips, you
will probably need to wait till the local anesthetic wears off earlier than trying
to consume..
Q2089). are you able to pee yourself at some point of surgery?
A). Muscle paralyzing tablets are administered to paralyze all the muscle groups of
the body under trendy anesthesia however do do now not motive paralysis of the
bladder or bowel muscle groups and as a result are not incontinent of urine or
Q2090). what’s symptoms of a vulnerable immune system?
A). common and recurrent pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections, ear infections,
meningitis or skin infections. infection and infection of inner organs
Q2091). Why do anesthesiologist look for your mouth?
A). After sleep the anesthesiologist may insert a tube into the mouth and down the
windpipe which ensures that one receives enough oxygen and protects the lungs
from blood or different fluids, consisting of stomach fluids.
Q2092). Do sufferers fart beneath anesthesia?
A). sure, on occasion but colon is clear.
Q2093). what’s dental clearance for surgical treatment?
A). A dental clearance is a written endorsement provided via a
dentist mentioning that a distinct affected person’s
oral health is pleasant and without problems.
Q2094). Can i have surgical procedure with a tooth contamination?
A). sure, bacteria from gum disorder or periodontitis can switch from the mouth to
the inclined tissues.
Q2095). Can someone still have surgical operation if i’ve a toothache?
A). it’s miles encouraged that patients get a dental exam and clearance from their
dentist prior to non-obligatory surgeries.
Q2096). Why does someone need dental clearance before surgical treatment?
A). Having dental paintings executed earlier than surgical treatment prevents
the want to disrupt anticoagulation remedy.
Q2097). Can someone brush the teeth morning of surgical operation?
A). Having an empty stomach earlier than surgery decreases the dangers of
anesthesia, therefore brushing of enamel may be executed inside
the morning earlier than surgical treatment however now not after surgical
Q2098). Can a enamel infection have an effect on a hip replacement?
A). infection from a enamel abscess or any
other dental contamination can unfold on your hip and cause severe headaches.
Q2099). How long after surgical operation can you have got dental work?
A). For dental paintings after surgical treatment, one should wait as a
minimum six to 8 weeks.
Q2100). Which enamel are eliminated before radiation remedy?
A). Any unrestorable, abscessed, or periodontally diseased teeth in the area of
radiation remedy ought to be eliminated.
Q2101). What are the precancerous lesions?
A). Precancerous lesions are identifiable nearby signs (abnormalities) that, with
time, have an multiplied danger of growing into most cancers.
Q2102). How are precancerous lesions treated?
A). remedy can variety from really looking the affected person intently with out
a remedy or having minor surgical
procedure or starting a medicine that helps to save you boom or by means
of primary surgical operation.
Q2103). what is the most commonplace precancerous lesion?
A). The maximum common oral precancerous lesions are oral leukoplakia, oral
submucous fibrosis (OSMF) and oral erythroplakia.
Q2104). What are pre-most cancers cells?
A). Pre-cancers are odd cells which have gone through a few changes that related
to an increased risk of becoming cancerous.
Q2105). ought to precancerous lesions be removed?
A). If the lesion is precancerous, it is going to be dealt with with laser; if
cancerous, it’ll be surgically eliminated.
Q2106). Is pre cancer extreme?
A). sure, if no longer treated.
Q2107). Can precancerous lesions go away?
A). yes, If precancerous cells are eliminated earlier than they emerge as cancerous.
Q2108). What are the reasons of oral mucosal lesions?
A). The maximum commonplace reasons of oral lesions are localized trauma,
infections, systemic conditions, related dermatological illnesses and recurrent
aphthous ulcers (canker sores).
Q2109). What are the 3 styles of oral mucosa?
A). The oral mucosa is classified into 3 categories, lining mucosa, masticatory
mucosa and specialised mucosa.
Q2110). How do you rule out oral cancer?
A). with the aid of scientific examination and biopsy.
Q2111). How long does oral mucosa take to heal?
A). The oral wounds healed significantly faster than the pores and
skin wounds because of precise blood deliver. commonly it takes 6 days
on common.
Q2112). what is the shade of oral mucosa?
A). pink.
Q2113). wherein is lining mucosa determined?
A). Buccal mucosa, labial mucosa, mucosa lining the ventral surface of the
tongue, floor of the mouth and smooth palate.
Q2114). Is mouth most cancers absolutely curable?
A). it may be cured if determined and treated at an early degree.
Q2115). what’s the fate of oral most cancers?
A). Oral most cancers, which includes cancers of the lips, tongue,
cheeks, ground of the mouth, difficult and gentle palate, sinuses, and pharynx
(throat), may be lifestyles threatening if no longer identified and treated early.
Q2116). How long man or woman can live to tell the tale with none remedy for
mouth most cancers?
A). nearly 80% live to tell the tale their cancer for
1 year or extra after they’re recognized and almost 60% continue to
exist their cancer for five years or extra after prognosis.
Q2117). what is the most commonplace web site for oral most cancers?
A). Tongue.
Q2118). what’s the exceptional treatment for Oral Lichen Planus?
A). Corticosteroids and immune response medications.
Q2119). What are the probabilities of bizarre cells returning?
After treatment, approximately 90% humans will not have similarly issues howeve
r 10 to 15% humans may have mobile modifications that come back.
Q2120). what’s a precancerous condition of the mouth?
A). Precancerous situations of the mouth are modifications to cells of the mouth
that lead them to more likely to grow to be most cancers.
Q2121). what’s leukoplakia?
A). it is a predominantly white patch or plaque that can
not be characterised clinically or pathologically as some other sickness
Q2122). Can leukoplakia turn into cancer?
A). Leukoplakia generally does not purpose any permanent damage to tissues in
the mouth. however, leukoplakia may additionally boom the chance of oral cancer.
Q2123). What are the reasons of leukoplakia?
A). irritation from hard tooth, fillings or crowns or illbecoming dentures, continual smoking, pipe smoking or different tobacco
use, solar exposure and so forth.
Q2124). What takes place if leukoplakia goes untreated?
A). it could result in cancer.
Q2125). Does leukoplakia go away?
A). mild leukoplakia is normally harmless and often is going away on
its own. more extreme instances can be related to oral cancer and must be dealt
with promptly.
Q2126). Is leukoplakia precancerous?
A). sure.
Q2127). What does leukoplakia appear like in the mouth?
A). White or gray colored patches that can be thick, barely raised or finally take
on a hardened and tough texture.
Q2128). How is leukoplakia patches eliminated?
A). leukoplakia patches may be removed the use of a scalpel, a laser or a
really bloodless probe that freezes and destroys cancer cells (cryoprobe).
Q2129). the way to remove leukoplakia fast?
A). forestall the usage of tobacco and alcohol, consume food
plan wealthy in fruits and vegetables and antioxidants.
Q2130). Does leukoplakia motive bad breath?
A). yes.
Q2131). a way to remove leukoplakia on tongue?
A). surgical operation and medicinal drugs.
Q2132). must precancerous lesions be removed?
A). If the lesion is precancerous, it’ll be handled with laser; if cancerous, it is going
to be surgically removed.
Q2133). Why is leukoplakia white in coloration?
A). due to bizarre keratin thickness.
Q2134). Can Candida cause leukoplakia?
A). sure, it could reason leukoplakia.
Q2135). Is leukoplakia Scrapable?
A). No.
Q2136). What are the non scrapable lesions?
A). linea alba, leukoedema, frictional keratosis, leukoplakia, oral submucous
fibrosis, lichen planus and carcinomas.
Q2137). Can non people who smoke get leukoplakia?
Q2138). Does HPV cause leukoplakia?
A). human papillomavirus (HPV) has been diagnosed as one of
the etiologic thing causing leukoplakia.
Q2139). What kind of physician required for mouth issues?
A). An oral and maxillofacial general practitioner.
Q2140). what’s speckled leukoplakia?
A). it’s far a non-homogenous lesion of combined white (keratotic)
and purple (atrophic) patches.
Q2141). Can precancerous cells makes worn-out?
A). yes.
Q2142). what is lichen planus?
A). Lichen planus (LP) is a persistent anti-inflammatory and immunemediated disease that impacts the pores and skin, nails, hair, and mucous
Q2143). what is the arrival of lichen planus on pores and skin?
A). lichen planus appears as purplish, itchy, flat-crowned bumps on pores and skin.
Q2144). what’s the appearance of lichen planus on oral mucosa?
A). Lacy, white patches, now and again with painful sores.
Q2145). What are the causative elements for lichen planus?
A). Autoimmune ailment, hepatitis C and positive medicines.
Q2146). How lengthy does it take for Lichen Planus to remedy?
A). maximum cases of lichen planus of the skin solve on their personal within 6
to nine months. The rash rarely lasts longer than 18 months.
Q2147). Does vitamin D assist Lichen Planus?
A). As Lichen planus is a immune-mediated issues, Activated vitamin D inhibits
the proliferation of T cells specifically CD8+ cells and for that
reason the manufacturing of IL-2.
Q2148). Which foods should keep away from in lichen planus?
A). spinach, uncooked and cooked, canned pineapple, dried fruit, rice bran, bran
flakes, soy flour etc.
Q2149). what is the treatment of lichen planus?
A). Lichen planus commonly is going away on its very own. If signs and
symptoms are bothersome, topical lotions and oral antihistamines can also assist.
Q2150). Is Lichen Planus caused by pressure?
A). usually it is not caused by stress, however sometimes emotional stress makes it
Q2151). Can Lichen Planus spread with the aid of scratching?
A). No.
Q2152). Can turmeric assist Lichen Planus?
A). yes, Turmeric is higher in lowering burning sensation, pain and white lesions.
Q2153). Is Lichen Planus associated with other illnesses?
A). Lichen planus is a mobile-mediated immune response of
unknown foundation. it can be discovered with different illnesses of altered
immunity like ulcerative colitis, alopecia areata, vitiligo, dermatomyositis, lichen
sclerosis and myasthenia gravis and many others.
Q2154). what’s the quality cream for Lichen Planus?
A). Corticosteroid lotions and ointments.
Q2155). How can Oral Lichen Planus cure clearly?
A). practice true oral hygiene. cut out spicy, salty or acidic ingredients, keep away
from irritants, manage strain.
Q2156). Is inexperienced tea properly for Lichen Planus?
A). sure, green tea, possesses 07b031025f5f96dfa8443f843db463b6 and
chemopreventive residences.
Q2157). Can Lichen Planus cause hair loss?
A). Lichen planus is an anti-inflammatory situation that reasons patchy hair
loss, specially on the scalp.
Q2158). What medications can cause Lichen Planus?
A). Antihypertensives tablets like ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers; Diuretics like
hydrochlorothiazide, frusemide; Non-steroidal antiinflammatory tablets (NSAIDs); Phenothiazine derivatives.
Q2159). Will Oral Lichen Planus depart?
A). In most instances oral lichen planus can’t be cured, but may work away on
its own.
Q2160). Can Lichen planus affect the tongue?
A). Oral lichen planus occurs most customarily at the buccal mucosa but also
can have an effect on gums, tongue lips and different elements of the mouth.
Q2161). what’s wickham striae?
A). Wickham striae are whitish traces visible in the papules of lichen planus
and other dermatoses, typically inside the oral mucosa.
Q2162). Which circumstance is related to Wickham striae?
A). Inflammatory skin conditions like lichen planus.
Q2163). what’s oral submucous fibrosis?
A). Oral submucous fibrosis is a chronic debilitating ailment of the oral hollow
space characterized by using infection and progressive fibrosis of the submucosal
Q2164). What reasons oral submucous fibrosis?
A). Oral submucous fibrosis (OSF) is a premalignant circumstance caused by betel
nut chewing.
Q2165). What are the signs and symptoms of submucous fibrosis?
