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Constipation and indigestion due to missing teeth


Constipation and Indigestion due to missing teeth.






As you all know visiting the bathroom is part of daily human experience. Occasionally constipation can start, a condition caused by back up in your digestive system. The food you eat can have several days to exit from your body and in many people, constipation become chronic, meaning regularly passing lumpy hard stool accompanied by straining. That means difficulty in emptying the large bowel. Sometimes constipation results from a obstruction in the large intestine. The sign of constipation is PEBBLE POOP. Then what do mean by pebble poop or pellet-like poop, it occurs when very hard stool break’s into smaller pieces. This breakage can happen during digestion or it may take place in the anus instantly before a person has a bowel movement.

It can be more difficult to pass the smaller pellets than a normal stool and a person may strain to poop. When food passes through the digestive system the colon absorbs some of the water that the food contains. Food that passes more slowly than usual spends to much time in the colon. As a result, the colon absorbs too much water and stool may become hard. During constipation there will be painful bowel movements, straining poop, stools that feel too large to pass, feeling that some stool remains left behind even after a bowel movement.
Next, we go through indigestion, indigestion is common. It is a feeling of discomfort or burning in your stomach. It may cause hurt to burn, bleaching, or bloating. It may also cause vomiting or nausea. During indigestion, you feel the fullness of the stomach, uncontrollable after your meal, pain in the upper part of your stomach, and burning sensation between breast bone and stomach.
Now we understand both constipation and indigestion, and there symptoms and signs, and let begin to know the reason for both conditions. The main common cause is tooth loss. It is more common in the elderly due to tooth loss, change in muscle tone, and nervous system that occur with increasing age. An older adult because of tooth loss they are unable to chew the food and leads to indigestion and constipation.
How to overcome these problems is to visit the dentist and have dentures or tooth replacement.


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