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It is often said that a smile sets everything straight. A cute smile of the sweet little toddlers sets it even brighter. But what if these little fellas cannot smile right. There can be many different causes of deterioration of toddler dentition at the very early stage of their lives. Say it nursing bottle caries or rampant caries. As we know humans have two sets of detentions in their whole life. First is primary dentition at a younger age and then the permanent dentition. Defects in primary dentition ultimately lead to deterioration of permanent dentition as well. To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to avoid dental issues at a very early age, which is why here is a complete guide for dental hygiene in toddlers at their different chronological ages.

1. In newborns – in newly borne toddlers although the teeth wouldn’t have erupted yet; however, the bed for future dentition has already started to begin. A light massage on the gum bed and cleaning the gum bed with a gauze piece after feeding by the guardian would do the thing.
2. In the children whose teeth have just started erupting – it is an intermediate phase where the teeth have started erupting and a few teeth are there in the jaw. At this stage, guardians need to be careful about the toddler’s oral hygiene. Gentle cleaning by guardians, especially after feeding would be helpful.
3. Then comes the stage when children have primary dentition in their oral cavity – it is the stage when you introduce your children with toothpaste and toothbrush. Mild toothpaste specially formulated for children are available in the market. Guardians should gradually teach them to use the toothbrush. Brushing should be done in a light circular motion to get rid of food debris and deposits. Do not forget to ask your children to drink plenty of water and avoid eating sticky sugary food.
For more concerns, you can always visit your nearby dentist for case-specific guidance.

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