A). incapacity to open the mouth, oral ache and a burning sensation
upon consumption of highly spiced ingredients, expanded salivation, exchange of
gustatory sensation, listening to loss.
Q2166). what’s remedy of oral submucous fibrosis?
A). The treatment of oral submucous fibrosis includes dietary help and antioxidants; physiotherapy; immunomodulatory capsules inclusive of steroids;
intralesional injections of steroids, hyaluronidase, human placental extracts and
surgical excision of the fibrous bands.
Q2167). a way to deal with Osmf clearly?
A). Drink turmeric with milk frequently.
Q2168). Does smoking purpose Osmf?
A). yes.
Q2169). what is ordinary mouth commencing length?
A). forty–seventy four mm in adult males and 35–70 mm in girls.
Q2170). what is Osmf ailment?
A). Oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF) is an oral
precancerous situation characterized by using inflammation and innovative fibrosis
of the submucosal tissues resulting in marked rigidity and trismus.
Q2171). What does fibrotic suggest?
A). The formation of an bizarre quantity of fibrous tissue in an organ
or component as the result of irritation, irritation or restoration.
Q2172). Is oral submucous fibrosis risky?
A). If the sickness is detected at a very early stage, cessation of
the addiction is sufficient. most sufferers with oral submucous
fibrosis present with moderate-to-excessive disease. intense oral submucous
fibrosis is irreversible.
Q2173). Is oral submucous fibrosis progress to cancer?
A). sure, Oral submucous fibrosis additionally has a sizable mortality rate that
may transform into oral most cancers, particularly squamous cellular carcinoma.
Q2174). Does smoking purpose Osmf?
A). sure.
Q2175). What are the tiers of OSMF?
A). level I Stomatitis, stage II Fibrosis, level III Sequelae of oral submucous
fibrosis like leukoplakia.
Q2176). what’s canker sore?
A). it is a small, shallow sore within the mouth or at the bottom of the gums.
Q2177). what is the symptom of canker sore?
A). the principle symptom is a painful sore inside the mouth which can make
it hard to devour and communicate.
Q2178). What reasons canker sores?
A). strain, minor harm to the internal of the mouth,
acidic fruits and veggies and warm spicy meals can cause the improvement of
canker sores.
Q2179). How long do canker sores final?
A). Canker sores are not contagious. They typically heal within one to a
few weeks with out remedy, even though the ache commonly is going away in 7 to
10 days. extreme canker sores may additionally take in to 6 weeks to heal.
Q2180). Is a canker sore a deadly disease or micro organism?
A). Canker sores are not the end result of viral or bacterial
infections. they’re vehicle-immune in nature.
Q2181). what’s the other call of canker sore?
A). Aphthous ulcers.
Q2182). Does Listerine assist canker sores?
A). The regular use of Listerine may additionally reduce the pain of canker sores.
Q2183). a way to forestall getting canker sores?
A). averting acidic, warm or spicy foods, keeping off irritation from gum chewing,
brushing with a smooth-bristled brush, heading off oral
hygiene products containing sodium lauryl sulfate etc.
Q2184). Are canker sores due to pressure?
A). yes.
Q2185). what is taken into consideration a massive canker sore?
A). Canker sores that seem large than 1/3 inch to half
of inch, generally remaining longer than weeks and seem to have abnormal, oddlyfashioned margins.
Q2186). what is the distinction between an ulcer and a canker sore?
A). Mouth Ulcers are either because of trauma to the mouth or by means of a
viral infection. Canker Sores, alternatively, are due to an
underlying circumstance referred to as Aphthous Stomatitis.
Q2187). what is the best remedy for canker sores?
A). Ibuprofen (Advil), acetaminophen (Tylenol), or naproxen (Aleve) may be used
for canker sores. Zinc lozenges or vitamins B and C can also help to relieve signs
and symptoms of canker sores.
Q2188). What diet facilitates save you canker sores?
A). nutrition B12 and diet C etc.
Q1289). Do antibiotics facilitates in canker sore?
A). Antibiotics like Doxycycline mouthwash can be beneficial inside
the management of recurrent canker sores. extended remedy with antibiotics for
canker sores may also cause oral thrush or mouth candidial infections
as headaches.
Q2190). Does hydrogen peroxide assist canker sores?
A). Hydrogen peroxide promotes healing of a canker sore through cleaning the
sore and reducing micro organism within the mouth.
Q2191) how to use hydrogen peroxide in canker sores?
A). Dilute a 3 percent solution of hydrogen peroxide
with same elements water. practice the combination without delay to canker sore
for few times each day.
Q2192). Does nutrition C help canker sores?
A). yes, to relieve pain and hasten restoration, nutrition C lozenge can
be given each hours.
Q2193). Which dietary deficiency causes canker sores?
A). Deficiency of folic acid, zinc or iron within the human body may
additionally motive canker sores.
Q2194). what’s the function of hydrogen peroxide in canker sores?
A). when put on a reduce, hydrogen peroxide bubbles or foams as it releases
oxygen. The foaming enables smooth the region, take away lifeless cells and
reduce bacteria.
Q2195). Can an excessive amount of vitamin C purpose canker sores?
A). vitamin C is in reality ascorbic acid and the mouth would
not reply properly to too much acid. So it could cause canker sores in case
of nutrition C overdose.
Q2196). Does putting a Tums on a canker sore help?
A). sure.
Q2197). What beverages help canker sores?
A). bloodless fluids, consisting of water or iced tea.
Q2198). Can loss of sleep cause canker sores?
A). sure, both canker sores and cold sores can be caused by strain and shortage of
Q2199). Is Tea Tree Oil good for canker sores?
A). The antiseptic and antibacterial residences of tea tree oil make it
an powerful herbal disinfectant to treat canker sores.
Q2200). Are canker sores a signal of a susceptible immune machine?
A). sure.
Q2201). How long does it take for a canker sore to stop hurting?
A). Canker sores might also harm for 7 to 10 days. Minor canker sores
heal absolutely in 1 to a few weeks, but foremost canker sores can take up to
six weeks to heal.
Q2202). What causes white patches in mouth?
A). White patches within the mouth end result from infections as a result of micro
organism, viruses and fungi. it can also as a result of underlying conditions, such
as cancer and gum ailment.
Q2203). the way to do away with white patches in my mouth?
A). Patches can be eliminated through using laser remedy, a scalpel or a
freezing method.
Q2204). Can stress causes white patches mouth?
A). sure.
Q2205). What causes pink sores in mouth?
A). Candidiasis; Hand, foot, and mouth disorder.
Q2206). What does a white spot in mouth imply?
A). In wellknown, white spots or white patches on gums are as a result of an
overgrowth of tissue are called leukoplakia. The spots are thicker than
their environment and cannot be rubbed off or scraped away without problems.
Q2207). what is oral tension?
A). tension, mainly, tends to be associated with numerous oral fitness troubles. it is
able to lead to canker sores, dry mouth and enamel grinding (bruxism), lack of oral
care etc.
Q2208). Can oral thrush go away on its own?
A). Oral thrush is a yeast contamination of the mouth that could affect babies, kids,
and adults. it is able to be slight and leave on
its personal, simply to hold mouth smooth even as using treatments to
alleviate signs and symptoms.
Q2209). Will strep throat go away on personal?
A). Strep throat goes away on its personal in 3 to 7 days without or
with antibiotics.
Q2210). What does a strep rash seem like on a baby?
A). The strep micro organism make a toxin (poison) that causes a shiny crimson,
bumpy rash. The rash spreads over most of the body and its looks as
if a bad sunburn with quality bumps which can experience hard like sandpaper
and it may itch.
Q2211). What are the signs and symptoms of STDS in mouth?
A). soreness or burning in throat, swollen glands and from time to time white spots
in mouth
Q2212). What virus causes mouth sores?
A). Herpes simplex.
Q2213). What do mouth sores appear to be?
A). White, gray, or yellowish in colour with a purple border.
Q2214). How do you deal with redness inside the mouth?
A). avoid warm, highly spiced, salty, citrus-primarily based, and highsugar meals; avoid tobacco and alcohol; gargle with salt water; consume ice, ice
pops, sherbet, or different bloodless meals; take a pain medicine, which
includes acetaminophen and so forth.
Q2215). How can leukoplakia be avoided?
A). forestall smoking or chewing tobacco, lessen alcohol use, devour antioxidantrich meals.
Q2216). Can anxiety purpose sores in mouth?
A). sure.
Q2217). what is the exceptional medicine for oral thrush?
A). Cotrimazole, miconazole, and nystatin. For more severe oral thrush instances,
the maximum not unusual remedy is fluconazole
Q2218). . What occurs if strep throat is untreated?
A). Kidney infection or rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever can cause painful
and inflamed joints, a selected form of rash or coronary heart valve damage.
Q2219). What childhood illnesses cause a rash?
A). Cellulitis, chickenpox, eczema, erythema multiforme, hand, foot and
mouth ailment, impetigo, measles and so forth.
Q2220). what’s the difference between oral candidiasis and leukoplakia?
A). Leukoplakia patches, unlike oral thrush, cannot be wiped away.
Q2221). Is thumb sucking terrible?
yes, chronic, energetic thumb sucking can on occasion motive misalignment
of toddler’s everlasting teeth and affect the jaw or the shape and roof of the mouth.
Q2222). What takes place whilst a person suck for your belly?
A). It activates the center muscular tissues and facilitates a
person to keep good posture.
Q2223). Is it worth to correct an overbite?
A). yes, it’s far less difficult to govern a growing jaw in a child than
an grownup one.
Q2224). what’s elegance 2 and class three chew?
A). magnificence 2 is extreme overbite and class 3 is severe under bite.
Q2225). How an overbite is handled?
A). metal brackets are fastened to the affected person’s teeth after
which linked with a steel cord to straighten and align enamel. as soon
as the enamel are straight, orthodontist will recognition on fixing an overbite.
Q2226). what’s taken into consideration a intense overbite?
A). whilst the top tooth stick out too a long way past the lower teeth.
Q2227). What occurs if we do not deal with an overbite?
A). these include irreparable harm to teeth from atypical positioning
and feasible jaw ache such as (TMJ) issues.
Q2228). Can a retainer fix an overbite?
A). sure, once in a while removable retainers are used to keep the corrected
Q2229). Can an overbite is left untreated?
A). yes, some have a mild overbite that is not major and doesn’t want remedy.
Q2230). What does oral gonorrhea sense like?
A). Painful, burning or swollen glands in throat.
Q2231). What autoimmune sickness causes mouth sores?
A). Oral lichen planus.
Q2232). How do you deal with a bacterial contamination within the mouth?
A). antibiotics and salt water rinses.
Q2233). How long do mouth sores final?
A). 10 to 14 days.
Q2234). what’s stomatitis?
A). A situation that reasons painful swelling and sores inside the mouth.
Q2235). What are signs of stomatitis?
A). Swelling and redness inside the mouth or individual painful sores which
can make it uncomfortable to eat.
Q2236). What are the reasons of stomatitis?
A). damage, infection, hypersensitivity or skin disease, trauma from unwellfitting dentures or braces, biting the internal of the cheek, tongue, or lip,
chemotherapy treatment for most cancers.
Q2237). what is the quickest way to treatment stomatitis?
A). avoid hot drinks and salty, highly spiced and citrus-primarily
based ingredients; use analgesics like Tylenol or ibuprofen; gargle with cool water.
Q2238). what is the pleasant remedy for stomatitis?
A). Underlying situations require treatment. Avoidance of the triggering substance
and use of topical medicinal drug like corticosteroids and many others.
Q2239). What does stomatitis appear like?
A). Mouth ulcers with a white or yellow layer and purple base, generally within
the lips, cheek or on the tongue.
Q2240). What are the varieties of stomatitis?
A). the 2 most important kinds of stomatitis are herpes
stomatitis, additionally called a chilly sore and aphthous
stomatitis, additionally known as a canker sore.
