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Teeth whitening and Teeth glow





A smile adds beauty to your face. Off course who doesn’t love to have a sparkling smile on their face. Smile is depending on your healthy and glowing teeth and that makes you look pretty. What do you mean by teeth whitening and teeth glow? It is a process of tooth whitening that lightens the color of the tooth. Tooth whitening helps to remove stains and discoloration. Tooth whitening and glowing are the most popular cosmetic dental procedures because it greatly improves your teeth and face look. Most dentists perform tooth whitening. The tooth discoloration and staining are primarily due to two serious stains, Intrinsic and Extrinsic. Extrinsic staining is largely due to environmental factors including smoking, pigments in beverages, foods, antibiotics, and metal such as iron, copper. Intrinsic staining primarily occurs during tooth development either before birth or in early childhood. Intrinsic stains are those stains that cannot be removed through mechanical procedures like debridement or prophylactic stain removal.
Extrinsic stains are tobacco tar, calculus, dental plaque, betel chewing, coffee stains, antiseptic mouth wash, metallic compounds. Removal of these stains is dental prophylaxis includes the removal of extrinsic staining using slow speed rotary headpiece and rubber cup with abrasive paste, mostly containing fluoride and make the teeth white and glowing. Some toothpaste’ are available in the market that contains abrasive particles like silica gel to help to remove extrinsic stains while peroxide acts on intrinsic staining. These can be done in-home as well as dental offices.
Intrinsic stains are tooth wear, Dental caries, restorative materials, dental trauma, enamel hypoplasia, and fluorosis these cannot be treated by dental prophylaxis.
These are all things that come under tooth whitening. Mainly hydrogen peroxide is an active ingredient most commonly used in tooth whitening and glowing. To keep a healthy smile on your face keeps healthy glowing teeth.

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