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Periodontics – Gums







It is a speciality to treat the tooth surrounding structures called gums.
Gums get infected by many causes, mostly by hard deposits which surround the tooth, also it stains the tooth. Gum infects by microorganisms it stains and leaves hard deposits causing gum infections. Other causes are carious tooth, poorly restored or poorly designed prosthesis, bad oral hygiene, ageing of the tooth.
The speciality deals with caring for gums, like treating bad/poor oral hygiene by scaling and root planing. Educating the patient towards the maintenance of the gum tissue. Advising for recall visit or follow up for further treatment plan.

What are those treatment approaches:
There are several other causes which cause tooth mobility bone loss and gum issues.
What are the causes?
1. Genetically involved gum problems.
2. Hormonal imbalance gum problems.
3. Systemic related gum problems.
4. Microorganisms related gum problems.
5. The stress involved gum problems.
so this list goes on…
The periodontist can thoroughly examine and treat the cause. This also includes new advanced approaches like implant placement, laser treatment which is now added cream to the cake.
If a needed patient gets treated by surgical approach. In surgical approach mainly includes grafting procedures for replacement of bone loss due to periodontal issues.
Proven cause for periodontal infection is diabetic. So systemic induced gum infection is treated by speciality. Pregnant women due to hormonal imbalance gum get easily infected leading to many gum problems. If the neglected patient will result in tooth loss in further. The speciality treats it with care.
Maintenance therapy which is very much required in our speciality is mainly by therapeutic approach. where antibiotics, analgesics, astringents, mouthwashes and gum massaging aids make the periodontal treatment easier.
Early notice, educating the patient and advising them for better caring the gums makes always stand first in the speciality.


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Mythri February 17, 2020 at 1:13 pm

Taking care about our tooth is very important in our daily routine.. This is very informative about the gum care..🙂

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