Q2241). Is stomatitis a bacterial contamination?
A). Stomatitis may be because of viruses, bacteria or fungi.
Q2242). what is denture stomatitis?
A).it’s miles a not unusual circumstance in which slight infection and redness of
the oral mucous membrane occurs under a denture.
Q2243). what’s the causative component for denture stomatitis?
A). Denture related stomatitis is a yeast infection inside the mouth resulting
from a sort of fungus referred to as Candida.
Q2244). how to save you denture stomatitis?
A). To take their dentures out of mouth for 6-8 hours every day. Mechanical
plaque manipulate and appropriate denture-carrying conduct are
the maximum vital measures in preventing and treating the disorder.
Q2245). How do you disinfect dentures after thrush?
A). do away with dentures earlier than going to bed, scrub them nicely with
a smooth toothbrush and water, soak them in a single day in chlorhexidine.
Q2246). how to therapy sores from dentures?
A). take away dentures, upload 1/2 to one teaspoon of salt to a
pitcher of warm water and rinse mouth for 15 to 30 seconds
to reduce inflammation.
Q2247). what’s Angular Cheilitis?
A). infection and small cracks in a single or both corners of the mouth.
Q2248). What are the symptoms of Angular Cheilitis?
A). Painful sores in one or each corners of the mouth and dry lips and burning
Q2249). What are the reasons of angular cheilitis?
A). Fungal infection is the most not unusual cause of angular
cheilitis. it’s typically as a result of a kind of yeast called Candida.
Q2250). Will angular cheilitis depart on its very own?
A). yes.
Q2251). Can angular cheilitis spread from kissing?
A). No.
Q2252). What does cheilitis appear to be?
A). crimson or pink spots across the corners of the lips.
Q2253). Which vitamin deficiency reasons cracks within the corners of the mouth?
A). diet B12.
Q2254). Which antifungal cream is high-quality for angular cheilitis?
A). Clotrimazole.
Q2255). what is the the difference among a chilly sore and angular cheilitis?
A). Angular cheilitis appears inside the corner of the mouth as cracked,
scaly skin; in which as bloodless sores can occur anywhere across the mouth.
Q2256). Is angular cheilitis because of pressure?
A). stress may have an effect on immune system that can lead to angular cheilitis
in a few humans.
Q2257). a way to heal the corners of the mouth?
A). using lip balm frequently to prevent chapped lips, making use of petroleum
jelly or coconut oil to the corners of your mouth, which could shape a barrier from
Q2258). Which cream may be used for angular cheilitis?
A). 1% hydrocortisone cream paired with antifungal remedy.
Q2259). Is Lip Balms and Moisturizers appropriate for angular cheilitis?
A). petroleum jelly or virgin coconut oil heal the infection and are
an remarkable herbal treatment for angular cheilitis.
Q2260). Does honey assist angular cheilitis?
A). Honey is splendid to sooth cracked skin and has anti-bacterial homes to be able
to help fight contamination. honestly rub into the corners of the mouth allows in
angular Cheilitis.
Q2261). Does Listerine help angular cheilitis?
A). No.
Q2262). Can dehydration cause angular cheilitis?
A). yes.
Q2263). Is angular cheilitis contagious to others?
A). No.
Q2264). what’s lip licking dermatitis?
A). it’s miles a kind of skin inflammation across the lips due to saliva from
repetitive lip licking.
Q2265). What vitamin deficiency reasons anxiety and melancholy?
A). diet B-6.
Q2266). Why is licking lips awful?
A). Saliva is complete of enzymes which might be very harsh for
the delicate lip pores and skin. If those enzymes stay on the lips, it is able
to motive dryness and crusting surface.
Q2267). the way to do away with lip lickers?
A). practice a non-tense lip balm several times an afternoon, drink lots of water.
Q2268). Are dry lips a signal of diabetes?
A). Dry lip is a not unusual symptom of type 1 and sort 2 diabetes.
Q2269). what’s exceptional for dry lips?
A). Coconut oil, honey, vaseline.
Q2270). what is actinic cheilitis?
A). it’s miles a lip irritation because of long-time period sunlight publicity.
Q2271). How long does lip cheilitis ultimate?
A). to three weeks.
Q2272). What are the signs and symptoms of actinic cheilitis?
A). persistent redness, scaliness, and chapping, erosions and cracks.
Q2273). Is Aloe Vera good for actinic cheilitis?
A). sure.
Q2274). What takes place if Actinic keratosis is left untreated?
A). it is able to progress to squamous cell carcinoma.
Q2275). Can actinic cheilitis go away on its own?
A). they may disappear only to reappear later. half of the keratosis will go away on
their personal if one avoid solar exposure for a few years.
Q2276). a way to deal with actinic keratosis on lips?
A). Cryotherapy, topical chemotherapy, laser surgical operation.
Q2277). Is coconut oil top for actinic keratosis?
A). yes.
Q2278). what is the best remedy for actinic keratosis?
A). Cryosurgery.
Q2279). How lengthy does actinic keratosis take to broaden?
A). actinic keratosis enlarges slowly and usually causes no symptoms or signs and
symptoms apart from a patch or small spot on pores and skin. those patches take
years to develop.
Q2280). Does hydrocortisone help actinic keratosis?
A). Topical 1% hydrocortisone cream two times day by day for a week can
also reduce the symptoms.
Q2281). Which vital oils are suitable for actinic keratosis?
A). Frankincense extract.
Q2282). Does actinic keratosis come lower back after remedy?
A). most actinic keratoses may be treated. In rare cases it may come lower back.
Q2283). Is solar keratosis similar to actinic keratosis?
A). sure.
Q2284). What do actinic keratosis seem like?
A). Small dry, scaly or crusty patches on pores and skin that may
be pink, mild or darkish tan, white, crimson, flesh-toned or a combination of
Q2285). Is Fluorouracil cream satisfactory for actinic keratosis?
A). yes.
Q2286). what is the dose of fluorouracil?
A). zero.five% or 1% cream at the affected areas of pores and skin one
or two instances a day.
Q2287). Can moisturizer utility useful with fluorouracil?
A). sure, after the usage of fluorouracil cream, wait for two hours before making
use of sunscreen or moisturizer.
Q2288). How do man or woman recognise if fluorouracil is operating?
A). at some point of the primary few weeks of remedy, the skin lesions and
surrounding regions will sense indignant and appearance pink, swollen and
scaly. that is a sign that fluorouracil is operating. Do now
not prevent using fluorouracil except physician has told to achieve this.
Q2289). Does fluorouracil damage wholesome pores and skin?
A). Fluorouracil (5-FU) is a kind of chemotherapy that exerts its anti-most
cancers impact through stopping the manufacturing of DNA within the mobile.
This remedy destroys solar broken skin cells, however also
can damage regular pores and skin if it involves touch with everyday skin.
Q2290). How lengthy have to a patient use 5 fluorouracil 5% cream to treat actinic
A). 2 to four weeks.
Q2291). the way to deal with cracked corners of mouth?
A). the use of lip balm frequently to prevent chapped lips, applying petroleum jelly
or coconut oil to the corners of mouth.
Q2292). Can toothpaste cause angular cheilitis?
A). yes, it may.
Q2293). Is Neosporin excellent for angular cheilitis?
A). sure.
Q2294). How is angular cheilitis recognized?
A). To find out angular cheilitis, your medical doctor will examine your
mouth carefully to observe any cracks, redness, swelling, or blisters.
Q2295). How long does it take angular cheilitis to heal?
A). to 3 weeks.
Q2296). Can a dentist deal with angular cheilitis?
A). sure.
Q2297). Is angular cheilitis itchy?
A). Angular cheilitis is inflammation of one or each corners of the mouth. it
can additionally be itchy or painful.
Q2298). Is honey precise for mouth ulcers?
A). Honey enables to keep moisture and save you dehydration.
It additionally facilitates to reduce scarring and hastens the technique of
new tissue boom. this can assist the ulcers to go away faster.
Q2299). Is yogurt proper for mouth ulcers?
A). sure.
Q2300). What antibiotic is right for mouth sores?
A). Tetracycline antibiotic rinses.
Q2301). Can dentist give you something for tension?
A). sure, dentist may also prescribe anti-tension capsules, which includes diazepam
(Valium), that you may take one hour before a scheduled dental go
to or aware sedation can be recommended.
Q2302). what’s a dental cyst?
A). A dental cyst is a sac of tissue that has both fluid or tender fabric inside it that
can shape next to or round teeth.
Q2303). What causes a dental cyst?
A). Dental cysts are commonly precipitated due
to root contamination involving teeth decay.
Q2304). Do dental cysts should be removed?
A). In most instances, no need to have an oral cyst eliminated. They tend to
go away on their personal or remain in a innocent country.
Q2305). what is abscess?
A). whilst an oral cyst turns into infected, that is known as an abscess.
Q2306). Can a dental cyst burst?
A). yes, massive, oral cysts which may additionally intrude with chewing
or speaking may burst.
Q2307). What happens whilst an oral cysts bursts?
A). this will reason the fluid to leak out, and it is able to emerge
as an infection threat.
Q2308). Is a dental cyst painful?
A). If there’s a dental cyst this is infected it will probable be infected, swollen and
Q2309). If the cyst takes place on mucosa, how does it seem?
A). It seems as a lesion or a blister.
Q2310). that’s the maximum common cyst?
A). generally referred to as a dental cyst, the periapical cyst is
the most commonplace odontogenic cyst.
Q2311). Can a dental cyst heal on its own?
Q2312). How long do mouth cysts closing?
A). Many mucoceles will go away on their personal in three–6 weeks. Mucusretention cysts often remaining longer.
Q2313). what’s the difference between abscess and cyst?
A). A cyst is a sac enclosed by way of wonderful strange cells grows slowly
and isn’t always painful even as an abscess s a pus-crammed infection to
your frame due to micro organism and fungi and is painful.
Q2314). Are dental cysts tough or smooth?
A). some cysts are filled with air, even as others are filled with gentle fabric or
fluid. therefore this closed sac of tissues is normally gentle.
Q2315). What occurs if a Mucocele is left untreated?
A). Mucoceles may additionally intrude with eating or speakme., if left
untreated, they are able to prepare and shape a permanent bump on
the inner floor of the lip.
Q2316). Can a enamel abscess be tired at domestic?
A). No
Q2317). What happens if a cyst bursts in mouth?
A). it may result in an open wound, which might also come to
be infected or purpose everlasting scarring.
Q2318). how to take away a teeth abscess with out going to the dentist?
A). Rinsing the mouth with salt and water
produces transient alleviation and also promotes
wound recuperation and healthy gums.
Q2319). Can a dentist dispose of a Mucocele?
A). Mucoceles frequently leave with out remedy, however every so
often dentist might also use a scalpel or laser to get rid of the salivary gland.
Q2320). How do you deal with a cyst clearly?
A). warm compression, tea tree oil, aloe vera gel, castor oil, apple cedar venagar
and honey.
Q2321). a way to draw an contamination out of a tooth?
A). Open up or incise the abscess and drain it, perform rct or extract the
affected tooth and later prescribe the antibiotics.
Q2322). Can a stroll in sanatorium drain a cyst?
A). sure
Q2323). Can Epsom salt assist with cysts?
A). Epsom salt in soaked with heat water and is used to compress the place for
20 mins, the salt can honestly help to dry out the pus, inflicting the boil to
drain and additionally gives relaxation.
Q2324). What can show up if a cyst is left untreated?
A). If left untreated, infections may also occur and cyst fills with micro
organism and pus, and will become an abscess
and if the abscess bursts in body and there may be a hazard of blood poisoning
Q2325). Does autoclaving kill viruses?
A). right autoclave remedy will inactivate all resistant bacterial spores,
fungi, micro organism, and viruses, however isn’t expected to get rid of all prions,
which vary of their resistance.
