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Teeth sensitivity and Healthy Teeth Healthy Body


Tooth sensitivity

TEETHTooth sensitivity occurs when the outer layer of a tooth gets disintegrates. It may be ether enamel or cementum exposing the dentin. The disintegration of cementum occurs after the receding of gum lines. Dentin is the most sensitive portion of the tooth. Dentin is made up of microscopic channels called dentinal tubules.  When the dentine is exposed to an external environment like cold drinks, it stimulates the nerve inside the tooth, causing a typical short sharp sensation of tooth sensitivity. Dental hypersensitivity or tooth sensitivity is a common dental problem. It is more common in a group of 20 t0 50 years. Dental sensitivity may be due to dental decay or disintegration of hard tissues of the teeth or gum disease. So, you should consult your dentist for proper management. If you have sensitivity you should minimize future exposure to dentin by changing your habits.

More common causes for dentinal hypersensitivity are improper brushing techniques, using a hard-bristled toothbrush, es, etc.  This act may wear down enamel and expose dentin causing dental sensitivity. Gum disease causes gum recession and it exposes the dentin. The gum may be swollen and sored.

Cracked teeth after the mechanical injury can cause sensitivity initially. Later the crack can be filled with bacteria from plaque and cause inflammation of the pulp tissue.  In severe cases, it may lead to severe infection with pus formation.

Teeth grinding or clenching at night also causes dental sensitivity as the above activities may disintegrate the enamel in the tooth grinding surface.

Few dental procedures like professional, teeth cleansing, tooth preparation for dental bridge placement, and other tooth filling treatments may lead to exposure of dentin causing dentinal hypersensitivity. This may subside in a few days. To avoid much damage chilled foods, acid foods and cold air should be avoided.

How to overcome with tooth sensitivity?

By using desensitizing toothpaste for at least 6 months. Avoid high acidic foods. Use a soft-bristled brush and proper brushing techniques. Use fluoridated mouth wash. Some dental procedures are needed like, Crowns, Inlays, Sealants, surgical gum grafting, etc n case of severe dentinal sensitivity. So, these are the best things that can be done during dental sensitivity.

Healthy teeth and Healthy Body

Healthy teeth and Healthy BodyDo you know the importance of your teeth with respect to your body between your mouth and body?

Yes, our teeth play an important role in the overall health of our body.   The condition of your teeth reflects what is happening inside your body.  It provides information about your systemic health

Pregnant women with poor oral hygiene may get pregnancy gingivitis. Research shows that there is a role of gum disease in preterm birth and low weight birth in pregnancy. Some people may experience tumors in the gums which might resolve after delivery.

In Diabetes mellitus, there’s a two-way relationship with oral health. There will be increased blood sugar levels due to poor oral hygiene. Gum disease also happens with increased blood sugar levels.

In severe bone disease like osteoporosis the first sign is bone loss around the teeth and in the jaw resulting in tooth loss, or ill-fitting dentures.

In heart disease, poor oral hygiene may cause some serious health implications. When there’s a severe gum disease the bacteria from the mouth may enter your blood circulation. This Bacteria will stick to the walls of the heart lining and cause inflammation. This is commonly known as infective endocarditis.  Sometimes the bacteria may form plaque le mass and leads to clot formation.

You may be surprised to know that gum disease and inflammation of gums can be linked to Alzheimer’s disease. This condition occurs as age advances and results in a decrease in cognitive function. This hinders the brain’s ability to remember things and think clearly.

Some bacteria in your mouth can cause lung issues like pneumonia.

Good oral health improves your self-confidence and aesthetics.  But it mainly helps you for good general body health.

Regular brushing and flossing along with regular dental check-ups will help attain this goal. Taking healthy food with less acid and sugar content is important.

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