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Oral Hygiene Problems



Maintaining good oral and dental hygiene is an essential part of your life. Neglecting oral health can lead to many problems that you think. Oral hygiene includes taking good care of your teeth as well as gums. Every person should brush his/her teeth twice a day with proper brushing techniques. Those who are more prone to dental decay should gargle thoroughly after eating or drinking anything. The need to maintain oral hygiene may vary from person to person. Saliva consistency, amount of calcium in your teeth, type of diet, alignment of teeth, and genetic constitution can affect how easily your teeth may decay. Some people may have a tendency to collect calculus or tartar instead of tooth decay in case of negligence. Both are equally harmful in the long run and hence one should visit the dentist every 6 months for a check-up. Dental decay in initial stages damages the upper 2 layers of the teeth. If ignored it may lead to infection in the vital areas of the tooth commonly referred to as pulp. This can cause severe pain which may result in swelling or space infection too if neglected. Such teeth can be treated by root canal treatment and may require extraction too in some cases. Calculus or tartar accumulation is also equally bad as dental decay. It results in pyorrhoea or periodontitis. It alters the gum attachment to the bone leading to loss of bone structure which holds the tooth. This is the long run that can result in the early loss of a tooth. Front lower teeth are especially prone to such loss. This can be prevented by regular brushing and cleaning the gaps between teeth with floss or interdental brush or water pick.

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