Q2326). What occurs if an abscess pops inside the mouth?
A). The abscess may additionally burst on to the skin of the face or into the mouth
leaving a channel (a sinus tract) among a continual attention of infection and
the pores and skin or mouth, which can discharge pus every so often.
Q2327). name the not unusual jaw cysts?
A). Radicular and dentigerous cyst.
Q2328). what’s the best antibiotic for a enamel contamination?
A). Metronidazole can be given for some forms of bacterial infections once in a
while in aggregate with penicillin.
Q2329). What occurs to mucocele if incision is made on it?
A). Making an incision will drain out the contents, however it once more has a
tendency to swiftly refill after recovery. they will recur after excision also.
Q2330). Can a tooth be eliminated if there is an abscess?
A). yes
Q2331). What occurs on popping up a mucous cyst?
A). Mucous cysts are normally harmless and can be left alone. regularly,
they solve inside more than one weeks, pricking at or popping cysts
can gradual down the restoration technique and growth the threat of contamination.
Q2332). Are Mucoceles everlasting?
A). No, but if left untreated, they are able
to organize and form a permanent bump on the inner surface of the lip.
Q2333). How do you draw out an abscess?
A). The wet warmth from a poultice can assist to attract out
the infection and assist the abscess reduce and drain evidently.
Q2334). a way to recognize if cyst is inflamed?
A). pain while sitting or status, crimson or sore skin around the place, pus or blood
draining from the abscess, inflicting a nasty smell, swelling of the cyst, and
hair sticking out from the lesion.
Q2335). Does Mucocele removal harm?
A). recovery is fast in most instances, and the shallow erosion produced by the
rupture is simplest mildly painful.
Q2336). Do mucocele come and cross?
A). yes, occasionally they will make bigger.
Q2337). what is considered a dental emergency?
A). Any dental problem that needs instantaneous treatment to prevent bleeding,
alleviate severe pain, or shop a teeth is taken into consideration an emergency.
Q2338). Will antibiotics kill contamination in teeth?
A). yes, antibiotics like penicillin and amoxicillin may additionally help.
Q2339). Do cysts bleed whilst squeezed?
A). yes, in case of a haemorrhagic cyst. whilst squeezed, a small domeshaped projection will appear (the punctum), representing the hole of the cyst. this
can permit fabric to be expressed (squeezed out).
Q2340). Is surgical procedure vital to put off the cyst?
A). Minor surgical operation is secure and effective and normally prevents cysts
from habitual..
Q2341). Can one cast off a cyst with out surgical treatment?
A). the usage of compresses, can lessen the irritation and assist a cyst heal on
its own but if ineffectiveness takes place medicine may be prescribed.
Q2342). what is a herbal antibiotic?
A). some of the herbal antibiotics are garlic, honey, cabbage, grapefruit seed
extract, uncooked apple cider vinegar, more virgin coconut oil, fermented food and
colloidal silver.
Q2343). What kills teeth contamination?
A). Antibiotics are a common remedy for enamel infections.
Q2344). Will coconut oil kill a tooth infection?
A). The lauric acid in coconut oil attacks harmful bacteria in the mouth which
can motive horrific breath, teeth decay and gum sickness.
Q2345). How do tea baggage draw out infection?
A). making use of a wet tea bag on a boil facilitates in draining
and eventually, restoration it, tea bags combat in opposition to bacteria and
decrease inflammation and ache.
Q2346). How quickly do antibiotics work for enamel contamination?
A). It takes antibiotics for 7-10 days to cast off your tooth contamination.
Q2347). What am i able to put on an abscess to draw it out?
A). The wet heat from a poultice can assist to draw out
the contamination and assist the abscess shrink and drain evidently.
Q2348). what is the best painkiller for intense toothache?
A). Aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol, naproxen, codamol, diclofenac and many
Q2349). What food is good for cysts?
A). high fiber ingredients like berries, almonds, broccoli, lean proteins like fish
and hen, 07b031025f5f96dfa8443f843db463b6 meals and species like tomatoes,
olive oil and many others.
Q2350). what’s a natural antibiotic for enamel contamination?
A). Oregano oil is an antibacterial and antioxidant. it could assist reduce the
swelling and pain of an abscessed enamel.
Q2351). What happens if antibiotics do not work for teeth contamination?
A). because of the anatomy of the tooth, bacteria grow to be trapped inside
the roots. without cleaning or getting thru root canal therapy,
the infection will remain and doubtlessly unfold to the jaw or even the mind.
Q2352). What are the signs and symptoms of a jaw bone contamination?
A). Jaw pain, fever, swelling, jaw stiffness, tooth loss, tenderness of teeth, pus and
sinus drainage.
Q2353). Why do i am getting cysts on my jaw line?
A). “Cystic pimples which usually takes place in the chin and jaw regions is
the maximum common location to get pimples
Q2354). Will a tooth in the end forestall hurting?
A). Untreated cavities may additionally reason ache and if now not resolved
for long sufficient the ache is going away due to the fact the
nerve subsequently dies (termed pulpal necrosis).
Q2355). while ought to a enamel be extracted?
A). Extraction is often recommended if enamel are became at bizarre angles,
impacted or may affect the chew and chewing capability, or in preparation for
orthodontic paintings.
Q2356). a way to unclog a salivary duct?
A). Dentist may follow warmth or rub down the affected location or advise sucking
on sugar-free lemon drops and drinking a number of water
to boom saliva manufacturing and pressure the stone out of the duct.
Q2357). what is the color and length of mucocele?
A). the size of might also range from 1 mm to numerous centimeters
and color is barely obvious with a blue tinge.
Q2358). Is baking soda proper for cysts?
A). sure, it allows drain an abscess certainly.
Q2359). How lengthy does it take to heal from mucocele surgery?
A). They generally heal within 3-6 weeks.
Q2360). Is lemon right for cyst?
A). yes, very effective towards cysts.
Q2361). Can a widespread practitioner take away a cyst?
A). sure, fashionable and family medicine physicians, surgeons can deal
with cysts, as a substitute cysts can
be handled by specific professionals depending on the location and cause of the
Q2362). what is the strongest antibiotic for bacterial infection clinically?
A). Augmentin
Q2363). Is it ok to squeeze a cyst?
A). No, as on occasion bacteria and sebum enters deep beneath the hair
follicles, inflicting the materials to unfold and make even greater cysts.
Q2364). What does a mucous cyst inside the mouth look like?
A). they’re lumps or sacs full of mucus and appear bluish in colour.
Q2365). Can a tooth be extracted whilst aching?
A). sure
Q2366). What comes out of a cyst whilst you squeeze it?
A). The cells secrete keratin into the middle of the sac, forming a thick, yellow
paste which oozes out of the cyst if it is burst.
Q2367). Is pus a signal of healing?
A). yes, pus is a common and regular byproduct of your frame’s herbal response to
infections. It paperwork because the immune system mobilizes
to combat the infection.
Q2368). What antibiotics deal with infected cysts?
A). Antibiotics, such as cephalexin or cloxacillin, are usually used whilst NSAIDS
like ibuprufen are used to relieve ache and inflammation.
Q2369). Is enamel pain one of the worst pains?
A). sure
Q2370). Are jaw cysts hard?
A). No, they’re generally gentle.
Q2371). Are cysts a sign of most cancers?
A). Jaw cysts and tumors are rare growths and normally noncancerous
(benign), however they can be aggressive and invade the encompassing bone and
tissue and may displace teeth.
Q2372). What does a blocked salivary gland experience like?
A). A sore or painful lump underneath the tongue. pain or swelling beneath the jaw
or ears. ache that will increase while consuming.
Q2373). What reasons salivary gland blockage?
A). A blockage in salivary glands can occur due to a discounted go with the
flow of saliva because of clinical conditions, like dry mouth and bad oral hygiene,
tumor, abscess, or salivary gland stone.
Q2374). What foods motive cystic zits?
A). refined grains and sugars, spicy food, dairy merchandise, speedy ingredients,
chocolate, protein powder etc.
Q2375). Why do human beings get cysts?
A). Cysts are regularly caused by contamination like dental cysts, clogging of
sebaceous glands, or around rings.
Q2376). What simply are blackheads close to nostril or chin?
A). lifeless pores and skin cells and oils collect inside the establishing to the pores
and skin follicle, producing a bump called a comedo or blackhead.
Q2377). Are dental cysts dangerous?
A). If left untreated, the cyst may additionally keep growing, weakening the jaw
and causing harm to nearby enamel. If the cyst becomes inflamed it
can metastasize to different areas of the frame.
Q2378). How are dental cysts eliminated?
A). The cyst is eliminated via a small incision inside the mouth and the gap this
is left behind is cleaned out. from time to time the physician may also dispose of a
few tooth, roots and a segment of jawbone.
Q2379). what is the difference among a cyst and a tumor?
A). A tumor refers to any uncommon vicinity of greater tissue is hard and can’t be
moved while cyst is sac full of fluid or gasoline , is tender and
may experience smooth to the touch, and may be moved easily.
Q2380). Is tumor difficult or smooth?
A). Tumors are stable loads of tissue.
Q2381). Why do one sense a touch ball in my jaw?
A). Lumps beneath the chin are usually harmless and are commonly as a result
of swollen lymph nodes. also cysts, tumors and abscess may
additionally reason lumps in jaw.
Q2382). how to confirm if a cyst is cancerous?
A). with the aid of biopsy which entails surgically casting off a few or all of
the lump.
Q2383). Why do jaw cysts form?
A). most jaw cysts shape because of contamination coming from a enamel which
is broken or bad.
Q2384). Can a benign cyst develop into most cancers?
A). No
Q2385). How do one inform if a lump is a cyst?
A). With the assist of ultrasound.
Q2386). Can a tumor appear to be a cyst?
A). yes
Q2387). Can cyst be felt tough?
A). sure, cysts experience like smooth blisters whilst they may be close
to the pores and skin’s surface, however experience like hard lumps after
they expand deeper below the pores and skin.
Q2388). Can a tumor grow in a single day?
A). yes
Q2389). Can a cyst be confused with a tumor?
A). sure, lumps in gentle tissue infected joints or tendons due to injury might
also purpose cysts that are confused with tumors.
Q2390). Can cysts seem in connection with most cancers?
A). sure
Q2391). Why does an abscess maintain filling up?
A). once in a while with recurrent infections, all
the bacteria should be removed to prevent re-infection (decolonisation), if the
abscess isn’t always drained it can keep growing and fill with pus until it bursts.
Q2392). Can a strong mass be a sign of benign tumor?
A). strong tumors can be benign (now not most cancers), or malignant (most
Q2393). How lengthy does it take for a tumor to grow?
A). nearly 10 years, before they’re detected.
Q2394). Can a CT test tell if a tumor is benign?
A). yes
Q2395). What makes a tumor grow fast?
A). as soon as a cancer can stimulate blood vessel boom to provide oxygen
and vitamins, it is able to grow larger and unexpectedly.
Q2396). Can dental cysts be cancerous?
A). they may be normally noncancerous (benign), but they may be aggressive and
invade the encompassing bone and tissue and can displace tooth.
Q2397). How can abscesses be averted?
A). ensuring that the pores and skin is easy, healthy and in large part freed
from micro organism can assist lessen the threat of skin abscesses developing.
Q2398). How lengthy can an abscess move untreated?
A). If left untreated for extra than 2 weeks and is large, the
abscess may unfold to other body parts like brain or spinal wire.
Q2399). Do benign tumors grow rapid?
A). sure, they may.
Q2400). How do benign tumors turn malignant?
A). while the cancerous cells in benign tumor
are abnormal and grow uncontrollably, they turn tumor into malignant one.
Q2401). what’s trigeminal neuralgia?
A). it’s far a chronic ache situation affecting the trigeminal nerve inside the face.
Q2402). what’s the primary reason of trigeminal neuralgia?
A). the main reason of trigeminal neuralgia is blood vessels urgent on the
foundation of the trigeminal nerve. This makes the nerve
transmit ache indicators which are skilled as stabbing pains. it may also resulting
from tumor or a couple of sclerosis.
Q2403). What are the signs and symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia?
A). symptoms variety from slight to extreme facial ache, frequently prompted with
the aid of chewing, speakme or brushing the enamel.
Q2404). what is the high-quality treatment for trigeminal neuralgia?
A). The anti-convulsant drug like carbamazepine, Phenytoin, Gabapentin and so
Q2405). the way to chill out trigeminal neuralgia?
A). follow heat or cold to the Painful region.
Q2406). Is trigeminal neuralgia caused by stress?
A). The pain is often constant without a remission however it’s miles irritated by
using pressure.
Q2407). How long can neuralgia final?
A). From a few seconds to as long as two mins in line with episode.
Q2408). what is the latest treatment for trigeminal neuralgia?
A). Botox injections.
Q2409). Does trigeminal neuralgia get worse through the years?
A). Trigeminal neuralgia is a persistent (lengthyterm) condition that often receives worse over the years.
Q2410). What nutrients are right for trigeminal neuralgia?
A). diet B12.
Q2411). Does ibuprofen effective in trigeminal neuralgia?
A). No.
Q2412). what is the opposite name of trigeminal neuralgia?
A). Tic douloureux.
Q2413). Which check is exceptional for trigeminal neuralgia?
A). MRI.
Q2414). What type of tumor causes trigeminal neuralgia?
A). Meningioma and Schwannoma.
Q2415). what’s the first-rate painkiller for nerve ache?
A). Amitriptyline, duloxetine, pregabalin and gabapentin etc.
Q2416). Which facet of the face is greater generally stricken by trigeminal
A). decrease face and jaw.
Q2417). How lengthy does it take for carbamazepine to paintings for trigeminal
A). 1 to 2 weeks.
Q2418). Which virus reasons trigeminal neuralgia?
A). Varicella zoster virus may additionally reason trigeminal neuralgia.
Q2419). Can the trigeminal nerve motive eye ache?
A). No, however it cause ache around the attention.
Q2420). How long does a trigeminal nerve block ultimate?
A). Few hours to a few days.
Q2421). Can dental problems cause trigeminal neuralgia?
A). sure.
Q2422). what’s facial palsy?
A). Facial palsy generally refers to weakness of the facial muscle
groups, especially because of transient or everlasting damage to the facial nerve.
Q2423). What are the causes of facial palsy?
A). skull fracture or injury to the face, head or neck tumor, middle ear infection,
Lyme disease etc.
Q2424). what’s the opposite name of facial palsy?
A). Bell’s palsy.
Q2425). How is facial palsy diagnosed?
A). through checking facial muscle tissues actions like remaining eyes, lifting
eye forehead, displaying enamel and frowning and so on.
Q2426). What are the generally used medicines for facial palsy?
A). Corticosteroids, including prednisone and Antiviral pills.
Q2427). Is facial palsy permanent?
A). No, usually it ultimate for two weeks to six months.
Q2428). Can pressure purpose Bells Palsy?
A). sure.
Q2429). what’s the diagnostic signal of facial palsy?
A). difficulty in smiling or remaining the eye at the affected side.
Q2430). Do facial exercises assist Bell palsy?
A). Facial physical games help Bell’s palsy patients by
using increasing muscle power and coordination inside the face.
Q2431). Can facial nerve damage restore itself?
A). sure.
Q2432). Can MRI come across facial nerve harm?
A). yes.
Q2433). Does Bell’s palsy have an effect on speech?
A). sure.
Q2434). Which vitamin enables in Bell’s palsy?
A). diet B12.
Q2435). What are the symptoms of facial nerve damage?
A). Facial muscle paralysis, weak spot or twitching of the face, dryness of the
eye or the mouth, alteration of flavor on the affected facet, excessive salivation and
so on.
Q2436). Is physiotherapy precise for Bell’s palsy?
A). sure.
Q2437). what is the principle reason of nerve damage within the face?
A). Trauma
Q2438). How lengthy does it take for facial nerve damage to heal?
A). Up to six months.
Q2439). Is facial rub down correct for Bell’s palsy?
A). sure.
Q2440). What are the symptoms of facial nerve harm?
A). Facial muscle paralysis, weakness, or twitching of the face, dryness of the
eye or the mouth, alteration of taste, immoderate tearing or salivation.
Q2441). Is facial nerve paralysis everlasting?
A). No.
Q2442). Can a virulent disease motive facial paralysis?
A). sure.
Q2443). Which virus causes facial palsy?
A). Herpes zoster, herpes simplex, HIV, epstein-barr virus.
Q2444). what is neuralgia?
A). it’s miles a stabbing, burning and regularly intense pain because
of an indignant or broken nerve.
Q2445). what’s facial ache?
A). pain felt in any a part of the face, including the mouth and eyes.
Q2446). What are the causes of facial pain?
A). Nerve injury, jaw and dental troubles, dental infections,
head pain facial damage etc.
Q2447). Can anxiety cause facial pain?
A). sure.
Q2448). what is Temporomandibular disorders (TMD)?
A). TMD occur as a result of issues with the jaw, jaw joint (TMJ) and surrounding
facial muscle tissues.
Q2449). What are the causes of TMD?
A). damage, grinding or clenching of tooth, motion of disc between the ball and
socket of the joint, arthritis, pressure and so forth.
Q2450). What are the symptoms of TMD?
A). pain or tenderness of face, issue in mouth opening, lock jaws, clicking,
popping or grating sounds, difficulty in ingesting, swelling of face etc.
Q2451). What are the strategies for analysis of TMD?
A). medical exam, x-ray, MRI, CT scan etc.
Q2452). what’s the house treatment for TMD?
A). NSAIDs, moist warmth or cold packs, eating smooth food, keeping
off extreme jaw actions etc.
Q2453). what’s the treatment for TMD?
A). medicinal drugs like NSAIDs, night time protect, occlusion correction,
TENS therapy, radiotherapy, ultrasound, surgical procedure and many others.
Q2454). what’s the difference among TMJ and TMD?
A). TMJ refers back to the temporomandibular joint joint, whilst TMD refers
to problems characterised by way of infection or misalignment of the TMJs.
Q2455). How long does TMD closing for?
A). maximum of the signs disappear in weeks once the jaw is rested.
Q2456). Can TMD go away?
A). sure, in most of the cases.
Q2457). the way to loosen up jaw in case of TMJ problem?
A). relaxation tongue lightly at the pinnacle of the mouth behind top the
front teeth. permit enamel to return aside even as enjoyable jaw muscular tissues.
Q2458). what’s trismus?
A). it’s far reduced beginning of the jaws. it could be caused by spasm of
the muscle mass of mastication or a selection of different reasons.
Q2459). what’s the other name of trismus?
A). Lock jaw.
Q2460). What are the causes of trismus?
A). Trauma to the jaw, contamination, cancer, or radiation treatment for cancers
of the pinnacle and throat.
Q2461). What are the remedy options for trismus?
A). Jaw-stretching device, medicine, physical therapy, tender-food weightreduction plan.
Q2462). How lengthy does it take to recover from Trismus?
A). 3 to 12 weeks.
Q2463). Will trismus depart on its very own?
A). it’s far a common sequel to surgical elimination of mandibular 1/3 molars
(decrease knowledge teeth). The situation is normally resolved on its very own in
10–14 days.
Q2464). How do injections purpose trismus?
A). during Intramuscular injections, it could reason haematoma formation in
the muscle and fibrosis, which result in trismus.
Q2465). how to verify Trismus?
A). by way of medical size. active and passive mouth opening are measured from
the upper incisor to the decrease incisor. In endentulous sufferers, the dimension is
from the alveolar ridge of the edentulous maxilla/mandible incisor to the
opposing facet.
Q2466). Is Trismus normal after information teeth removal?
A). sure.
Q2467). Can trismus reason ear pain?
A). sure.
Q2468). Is TMJ resulting from strain?
A). sure, strain is the one of component to cause TMJ trouble.
Q2469). what’s ordinary mouth establishing?
A). forty–seventy four mm in adult males and 35–70 mm in women.
Q2470). what is the mouth beginning in trismus?
A). less than 35mm.
Q2471). What are the symptoms of lock jaw?
A). reduced mouth commencing, pain inside the jaw, problem or pain at the same
time as acting activities that contain beginning the mouth extensive, lack of
ability to bite or swallow positive ingredients, cramping inside the jaw and so on.
Q2472). a way to manage trismus at domestic?
A). massage, open mouth as wide as viable, stretching neck, hot fermentation.
Q2473). how to rub down in trismus?
A). locate the areas of jaw which are painful then through transferring fingers in
a round motion, rubdown the location for about 30 seconds.
Q2474). What are the exercises beneficial in trismus?
A). transferring jaw left to proper, maintain for some seconds after
which circulate it right to left. transferring jaw in a circular movement and
then make five circles to the left, and 5 to the proper. Open mouth
as wide as feasible and holding this role to stretch it for a few seconds.
Q2475). a way to stretch neck in trismus?
A). Tuck your chin into your chest and maintain for 30 seconds, then bring your
head back and hold for some other 30 seconds. further, flow your head to the
left after which the proper. ultimately, circulate your head in a round motion.
Q2476). wherein case dental injections reason trismus?
A). Trismus after anaesthesia is normally because of intramuscular injection of the
anaesthetics inside the pterygomandibular space. it is able to arise even 2 – 5 days
after inferior alveolar block anaesthesia.
Q2477). Can dental injections motive nerve harm?
A). yes, in a few instances nerve injury arise via dental work and it
can reason numbness.
Q2478). Can dental paintings harm the trigeminal nerve?
A). yes, it can appear.
Q2479). what’s tetanus?
A). it is a critical bacterial infection that causes painful muscle spasms and
may lead to death.
Q2480). Which organism reasons tetanus?
A). Clostridium tetani.
Q2481). What are the signs of tetanus?
A). difficulty in swallowing, spasms and stiffness of muscle
tissues, speedy heart fee, fever, sweating, high blood strain and so forth.
Q2482). How long does it take for tetanus symptoms to show?
A). 3 to 21 days.
Q2483). Does hydrogen peroxide kill tetanus?
A). yes.
Q2484). Does tetanus purpose trismus?
A). sure.
Q2485). Can tetanus be dealt with after symptoms appear?
A). sure.
Q2486). Does cleansing a wound save you tetanus?
A). sure, it is vital to easy the wound to prevent the growth of tetanus spores.
This entails doing away with dust, foreign gadgets and useless tissue from the
Q2487). What are the complications of tetanus if no longer handled?
A). laryngospasm, pneumonia, mind harm due to loss of oxygen, odd coronary
heart rhythm, bone fractures, convulsions, secondary infections due
to prolonged health center remains.
Q2488). what is the best remedy for tetanus?
A). Tetanus antitoxin.
Q2489). What are the other remedy strategies for tetanus?
A). Antibiotics like penicillin, sedatives, nutritional supplements, mechanical air
flow, surgical treatment and so forth.
Q2490). Can patient survive tetanus with out remedy?
A). Tetanus infection may be existence-threatening without remedy. about 10 to
twenty percentage of tetanus infections are fatal, consistent
with the facilities for sickness manipulate and Prevention (CDC).
Q2491). Can Antibiotics kill tetanus?
A). sure, antibiotics are given intravenously to kill the micro organism and as a
result stop the manufacturing of toxin.
Q2492). What takes place if patient do not get a tetanus shot inside 48 hours?
A). If patient do not acquire right remedy, the toxin’s impact on respiratory muscle
mass and may intervene with respiration or may lead to demise.
Q2493). what is the most time limit for tetanus injection?
A). the primary pictures are given at least four weeks aside and the 1/3 shot is
given six to twelve months after the second one shot. After
the preliminary tetanus collection, booster photographs are endorsed every 10
Q2494). Can man or woman get tetanus from a scratch from a nail?
A). yes.
Q2295). What to do in case of fresh wound?
A). manage bleeding, hold the wound smooth, use antibiotics, cowl the wound
and exchange the dressing.
Q2496). How is tetanus transmitted?
A). Tetanus is spread by the direct transfer of C. tetani spores from soil and excreta
of animals and people to wounds and cuts. It is not transmitted
from individual to individual.
Q2497). Can tetanus be prevented?
A). yes, being updated with tetanus vaccine is the best tool to save you tetanus.
Q2498). How to manipulate tetanus?
A). The concepts of treating tetanus are reducing muscle spasms, tension and
autonomic instability , neutralization of tetanus toxin with human anti tetanus
immunoglobulin or equine anti tetanus sera, wound debridement
and administration of antibiotics.
Q2499). Do individual need tetanus shot after being reduce through metal?
A). yes.
Q2500). Is tetanus a plague or micro organism?
A). Micro organism.
Q2501). What is the difference among a benign tumor and a malignant tumor?
A). A benign tumor is a tumor that does not invade its surrounding tissue
or spread across the frame. A malignant tumor is a tumor that could invade its
surrounding tissue or unfold around the frame.
Q2502). What does a tumor appear like on an ultrasound?
A). Waves will jump off a strong tumor, developing a sample of echoes that
the laptop will interpret as a lighter-colored picture.
Q2503). What does a tumor appear like on an ultrasound?
A). Most waves skip thru a fluid-filled cyst and send back very few or faint echoes,
which look black on the display display screen.
Q2504). Do benign tumors metastasize?
A). No
Q2505). Do benign tumors regrow?
A). When removed, benign tumors typically do now not develop back.
Q2506). What does a tumor look like on a CT?
A). Tumor appears as a mushroom umbrella-form, or with the aid
of growth similar to a casting mould within the chest.
Q2507). How is CT test more powerful than ordinary x-rays?
A). CT scans show a slice, or pass-section, of the body. The image indicates the
bones, organs, and smooth tissues more clearly than preferred x-rays..
Q2508). Do all tumors display up on CT scans?
A). Sure, CT scans can display a tumor’s shape, length, and location or
even show the blood vessels that feed the tumo.
Q2509). What reasons benign tumors?
A). Genetics, weight loss program, stress,
trauma, contamination and diverse environmental factors.
Q2510). What makes a tumor benign?
A). Incapacity to invade or metastasize into neighboring tissue.
Q2511). How large is a small tumor?
A). The smallest lesion that can be felt through hand is normally 1.5 to
2 centimeters or maybe larger( observed in breast).
Q2512). What’s the fastest growing tumor?
A). Liver most cancers
Q2513). How long does chemo take to cut back a tumor?
A). Adjuvant and neoadjuvant chemo is often given for a total of three to
six months, depending on the drugs used.
Q2514). Can stress motive tumors?
A). Sure, strain induces indicators that reason cells to grow to be tumors.
Q2515). How speedy does lymphoma spread?
A). Follicular lymphoma, grows slowly, with lymph nodes doubling
in length about every six to 365 days.
Q2516). How do Tumours begin?
A). Cancer begins with adjustments in a single cell or a small organization of cells.
They grow and multiply an excessive amount of and form a lump known as a
Q2517). How lengthy does it take for a tumor to develop in the mind?
A). higher radiation doses are usually felt
to increase the risk of subsequently growing a mind tumor, and radiationprecipitated brain tumors can take everywhere from 10-30 years to form.
Q2518). Can a malignant tumor be cured?
A). Yes, only if tumor has not unfold however if it has already unfold, the man or
woman can’t be cured through surely eliminating the visible tumor on the number
one web page.
Q2519). Do benign tumors harm?
A). No, but they can purpose ache or other problems in the event that
they press against nerves or blood vessels or in the event that they trigger the
overproduction of hormones, as within the endocrine system.
Q2520). A way to spot a tumor?
A). Swelling or a mass that can be palpated depicts a
tumor. different less specific symptoms may be weight loss, fever
or vague emotions of ill fitness.
Q2521). The way to cut back a tumor?
A). A single drug can cut back or remedy tumor sometimes in which an antibody
that blocks a “do no longer eat” sign commonly displayed on tumor cells, coaxes
the immune device to damage the cancer cells.
Q2522). Does caffeine purpose cysts?
A). No, but reducing caffeine can lessen pain signs.
Q2523). Will benign tumors emerge as malignant?
A). No, but some premalignant tumors have the potential to become malignant.
Q2524). Can benign tumors purpose fever?
A). yes, a affected person with prolonged fever and no evidence of
infectious infection defines tumor like atrial myxoma, a
tumor notorious for releasing cytokines which cause constitutional symptoms.
Q2525). What does a benign tumor experience like?
A). If the tumor is close to the pores and skin or in a place of gentle tissue together
with the stomach, the mass may be felt by means of touch. observed through ache,
chills and pain.
Q2526). Do benign tumors need chemo?
A). No, (exeption is benign intercranial tumor).
Q2527). Do benign tumors have higher diagnosis than malignant tumors?
A). yes
Q2528). What a CT scan can’t come across?
A). Metastases to the bone and brain, a few cancers, which include prostate cancer,
uterine most cancers, and certain liver cancers, are very hard to hit upon on a
CT experiment.
.Q2529). What a mass in stomach seems like?
A). a person with an stomach mass may additionally show visible swelling and
might change the form of
the abdomen, observe weight benefit and symptoms including abdominal soreness,
pain, and bloating.
Q2530). Is CT test higher than MRI?
A). CT scans are more commonplace and much less steeply-priced, but MRI scans
produce greater special pictures. A CT scan makes use of X-rays, while an
MRI scan makes use of strong magnetic fields and radio waves.
Q2531). Do tumors harm to the touch?
A). Benign loads are more likely to be painful to touch, including with an abscess,
sarcomas (cancerous growths) extra often are painless.
Q2532). Can a Tumor burst?
A). It can burst while attempting a tumor-loose resection particularly in excessivechance gentle tissue sarcomas.
Q2533). Can a tumor disappear via itself?
A). No
Q2534). Can stress reason brain tumours?
A). Strain has been known to suppress the immune gadget, which
in turn should deliver a disease like mind most cancers.
Q2535). Can strain cause lymphoma?
A). No
Q2536). What health problems do benign tumors purpose?
A). Uterine fibroids can reason pelvic pain and peculiar bleeding,
and some inner tumors may also restriction a blood vessel
or reason pain via pressing on a nerve.
Q2537). Does radiation has impact on brain?
A). sure, better radiation doses are usually felt
to increase the threat of growing a brain tumor.
Q2538). Which cancers kills the person fastest?
A). yes
Q2539). Is a four cm tumor huge?
A). Sure
Q2540). How lengthy does it take for a tumor to develop in the brain?
A). 10-30 years
Q2541). A way to realize if you have continual strain?
A). Signs like irritability, fatigue,
headache, problem concentrating, difficulty napping,
digestive troubles and modifications in appetite.
Q2542). Is a 2 cm tumor considered massive?
A). sure, the level IIB describes invasive breast cancer in which the tumor is
larger than 2 cm however no large than five centimeters.
Q2543). Where can cancer spread?
A). most cancers cells primarily unfold locally by means of stepping into close
by ordinary tissue but also can unfold domestically, to nearby lymph nodes,
tissues, or organs and remote parts of the body.
Q2544). What is taken into consideration a huge tumor?
A). T1a: Tumor is bigger than zero.1 cm, however no large than 0.five cm. T1b:
Tumor is bigger than 0.5 cm, but no large than 1 cm. T1c: Tumor is larger than 1
cm, but no larger than 2 cm.
Q2545). Do all cancers spread?
A). Often malignant cancers spread.
Q2546). How massive is a 2 cm tumor?
A). Number one breast tumors vary in shape and size. The smallest lesion that can
be felt through hand is usually 1.five to two centimeters (about 1/2 to
three/four inch) in diameter.
Q2547). Does the dimensions of a tumor decide the stage?
A). Tumor length is part of breast most cancers staging. within the TNM
staging machine, a “T” accompanied via a number of suggests the scale of the
Q2548). What vaccinations do one want for dentistry?
A). It is advocated to have as a minimum a valid protection against hepatitis B,
measles, mumps, rubella, influenza, varicella, diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis and
Q2549). What were your first symptoms of oral cancer?
A). A lump within the mouth, difficulty in chewing or swallowing, white patch in
mouth, weight loss, an ulcer what does now not heal.
Q2550). Can a dentist tell if you have oral cancer?
A). Sure
Q2551). What does most cancers in the mouth look like when it starts offevolved?
A). Mouth cancer rarely reasons any pain in
early ranges. abnormal mobile boom commonly seems as flat patches. A canker
sore looks like an ulcer, generally with a depression in the middle.
Q2552). Can you die from mouth most cancers?
A). If not detected early, mouth cancers can be life threatening.
Q2553). Is mouth most cancers fast developing?
A). Yes, squamous cellular carcinoma spreads quick.
Q2554). Oral cancers might also have an effect on which parts of mouth?
A). Oral cancer, which incorporates cancers of the lips, tongue, cheeks, ground of
the mouth, hard and tender palate, sinuses, and pharynx (throat).
Q2555). What’s an oral most cancers?
A). Most cancers is defined as the uncontrollable growth of cells that invade
and reason damage to surrounding tissue.
Q2556). How long can you continue to exist untreated mouth most cancers?
A). Nearly eighty% people live on their most cancers for
1 year or extra after they’re diagnosed, nearly 60% humans continue to
exist their cancer for 5 years or extra after analysis.
Q2557). Differentiate infection from most cancers?
A). A hot, red, painful lump usually means an infection, instead of a most cancers.
Q2558). Would I know if I had mouth most cancers?
A). Possibly the signs and symptoms like white or reddish patch on the inner of
your mouth,the lump in mouth that is felt difficult and a lip or mouth sore that
doesn’t heal, may additionally imply cancer.
Q2559). Can oral most cancers be cured absolutely?
A). It can be cured if found and treated at an early level (whilst it is small and
has now not unfold).
Q2560). Is dry mouth a sign of most cancers?
A). No, rather dry mouth is regularly because
of the facet effect of certain medications or getting older issues or because
of radiation therapy for cancer.
Q2561). Does oral most cancers ache come and cross?
A). No
Q2562). Will a dental x ray show cancer?
A). An x-ray of your entire mouth can show whether cancer has spread to the jaw
Q2563). What coloration is oral cancer?
A). Abnormal mobile boom generally seems as flat patches. A canker sore seems
like an ulcer, commonly with a depression within the middle. The center of the
canker sore may also appear white, grey, or yellow, and the rims are crimson.,
Q2564). Is degree 2 oral cancer curable?
A). Most sufferers with level I or II oral hollow space and oropharyngeal most
cancers do properly whilst dealt with with surgery and/or radiation therapy.
Q2565). Is mouth cancer competitive?
A). Yes, the greater hazard factors someone has, the more the risk that oral most
cancers will develop.
Q2566). Is mouth cancer extreme?
A). Sure, as they will interfere in swallowing and may be lifestyles threatening.
Q2567). what’s the fine treatment for mouth cancer?
A). Radiation remedy, surgery,
chemotherapy, nutrients, centered remedy and preserving mouth healthful.
Q2568). How is oral cancer removed?
A). This surgical oncology technique is used wherein a tumor is eliminated in
very skinny slices, with each slice tested beneath the microscope for the presence
of cancer cells.
Q2569). How do crimson patches appear?
A). Crimson and white patches within the mouth may be resulting from a
fungal contamination referred to as thrush. The white patches typically rub off,
leaving a sore purple patch below.
Q2570) Does white patches in mouth imply most cancers?
A). Those patches are not cancer, but if left untreated they’ll lead to most
cancers. those white patches rise up because of fungal infections.
Q2571). What are the exams and strategies used to diagnose mouth most cancers?
A). Bodily examination and elimination of tissue for trying out (biopsy).
Q2572). should one see a dentist or doctor for oral most cancers?
A). A medical doctor or dentist might also locate some oral cavity and
oropharyngeal cancers or pre-cancers during a routine examination, however a lot
of those cancers are observed because of signs or signs.
Q2573). Is level 1 oral most cancers curable?
A). The earlier the degree at analysis, the higher the threat of survival
after treatment.
Q2574). Are oral most cancers tumors hard or gentle?
A). Oral most cancers frequently begins as a tiny, overlooked white
or crimson spot or sore everywhere inside the mouth.
Q2575). Can as individual recover from mouth cancer?
A). The sooner the stage at diagnosis, the higher the threat of survival
after treatment. average the 5-year ordinary survival rate in people with level 1 and
2 oral cancers is normally 70 to 90 percentage.
Q2576). Does Mouth most cancers harm at the beginning?
A). No
Q2577). What does ear ache from oral most cancers experience like?
A). Ear pain may additionally radiate to the jaw and cheeks. Feeling of
fullness within the ear, ringing within the ear, jaw stiffness
and/or difficulty opening the jaw.
Q2578). Which meals is ideal for mouth cancer?
A). This consists of lots of end result and greens, whole grain breads and cereals,
lean cuts of meat and low-fats dairy products.
Q2579). How extreme is leukoplakia and this condition isn’t
always life threatening.
A). The patches don’t reason everlasting damage to mouth and heal on
their own on removal of irritants .
Q2580). are you able to speak after tongue cancer?
A). If one has surgical procedure to the voice box, mouth, jaw, tongue or throat,
then one might also have issues speaking after operation.
Q2581). Are white patches in mouth regular?
A). those patches are called leukoplakia which can be because of smoking
or other irritants.
Q2582). What reasons white patch in mouth?
A). White patches in the mouth end result from infections as a result of micro
organism, viruses and fungi affecting pores and skin around the mouth, mucous
membranes in the mouth which might also result from underlying situations, along
with cancer and gum disorder.
Q2583). Do a person want chemo for oral most cancers?
A). Chemo is frequently given at the identical time as radiation
(called chemoradiation). whilst a few docs opt to provide the radiation and
chemo before surgery.
Q2584). Can tongue most cancers come again?
A). sure, it can come returned.
Q2585). What does degree 1 oral cancer appear like?
A). A stage I oral most cancers tumor way the primary tumor is 2 cm throughout or
smaller, and no cancer cells are present in close by structures, lymph nodes
or distant sites.
Q2586). Can mouth most cancers have an effect on the ears?
A). Sure, ear ache may additionally radiate to the jaw and cheek causing fullness
and ringing in the ear.
Q2587). Can a cancer patient eat egg?
A). Sure, an eating regimen rich in proteins and energy may
additionally help lessen muscle atrophy.
Q2588). Is tongue most cancers a serious disease?
A). yes, tongue cancer is a extreme, existence-threatening form of oral most
Q2589). What kills most cancers cells evidently?
A). Garlic, having important aspect as allicin, kills most cancers cells evidently.
Q2590). How curable is tongue cancer?
A). Tongue most cancers is fairly curable, but it may be lethal if it is not right
away identified and handled.
Q2591). Which foods kill cancer cells?
A). Broccoli, beans, cherries, cinnanomen, nuts, olive oil and turmeric and many
Q2592). Does tongue cancer spread quick?
A). yes
Q2593). How is early mouth cancer handled?
A). surgical procedure and radiation remedy
Q2594). What are the early signs of larynx most cancers?
A). Lump or swallowing, pain on swallowing, hoarseness of voice, sore
throat, trouble respiratory and so on.
Q2595). what is the first-class drink for most cancers sufferers?
A). Drink drinks that incorporate energy, which include fruit juice, lemonade, fruitflavored liquids, malts, floats, milkshakes, smoothies and eggnog
and nutritional supplement drinks.
Q2596). What is supposed by means of precancerous condition?
A). Precancerous situations of the mouth are adjustments to cells of the mouth
that lead them to much more likely to change into most cancers like leukoplakia.
Q2597). Can pressure cause oral thrush?
A). yes
Q2598). what’s the exceptional treatment for hepatitis B?
A) medicines inclusive of entecavir, tenofovi,r lamivudine adefovir and telbivudine
can help fight the virus and gradual its capability to harm your liver.
Q2599). What does throat cancer experience like within the starting?
A). Swallowing problems (dysphagia), a sense that food has emerge as lodged in
the throat, hoarseness and different vocal modifications.
Q2600). Do gums flip white while restoration?
A). sure, it is everyday for the website(s) to appear white at some point
of the restoration method and it is not a sign of infection. The tissue will change to
a crimson shade as it heals.
Q2601). What shade is within the mouth?
A). The gums need to be pale crimson closest to the teeth,
deeper red in shade and need to experience uniform in texture,
The vicinity wherein the gums meet internal of cheeks is
deeper crimson in colour and uniform in texture.
Q2602). What causes maximum new oral cancer instances?
A). Maximum oral cancers are related to tobacco use, alcohol use
or infection through the human papilloma virus (HPV).
Q2603). Which age is extra prone to most cancers?
A). Over the age of forty and influences more guys as compared to ladies.
Q2604). wherein does tongue most cancers commonly begin?
A). on the the front of tongue or at the base of the tongue.
Q2605). where does oropharyngeal most cancers takes place on tongue?
A). It happens at the base of the tongue, close to where it attaches to the bottom of
your mouth.
Q2606). Can hepatitis B spread through kissing?
A). Hepatitis B isn’t unfold thru food or water, sharing ingesting utensils,
breastfeeding, hugging, kissing, coughing, sneezing or by casual contact.
Q2607). How did you realize that there’s tongue most cancers?
A). Signs and symptoms like sore on tongue that does not heal and
bleeds easily, causes pain, a purple or white patch on tongue that persists and so
forth. offers the sign of tongue most cancers.
Q2608).Can a person live on with cancer two times?
A).My or may not. Many humans can live months or years with the right treatment.
Q2609). How long is recuperation from tongue most cancers?
A). several days to few weeks.
Q2610). what’s degree 2 tongue most cancers?
A). 2: The tumor is among 2-4 cm, and cancer cells haven’t spread to the lymph
Q2611). Which most cancers has highest recurrence rate?
A). The fee of recurrence amongst patients with ovarian most cancers is 85%, at
the same time as gentle tissue sarcomas also recur after chemotherapy.
Q2612). the way to do away with tongue cancer?
A). Laryngectomy: This surgical oncology method includes disposing of the
voice field along with the primary tumor.
Q2613). Is cancer of the tongue painful?
A).yes, from time to time
Q2614). Does a tongue biopsy harm?
A). yes, tongue could be very touchy so a needle biopsy because it may
be uncomfortable even if numbing remedy is used., tongue may be gentle or sore,
and it is able to feel slightly swollen after the biopsy.
Q2615). Does Mouth cancer hurt to touch?
A) Inside the early degrees, mouth most cancers not often causes any pain but in a
while a few painful symptoms may also develop.
Q2616). where are oral cancers maximum commonly discovered?
A). Tongue
Q2617). Can most cancers be dealt with without chemotherapy?
A). Immunotherapy, a extraordinarily more recent type of most
cancers treatment, uses medications to rev up
the patient’s own immune device to combat most cancers.
Q2618). Can a dentist hit upon oral most cancers?
A). Dentist can identify the suspicious regions or increase, however oral most
cancers can only be identified most effective with a biopsy, while a pattern of
tissue within the vicinity is eliminated and tested under a microscope.
Q2619). Is level 4 oral cancer curable?
A). Very very hardly ever
Q2620). are you able to stay without a tongue?
A). yes, if the bottom of tongue and the muscle at the ground of my mouth
can flow up and down, a person can speak too.
Q2621). What does the beginning of tongue cancer appear to be?
A). purple or purple and white patches (oral leukoplakia) that seem on the lining of
the mouth or the tongue.
Q2622). Is mouth cancer aggressive?
A). sure, it is able to be aggressive and difficult to deal with.
Q2623). Which fruit kills cancer cells?
A). Mulberries, which are wealthy in both diet C and iron, may
additionally help defend against anemia because of most cancers treatments, they
are also excessive in plant fiber known as lignin’s, which beautify immunity and
kill cancer cells.
Q2624). Can a mother with mouth most cancers kiss a baby?
A). sure, it’s miles non contagious like bacterial and viral infections.
Q2525). Is mouth most cancers contagious?
A). No
Q2626). Can cancer spread by way of saliva?
A). No
Q2627). What can be wrong for oral most cancers?
A). Toothache or mouth sore.
Q2628). Why can not one scent his own horrific breath?
A). because of social stigma and
our herbal inability to surely smell our personal breath prompted because
of opening at back of mouth connecting nose.
Q2629). what’s the closing stage of mouth cancer?
A). degree IV mouth cancer can be any size, but it
has spread to nearby tissue, consisting of the jaw or other elements of the
oral cavity.
Q2630). What nutrients have to be taken for pungent breath?
A). vitamin B and zinc, diet C and nutrition D.
Q2631). What does Gerd breath scent like?
A). GERD may also cause the breath to smell like poop whilst the belly acid mixes
with meals and probable micro organism.
Q2632). what’s acid reflux disease?
A). acid reflux disorder is the backward drift of stomach contents which
includes undigested meals, regurgitated bile, and belly acids into the esophagus.
Q2633). Can awful breath come from the intestine?
A). sure, due to acid reflux it may happen.
.Q2634). Can acid reflux affect your smell?
A). sure
Q2635). Does acid reflux make your breath stink?
A). sure, the regurgitation of belly contents can purpose heartburn and
a sour or bitter taste within the mouth.
Q2636). What does it suggest whilst the breath smells like fish?
A). Bad breath is generally associated with negative dental hygiene caused
by not brushing and flossing regularly which causes sulfur compounds to
be released with the aid of bacteria in the mouth.
Q2637). Does Gerd ever go away?
A). sure, in milder cases, way of life adjustments usually leads to curing of GERD.
Q2638). How can terrible breath from acid reflux disorder be rectified?
A). drinking masses of water during the day to refresh the breath
and also helps wash away bacteria that can result in horrific breath.
Q2639). Can acid reflux disease affect eyes?
A). When belly acid touches the touchy tissue lining the esophagus,
it causes a reaction just like squirting lemon juice in the eye.
Q2640). how to get rid of the sour flavor in acid reflux?
A). Rinsing the mouth with a half-teaspoon of salt plus a teaspoon of baking
soda brought to a tumbler of water. avoid spicy or fatty meals that sell acid reflux.
Q2641). Does organ damage takes place if gerd keeps for long term?
A) If allowed
to preserve unabated, symptoms can reason enormous physical damage.
This increases the chance for long-time period harm to the esophagus, throat,
or tooth and sometimes cancer.
.Q2642). What foods cause acid reflux disorder?
A). Black pepper, garlic, alcohol, espresso and caffeinated beverages, tomatoes,
citrus fruits etc.
Q2643). Why does every now and then the breath smells rotten?
A). That is mostly due to decaying food particles lodged in crevasses. micro
organism smash down the food and launch sulfur compounds which might
be accountable for the scent related to most halitosis.
Q2644). What does a damaged esophagus experience like?
A). Burning sensation felt with heartburn is of belly acid
which may reason pain, trouble swallowing, and more acid regurgitation.
Q2645). How do probiotics assist GERD?
A). Probiotics help maintain a stability inside
the digestive gadget between true and dangerous bacteria.
Q2646). What does diabetes breath smell like?
A). Ketones like acetone can cause the breath to odor like nail polish in
a circumstance known as diabetic ketoacidosis.
Q2647). How does heartburn signs and symptoms expand?
A). Heartburn seems as burning that actions up around the neck and throat or
as discomfort that appears like it’s positioned behind the breastbone.
Q2648). Can liver troubles cause bad taste in mouth?
A). Bile and acid reflux disorder have similar signs and may occur on
the identical time.
Q2649). Can acid reflux be worse on an empty belly?
A). Sure, an empty stomach is an acidic belly and for human beings with any sort
of acid-related disease from reflux to gastritis to ulcers, acid reflux
disease can boom a problem.
Q2650). What’s the safest medicine for acid reflux disease?
A). Low doses of ranitidine (Zantac), famotidine (Pepcid), or cimetidine
Q2651). Does Gerd makes one tired?
A). yes, cause fatigue in humans who have issue slumbering due to signs.
Q2652). What triggers acid reflux disease?
A). Eating large food or lying down proper after a meal, ingesting foods like citrus,
tomato, chocolate, mint, garlic, onions, or spicy or
fatty meals or consuming alcohol, carbonated beverages, espresso, or tea
Q2653). What makes acid reflux disorder disappear?
A). Sporting unfastened clothes, status up straight, ginger, blending baking soda
with water and so on.
Q2654). what is bile?
A). A fluid which s made in the liver that facilitates digestion,
or stomach acid shifting up thru the esophagus.
Q2655). Can acid reflux harm the throat?
A). Yes, this will arise if the stomach acid comes all of the way up into the again of
the throat or nasal airway called “rawness” in the throat.
Q2656). What may be eaten at some stage in a GERD flare up?
A). Vegetables, ginger, oatmeal, egg whites, lean meat, noncitrus end result and
many others.
Q2657). How does one do away with silent reflux?
A). Loose weight, cease smoking, avoid alcohol, limit meals like mints, fat,
citrus fruits, carbonated beverages, highly spiced meals and caffeine and so forth.
Q2658). Why does one get acid reflux disorder all of a unexpected?
A). The surprising cause of acid reflux disease disease is
a stomach abnormality known as a hiatal hernia, that can occur in human beings of
any age.
Q2659). Is it good enough to drink cranberry juice if you have acid reflux
A). No, it’s far mildly acidic and may get worse the signs and symptoms.
Q2660). what is a silent reflux?
A).It’s miles acid reflux disease that doesn’t produce heartburn or indigestion, and
is called silent due to absence of symptoms.
Q2661). Is milk accurate for acid reflux disease?
A). Even as it’s actual that milk can briefly buffer belly acid, vitamins in
milk, particularly fat, may stimulate the belly to produce extra acid.
Q2662). Is oatmeal desirable for acid reflux?
A). Oatmeal is thought to take in belly acid, and acid from other meals.
Q2663). Is cheese awful for acid reflux disease?
A). Yes, high-fat meals may cause heartburn.
Q2664). Is bread appropriate for acid reflux disease?
A). complete grains like entire wheat bread (especially rye), brown rice, and
oatmeal all save you reflux.
Q2665). How does it feel whilst blood sugar is simply too high?
A). Improved thirst, nausea, vomiting, frequent urination, fatigue, shortness of
breath, belly pain and dry mouth and so forth.
Q2666). How long does it take to remedy acid reflux disorder naturally
A). To heal reflux esophagitis, powerful acid suppression for 2 to 8 weeks is
needed, and recuperation fees enhance as acid suppression will increase.
Q2667). what’s fishy breath a signal of?
A). Kidney disorder, Liver sickness, diabetes, and gastroesophageal
reflex ailment (GERD).
Q2668). How are apples proper for acid reflux disease?
A). Apples are a great source of calcium, magnesium, and potassium which might
also assist relieve signs of acid reflux disease. Apples may
additionally help neutralize this acid with the aid of developing an
alkaline environment inside the stomach.
Q2669). How can oesophagus be broken?
A). Acid reflux, hiatal hernias, vomiting, headaches from radiation remedy,
and positive oral medicinal drugs are among the reasons the esophagus
can develop infected tissue.
Q2670). What can be substituted for Zantac?
A). Esomeprazole, Lansoprazole, Omeprazole.
Q2671). Can a damaged esophagus heal?
A). Sure, in certain instances oesopgagus
can usually heal without intervention, but to resource inside the healing, eaters
can undertake what’s known as an esophageal, or soft food, food regimen.
Q2672). How does HIV have an effect on dental remedy?
A). Dental and mouth issues associated with HIV can be painful, that
can motive trouble chewing or swallowing even inflicting trouble in taking
HIV medication and compromised digestive machine.
Q2673). Can one get an infection from the dentist?
A). The micro organism may reason critical infections after
dental strategies but extreme bacterial infections following
dental procedures are uncommon.
Q2674). What are symptoms of HIV within the mouth?
A). Canker sores, candidiasis, dry mouth, teeth decay,
gum sickness, furry leukoplakia, cold sores, Kaposi’s sarcoma and so on.
Q2675). Do one need to tell the dentist approximately being HIV effective?
A). Sure, for non-public health and for stopping the hazard of transmission of HIV
to dentist, one have to always expose approximately fitness problems.
Q2676). What precautions want to be keen
on sufferers who’re HIV advantageous in dentistry?
A). Dental personnel ought to put on barrier precautions (e.g., gloves, mask,
and protective eyewear) whenever there is capacity for touch with frame fluids,
non-intact skin, or mucous membranes.
Q2677). Can HIV gets transmitted through dental care?
A). Very not often.
Q2678). Can HIV be transmitted through dental units?
A). There’s very less identified threat of HIV
transmission when intact skin is exposed to HIV-inflamed blood via instruments.
Q2679). How do dentists sanitize equipment?
A). Dentists sterilize handpieces and other units among sufferers to save you the
transmission of sicknesses. strategies encompass putting these equipment into an
autoclave or a dry-warmth oven or chemical vapor.
Q2680). What STD makes your enamel fall out?
A). The purpose of Hutchinson tooth is publicity to syphilis (a
bacterial infection) earlier than or during birth.
Q2681). Can one get an contamination from a dental cleansing?
A). Infections are quite rare while getting a dental cleaning, but not absolutely not
Q2682). Do dentists reuse needles?
A). No
Q2683). What color does oral chlamydia appear to be?
A). The contamination reasons white spots to seem in the returned of the throat and
can make it painful to swallow.
Q2684). Do dentists reuse tools?
A). Yes, dentists use quite a few equipments to scrape, drill, and pull teeth which
are reused after proper sterilization.
Q2685). What does Chlamydia appear like?
A). Chlamydia signs and symptoms can consist of pus-like yellow
discharge; common or painful urination; spotting between durations or
after intercourse; and/or rectal ache, bleeding, or discharge seems like tonsillitis.
Q2686). What can a dentist diagnose?
A). Dentists can not simplest diagnose mouth, enamel or gum diseases but can
also spot early warning signs within the mouth which can indicate sickness some
other place within the body.
Q2687). Can a dentist tell if one have an STD?
A). Discussing symptoms and a throat subculture swab test can diagnose gonorrhea
if one has signs in mouth.
Q2688). need to one close the eyes at the dentist?
A). Closing the eyelids calms the mind from the distracts man or
woman from uncommon and sharp searching units.
Q2689). Can someone get sick from dentist?
A). Any dental paintings that makes a person bleed, which
include enamel cleansing, can lead to endocarditis. also there may be the threat of
transmission of diseases like hepatitis B, influenza, measles, mumps, rubella and
varicella etc.
Q2690). Can a tooth contamination affect your complete frame?
A). Sure, a teeth infection can spread to the face and neck and
can even attain more remote elements of the frame.
Q2691). How long do you sterilize dental instruments?
A). Sterilization instances variety from four to half-hour depending on
temperature, The drying cycle can be 25 to forty minutes. Dry warmth sterilizers
are both static air or compelled air.
Q2692). what’s the fear of the dentist called?
A). There are numerous phrases used to categorise the idea of a dental phobia. it
can be known as dental fear, dental tension, dentist phobia, odontophobia, or
Q2693). Why do dentists wear gloves?
A). Gloves save you contamination of dentists hands whilst touching oral tissues
or contraptions and pieces of gadget dirty with affected person blood and saliva. in
addition they lessen the risk of microorganisms transmission to sufferers.
Q2694). should someone brush the tooth earlier than going to the dentist?
A). Sure
Q2695). Can someone skip oral chlamydia through kissing?
A). No
Q2696). Is it good enough to fall asleep within the dentist chair?
A). yes, it’s far normal to sense cozy and comfortable on dental chair.
Q2697). Is it adequate for a dentist to scrape plaque off the teeth?
A). Sure, putting off plaque from enamel is critical as it
may become tartar called calculus which if no longer removed might also result
in diminished gums and loosened tooth.
Q2698). Can mouthwash kill STDs?
A). No, however every day use may additionally provide a reasonablypriced and clean manner to reduce the spread of the sexually transmitted disorder.
Q2699). need to a dentist wear a masks?
A). Yes, a surgical-type masks must be used with a >95 percent bacterial
filtration efficiency ought to be used for the great majority of dental processes.
Q2700). what is the distinction between level 2 and degree 3 mask?
A). Stage 2 masks are taken into consideration slight barrier at the same time
as degree three mask are considered excessive barrier
for procedures where heavy amounts of fluid, splatter, and aerosols are
produced. also referred to as as 2 ply and 3 ply masks respectively.
Q2701). Is hepatitis B spread through saliva?
A). Yes, the Hepatitis B virus (HBV) can be transmitted to others thru blood
and frame fluid touch.
Q2702). Can hepatitis B be transmitted through meals?
A). No
Q2703). How long are you able to live with continual hepatitis B?
A). there may be an elevated danger of growing liver sickness later in existence,
many must anticipate to live long and healthy lives.
Q2704). How the AIDS will attack?
A). HIV assaults a particular sort of immune gadget cell inside the body referred to
as CD4 helper cells. while HIV destroys this cell, it becomes more difficult for
the body to fight off other infections.
Q2705). what is the worst hepatitis kind?
A). Hepatitis C
Q2706). Does vitamin D help the immune system?
A). Diet D can modulate the innate and adaptive immune responses. Deficiency
in vitamin D is associated with accelerated autoimmunity in addition
to an extended susceptibility to contamination.
Q2707). what’s the regular cd4 rely for a healthy person?
A). A ordinary range for CD4 cells is ready 500-1,500.
Q2708). What foods assist lessen diabetes?
A). Cinnanamon, eggs, turmeric, chia seeds, Greek yogurt, nuts and
leafy green veggies.
Q2709). Is ginger true for diabetics?
A). consuming up to four grams in line with day may assist lower your blood
sugar levels and modify insulin production.
Q2710). Does lemon juice lowers blood sugar?
A). Lemon has diet C which can also help decrease stages of fasting blood sugar,
triglyceride, ldl cholesterol, and infection.
Q2711). Which nuts are properly for diabetics?
A). Walnuts and almonds are quality as they assist save you coronary
heart disease, maintain blood sugar managed, or even resource weight reduction.
Q2712). How long do dental implants remaining?
A). by way of keeping with proper brushing and flossing, the implant itself
can final a lifetime.
Q2713). Who is a great candidate for dental implants?
A). Applicants having wholesome gum tissues and freed from periodontal ailment.
Q2714). Who is not appropriate for dental implants?
A). youngsters and young human beings underneath 18 years because the
underlying bones are nonetheless developing.
Q2715). How am I able to restore my enamel at domestic?
A). Brush your teeth, use fluoride toothpaste, cut out sugar. bite sugarless
gum, consume fruits, juices carefully, lower dairy product intake

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